Nov 18 2011 11:23am

Peek from J.R. Ward’s Lover Reborn

It’s starting...On her Facebook page, J.R. Ward is offering tiny tidbits from Lover Reborn; here’s today’s:

John and Qhuinn pulled up on either side of him, and the latter glanced over. “Tell me that isn’t our new neighbor.”
“Was he born with that puss or did someone make it for him?”
“Who knows.”
“Well, if that was supposed to be a nose job, he needs a new plastic surgeon.”

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Rose In RoseBear
1. Rose In RoseBear
I love these tidbits ... they give so much away!

Waiting, most impatiently, for March!
Nicole Leapheart
2. BoxyFrown
I have a love/hate relationship with the tidbits. Its a long way to March, dammit!
I also don't want to know a lot when the book comes. I usually skip over the tidbits when she releases them closer to publishing date, but I just re-read Lover Mine and getting ready to re-read lover unleashed and I am dying - no self control! Need. Tohr. Now!
Rose In RoseBear
3. Rose In RoseBear
There's another tease up now. Four (at least) overall.

I'm about to make myself re-read Lover Enshrined. I just finished my faves, so it's time I forced myself to read the one I don't like very much.

That's how desperate I am for more BDB.

After this, I'm tackling the In Death series from the beginning ... that should take weeks!
Rose In RoseBear
4. tgentry90
I don't read the tidbits either. I don't read excerpts/teasers/spoilers/etc for next in series books. For me it just makes the waiting even tougher. I'd rather just wait for the book so I can read the whole thing.
Barbara Smith
5. dogfancy53
I love all 7 of her post from "Lover Reborn" Keep them coming J. R.
I really love the one with Lassister and Jane. Hung like a horse. I'm still laughing.
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