Nov 22 2011 8:07am

“I Love You, I Hate This Movie!”

Clie Owen in The InternationalAs romance readers, we are all accustomed to the concept of “guilty pleasures;” people who aren’t romance readers often cite our genre as a guilty pleasure, even though we know there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

But what about a real guilty pleasure? Like when you really, really like an actor, and will see him in a movie—even if it’s godawful? Yesterday, we wrote about Hate Watch TV—the TV shows you continue to watch even though they drive you up a wall, and we can extend that idea to Hate Watch Movies—movies you watch, even though you hate them, because one of your favorite actors is in them.

What movies have you hate-watched ’cause you love one of the actors?

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Christopher Morgan
1. cmorgan
It's not that I have a favorite actor, but a concept. If a movie has dragons, fantasy, witch, knights, or "based on the hit roleplaying/videogame" anywhere in the title, I'll pobably watch it. It's lead me to some dark places friends, often times one's crafted by Uwe Boll or stars Nicholas Cage's forehead.
Grace S
2. Grace S
I will watch Hugh Jackman read the phone book. Seriously.
Grace S
3. Annabel Joseph
Oh, I think I will win this one, lol. When I was 18, 19, 20 years old I had a massive crush on Dolph Lundgren and I actually sat through Masters of the Universe to see him. Okay, sat through it several times. I begged my little brother to go see it with me so I had an excuse to be there...

He refused.
Grace S
4. Lynn A. Reynolds
Mine was Sean Connery. He was always sauve and sophisticated. He has aged gracefully as well. I especially love the accent.
There are probably a ton of movies that I hate-watch, like Death Race with Jason Statham. And I totally only watched Duplicity because it had Clive Owen in it. If nothing else, they offer a few good chuckles at the ridiculousness of the storylines, with some pleasant eye candy as compensation.
Kristin O
6. krismas29
I have every intention of seeing Conan the Barbarian (on video) just to ogle Jason Momoa. I suspect I may watch it on mute.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
I think @Annabel wins, but I have to confess to seeing WAY more Statham movies than I should have, and I am definitely seeing Conan. I had to stop watching Duplicity because it was so awful, and Clive and Julia Roberts had zero chemistry.
Grace S
8. akajill
Ummm...please don't tell, but it is The Rock for me. I have seen way more of his movies than anyone should admit to. At least I have avoided the wrestling part of his career.
Grace S
9. Lynne M Connolly
I adore thrillers. It's guns and car chases for me. My favorite recent movies are Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum, but I'll watch anything with a bit of dash and style along with the spies and guns. Add a hot hero and I'm a happy bunny.
My DH enjoys romantic comedies. I like them too, but not as much as he does. He'll sit through some of the lamest stuff, like I sit through Jason Statham movies, and yes, okay, Vin Diesel.
Grace S
11. TracyS
akajill~ The Rock is totally one of my guilty move watches. What is is about him? LOL

The other one is Mark Wahlberg. My hubby wanted to see the movie "Shooter" and I wasn't sure if I wanted to see it, but I actually told him, "I'm sure Mark Wahlberg will take his shirt off at some point, so yeah, I'll see it" LOL It was actually a good movie though.
Grace S
12. Tina J
Channing Tatum &/or Timothy Olyphant could have a cameo appearance & I'd be all over it. Other eye-candy that I'd watch no matter how sucky the movie is: Duane "The Rock" Johnson (that man has a million-dollar smile and deviously wicked eyes) and Vin Diesel (oh, that voice!).
Grace S
13. Aspasia
I'm so guilty of this. Johnny Depp is an amazing actor but unfortunately ends up in a lot of mediocre roles (From Hell comes to mind). I'd probably watch anything starring Josh Holloway or Ian Somerhalder. Likewise Callum Blue. As Jules said in Pulp Fiction, personality goes a long way (acting skills and stunning good looks don't hurt either).
Grace S
14. lanchid
Any Gerard Butler movie. Although he usually does some gratuitous nekkid stuff, so there is a payoff. ;-)
Grace S
15. Lafka
I've seen every single Johnny Depp's movie since I know him (given that I've discovered him in Edward Scisshorhands, I also had to cath up previous movies I hadn't seen, of course ^^). This man really is a guilty pleasure which brought me to see stuff like The Ninth Gate, From Hell or more recently The Tourist (I've seen it though I had actually HATED the french original movie...).

Other guilty pleasures, though to a slightly less critical point than for M. Depp : Ryan Gosling (I have a HUGE crush on him since I saw him as a teenager in the TV show Breaker High, a proof that he could bring we to watch just anything as long as he's in it), The Rock (I even saw Tooth Fairy just to see him...), Michael Fassbender (gosh, he's so hot and intense and... pfew I saw Jonah Hex and Centurion for him, didn't like any of them but it was worth it!), Matthew MacFadyen (since I saw him as Mr Darcy of course! I saw Robin Hood because of him _ sigh). There are quite a lot actually ^^

There are also some actors I COULD go see in any crappy movie, though they didn't give me the occasion to because I enjoyed every movie they made : Liam Neeson (this man just drives me crazy, I'm head over heels for him! something about his nose perhaps, or his eyes, or height... I take the all package!), Daniel Day Lewis (the thing with him is the eyes, oh yes, definitely his eyes!) and Colin Firth for instance (though even Colin Firth couldn't bring me to see a musical with Abba songs...).

In compensation, there are also actors who are so unsympathetic to me that I actually DON'T go see a movie I would have been interested in if they hadn't starred in it. Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck and Daniel Craig for example are really prohibitive to me.

I observe the same phenomenon with women though (Anne Hathaway movies actract me, Cameron Diaz's drive me out, to quote just one in each category), so I like to think that this is more about chemestry with an actor/actress than really about salivating over a pretty face (or body that is, LOL).
Elizabeth Halliday
16. Ibbitts
Mine is Bruce Willis. He does something with the corner of his mouth that make my toes curl. I can't even count the number of action movies I have watched, some good, some not so much so, just to see that little mouth twitch!
romance reader
17. bookstorecat
Guilty, guilty, guilty. I just watched Killer Elite and my boyfriend thinks I did it to be nice to him, letting him pick the movie (for once).

But really I did it for Clive Owen.
Megan Frampton
18. MFrampton
@bookstorecat: I just put Killer Elite on hold from the library for the same reason.
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