Nov 7 2011 9:57am

Once Upon a Time Episode 3: Put a Ring on It

Prince Charming and Snow White in Once Upon a Time*****Episode Spoilers Below*****

The third episode of Once Upon a Time starts with a flashback scene: Prince Charming is in a horse and carriage with some random blond when it gets ambushed. Prince Charming gives chase and it turns out the thief was Snow White. She ends up getting away, after knocking PC a good one. His parting words to her are that he will find her.

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We go back to the present and Mary Margaret (Snow) is on a date, but the guy isn’t paying her any attention. Why? Because he is too busy checking out the short-short clad waitress, Ruby, aka Little Red Skanking Hood. Mary Margaret calls an end to the date, turns out the date is with a doctor from the hospital at which she volunteers. She says she’ll see him tomorrow because her class is going there on a field trip the next day. When she leaves the restaurant, she runs into Emma, who is sleeping in her car because no one will rent her a room. MM offers Emma her spare room but she refuses, saying she is better on her own.

Henry and John Doe in Once Upon a TimeThe next day at the hospital, Mary Margaret finds Henry in a room with John Doe, aka Prince Charming. Henry asks Mary Margaret if she recognizes him, but of course she doesn’t. Later that day, Henry meets up with Emma and tells her he found her father. He knows its PC because of the scar that Snow gave him. Emma agrees to talk with Mary Margaret about John Doe when Henry says maybe he’ll remember her if she reads the Fairy Tale Book to him.

Mary Margaret agrees, thinking it would be a good way to let Henry down easy, when John Doe doesn’t respond. Little does she know, he does respond and holds her hand while she’s reading to him. She tells the doctor, and he doesn’t believe her, saying she must be tired and mistaken. When Mary Margaret leaves, he calls the Mayor to tell her that like he promised, he would contact her when Doe showed any progress.  At home, Mary Margaret reads the Fairy Tale Book and has a flashback.  

Snow is captured while leaving her cave by Prince Charming; he says “I told you I would find you.” Turns out the blonde was his fiancé (or soon to be) and the bag Snow stole held an engagement ring. He makes an agreement with Snow; if she gives back to ring, he won’t turn her into the Queen who has Wanted posters saying Snow committed murder.

Mary Margaret, Emma, and Henry in Once Upon a Time’s Back in the present, Henry and Emma meet Mary Margaret for lunch and she tells them that he did respond. Henry says they should all go back; Emma is shocked when Mary Margaret agrees. When they get back to the hospital, the Chief is there as well as the Mayor. Turns out John Doe is missing!  The Mayor hisses at Emma that if she won’t leave Henry alone, she’ll just keep Henry from her and leaves with him. Emma asks why the Mayor is there and the Chief tells her that she is Doe’s Emergency Contact because she was the one that found him originally.  Emma, Chief and Mary Margaret go to security and look at the last video they have of the wing Doe was in. Turns out he walked out himself, so they set off to find him in the woods.

Flashbacking once again, Prince Charming and Snow are walking in the woods and he asks her about her necklace. Seems she has a vial filled with nasty fairy dust that will turn anyone into something she can crush beneath her feet. She basically says that it’s for the Queen. Prince Charming asks why, what did Snow do to piss of the Queen, ruin her life? Snow says yes, she did. She says she’s thirsty, so they stop at a stream to drink, when she pulls another escape attempt, only to be captured by the Queens Guards and Prince Charming has her necklace!

Present time, Chief, Emma and Mary Margaret are in the woods trying to find John Doe when Henry appears. He says that Doe is trying to find Mary Margaret. They need to stop chasing him and let him come to them. That’s when they find his hospital bracelet with blood on it.

In another Flashback, just as the Guard is about to kill Snow, she is saved by Prince Charming.  But then another guard grabs her and takes off. Charming shoots an arrow, saving Snow’s life. She thanks him and they set off to find the Trolls she sold the ring to.

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin in Once Upon a TimeThey come to a bridge and Snow puts some gold coins on it, which makes all the Trolls climb up to them. After she explains she needs the ring back, they figure out who Prince Charming is and a fight ensues. They also find the Wanted poster and say that it will be a lot of money to take her to the Queen. Charming saves her and tells her to run, Snow thinks he’s behind her only to discover the Trolls have him. She goes back and throws the fairy dust, saving his life. He thanks her; she says it was the right thing to do. This is when he tells her his name is James, not Prince Charming.

In the present time, they find a bridge and there is John Doe in the water. After pulling him out, Mary Margaret starts to do CPR, thinking he is dead. When she comes to the mouth to mouth part, he coughs and comes to. John Doe’s first words upon coming to “You saved me” AWWWW! Back at the hospital he is stabilized when a blonde woman comes in, crying and saying “David.” Emma asks who she is, and in comes bitchface Mayor and states “His wife.”

Flashback to Snow and Charming parting ways, he shows her the ring for his intended and says it’s not something Snow would like. She tries the ring on, but ends up saying he was right and gives it back. He starts to say if she needs anything and Snow finishes “You’ll find me. I almost believe you.” And they part ways.

The Mayor and Henry in Once Upon a TimeMayor Biatch says his wife’s name is Catherine and then gives Henry hell for disobeying and lying to her. Catherine comes out to thank them and tells the group that she and David had a fight; he said he was leaving and she thought he had left town. She had no idea he was in a coma, but now she had a second chance to make up.

The doctor comes out and says it’s nothing short of a miracle, but that David still has no memory of who he is. He can’t explain why he came to. Henry whispers to Mary Margaret that SHE is the reason David came to. That she shouldn’t believe them, that they belong together (Charming and Snow, not Henry and Mary Margaret).  As Mayor Biatch is leaving, Emma pulls her aside and basically tells her its all so convenient that she finds the wife after all this time. And even more convenient that the Mayor is his Emergency Contact.  Mayor Nasty says “Maybe I put a spell on her.”

After everyone leaves, Mary Margaret is looking in the hospital room window watching David and Catherine’s reunion. He looks up and makes eye contact with her, and catches her twisting the ring on her finger. Yep, you guessed it…it’s THAT ring. She goes home and is sitting on the steps crying when she hears a knock at the door. It’s Emma, who asks if the extra room is still available.

I loved that Snow was made a badass, but where the heck were the Dwarves?! And I did cackle when Little Red Skanking Hood was in the booty shorts, I hope they expand on her character; it’s just too good to be left alone!

So what did you think? Love it? Hate it? Still watching? And is it just me, or did Emma make a reference that the Police Chief is a wolf? Tracking?


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
I could be wrong about the sheriff, but I think he's the Evil Queen's huntsman, the one who works for her but couldn't bring himself to kill Snow White and bring the queen her heart.

I'm enjoying the series so far and hanging in there. Kind of a soap opera feel to it, but the fairy tale framework helps hold it together.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I'm without cable at the moment (sob), but I read a lot of positive chatter about this ep on Twitter last night. I have a feeling that just the fact that Snow is so awesome will make me a happy camper, though @darlenemarshall, I had a feeling it might be a little soap opera-y. Reminds me a little of the early days of Desperate Housewives, but, y'know, with fairy tales mixed in.
3. cupcakes
OMG..........Where to start.
That recap reads like a very bad book report. If I were to grade it, you would fail. You missed several plot points, several chances for insight, a several key scenes. You are writing a recap, not a synopsis. Perhaps you need to wander over to tvgasm, to read how real recapping is done. Get it together.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@cupcakes: Sorry you didn't enjoy the recap, but we ask for more politeness on the comments board. Your opinion is your own, but your comment is rude.
Natasha Carty
5. WickedLilPixie
@Darlene - You are right, I totally dropped the ball on that one! But I don't remember that in Fairy Tales! lol

@ Redline - Ack Heather! I think it's on the stations website ;)

@MFrampton - Much appreciated.
Davina Jackson
6. Missdavina
I am really enjoying this show. After "Revenge", it is my must see for the week of American TV. I thoroughly enjoyed the back story of Snow and Charming. Regina's move at the end was well played and diabolical. Good to see Emma & Mary Margaret as roomies now though it has to be weird when your mom is the same age as you.

So Sheriff = The Hunstman, right?
Natasha Carty
7. WickedLilPixie
@Davina - Agreed! You have to tell me which Fairy Tale the Huntsman is from! - N
Tori Benson
I'm really loving this show. I've always adored fairytales and this does have a saoap orera feel that is addicting.

The Huntsman is from Snow White and Seven Drawfs. I think the Dr is the wolf.

Is it bad I'm loving Mr. Gold aka Rumplestitskein? lol
Natasha Carty
9. WickedLilPixie
@tori - Thanks T! I like Mr Gold too, heck I love the evil bish Mayor as well
Stephanie Treanor
10. Streanor
The Evil Queen was actually NICE?! I was thrown off by that myself.. i really love her as heartless conniving backstabber. Obviously there must be another plot hidden somewhere.

I kind of loved Snow White making back alley deals with the Trolls. Almost as good as Red Riding hood's booty shorts (well noted Natasha!) ! Scandalous!! Probaly rolling in their graves the Brothers Grimm.
Natasha Carty
11. WickedLilPixie
@ STreanor - LOL I felt the earth shake when she bent over, that was the Brothers Grimm ;)
Jay Ringelspaugh
12. jpwire
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. My daughter and I watch it every Sunday. The ring thing caught me totally off gaurd. My question is was the Huntsman who tried to kill Snow the Sheriff in Storybrook? He's just one of my favorites on the show and I hope he gets some good story lines.
13. EC Spurlock
@WickedLilPixie -- In the original story of Snow White, the Queen was Snow's stepmother who was so incensed that Snow was prettier than her that she gave her Huntsman orders to take Snow out in the woods and kill her. He was supposed to bring her heart to the Queen as proof that she was dead. However the Huntsman couldn't bring himself to kill an innocent child, so he told Snow to run far away and never come back, then killed some animal (a boar, I think) and gave its heart to the Queen instead to at least buy Snow some running time if not put the EQ off her track entirely.

But I'm still standing by my belief that the sheriff is the Big Bad Wolf. If he turns up having an affair with RRH, that'll clinch it!

This ep brought up a question for me though -- PC was referring to Queen Beeyotch as "The Queen", but if she's "The Queen" and he's "The Prince", doesn't that make him her son? Stepson? Subordinate successor? This episode made it plain that we're dealing with several adjacent kingdoms in this world, but if she was the Queen of a different kingdom, wouldn't he refer to her as "Queen So-and-so" or "Queen of X" rather than just "The Queen?"

And the trolls finally showed up! No BeeGees, tho... :-) I especially got a kick out of the sign on the Present Day toll bridge where somebody added that "R" to it.
14. Nancy33
Thank you for taking the time to write this recap! I have a question: where did the photos on this page come from? Were they scenes in the episode? For some reason, I just don't remember the top one with PC's arm around Snow's shoulder and the fourth one with Snow touching his chin. Did I just miss it in the episode? Deleted scenes? Promo photos? Please someone let me know!
Natasha Carty
15. WickedLilPixie
@JP - Thats what I love most about this show, I can totally watch it with anyone from my nieces to my mom!

@EC - Thank you so much! I was wondering about the Queen/Prince too, would they be related? Or is the fiance HER daughter? Who knows!

@Nancy - You are most welcome. As for the picture's, I'll ask Megan to come and let you know. I've wondered where she gets the pictures too!
Heather Waters
16. HeatherWaters
@Nancy33 @WickedLilPixie -- The pictures are a mix of promotional stills and screen captures. The studio releases the stills (usually a few for each episode, though there can be as few as one or two), which are posed shots and not necessarily straight out of the episode (sometimes they're alternate takes or even completely different from what ends up in the episode). Hope that helps!
Natasha Carty
17. WickedLilPixie
@Redline Thanks! I wondered for TB and never asked cause you know I'm amazing with emails ;)
18. wsl0612
I love this show and so far I've really enjoyed all the episodes. I was thinking that Prince Charming was not in his own kingdom when he met up with Snow and that's why he referred to EQ as The Queen (i.e. she's The Queen of that particular realm). Also the show generally gives some good names to the "present day" characters to show who they are in the fairy tale. Regina being the EQ, Mr. Gold being Rumpelstiltskin, Archie Hopper as Jiminy Cricket, but I cannot figure out a reference for Sheriff Graham to equate to him being the Woodsman or the Big Bad Wolf. And the new Dr. they introduced this episode is referred to as Dr. Whale, who would that be??? I would prefer somebody hotter to be the Wolf for Ruby :-)
19. Copper
Friend and I, who are both watching the show, are in agreement that the Sheriff is likely the Huntsman that originally spared Snow and sent her off into the woods. Stories vary, though, that it was either a boar heart or the heart of a stag/deer that he gave her instead. Although I will admit that I thought he was the wolf that was in the road during the pilot (comes from reading the Fables comics and Sheriff Bigby Wolf.) Still, Emma's remark about "tracking people" being his "thing" and his comment of them "being in his world" when they were in the woods, only adds to the Huntsman theory. Also, the Huntsman was a subordinate of the Queen in Snow White but he sympathized with Snow and betrayed the Queen for her, like Graham is starting to do.

@redline - try, actually, I tried watching on the ABC site and got so frustrated with it! Hulu played great.

Also, general Snow White lore is that The EQ is *her* stepmother and Charming is Prince somewhere *else* He's a prince, Snow's a princess and Charming's ties to the EQ is that she is technically now his mother-in-law.
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