Nov 11 2011 9:11am

SEAL of My Dreams: Happy Veterans’ Day!

SEAL of My DreamsOut today, SEAL of My Dreams is an anthology featuring 19 stories about Navy SEALs. The entire collection was inspired by a photo of a SEAL in the New York Times, and all proceeds go to the Veterans Research Corporation.

An early contributor here at HeroesandHeartbreakers, Alison Kent’s “Twenty One Hours” is one of the stories in the collection. The collection also includes contributions from Stephanie Bond, HelenKay Dimon, Tara Janzen, Barbara Samuel, and Roxanne St. Claire, among others.

Here’s a scene from “Twenty One Hours” where the heroine first sees the hero:

And that was when she saw him.

A laptop on the hood of a fancy pickup, a clipboard in his hand, a pair of dark green fatigues hugging an ass she dropped her tinted shades to see better. The black T-shirt stretched to accommodate his shoulders and his biceps drew another appreciative and admittedly lustful look, as did his strong jaw and cheekbones, the buzz cut of his dark blond hair.

He lifted his head in answer to another man’s call, shouting and pointing toward the break of trees along the dry creek bed behind the barn. He knew what he was doing. The crew of volunteers following his orders without question.

His gadgetry put him as the man in charge, as did the respect given him by the others and his authoritarian air. But his eyes and a good part of his brow were hidden by a pair of wraparound shades, leaving her with a single question.

Who was he?

Visit SealOfMyDreams to learn more, and order the book.

Happy Veterans’ Day!

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