Nov 21 2011 8:49am

Who’s Your Mystery Date?

In addition to remaking classics (Dirty Dancing, Footloose, etc.), Hollywood has taken to making films from board games, odd though it might sound—you can look forward to movies based on Ouija, Monopoly, Candy Land, Battleship, Magic: The Gathering, and others, in future months.

(Keep in mind it’s not a new trick—Clue and Jumanji, for example).

Might we nudge Hollywood over to another board game for romantic inspiration—where in the film the dud might just end up being the hero-in-disguise? Did you ever play Mystery Date?

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Kathryn Cabral
1. SeldomKate
Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane Megan! Not only did I play Mystery Date, I still have my Mystery Date game! The box is a bit battered, and the dream dates are ...well... perhaps better left unsaid!
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