Nov 15 2011 9:40am

Modern-Day Rothgar? Men in High Heels

Historical novels, particularly ones set in the Georgian period, often feature Manly Men in Red High Heels as heroes; disconcerting at first, especially in books such as Georgette Heyer’s Powder and Patch, where the hero goes and gets a makeover, complete with powder and patch, natch, to win his lady.

And now it seems our heroes might be donning heels again—recent fashion articles report that more men are wearing high heels, and not just the discreet kind to add a few inches to the height-impaired. One article found that tall men were wearing heels because they wanted to be even taller.

Would you like it if your guy pulled a Rothgar and borrowed your pumps?

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1. CdnMrs
I'd love for the hubs to borrow my heels. It would create moments of such comedic awesomeness that they could be passed down from generation to generation in my family.
Myretta Robens
2. Myretta
Sorry. High heels only work if the gentleman is also wearing silk brocade, lace and a short sword. Gray flannel suit - not so much.
3. wsl0612
If the men are literally wearing the same heels that women are wearing then I consider them to be transvestites and I just am not interested in them romantically. If the men are wearing boots or shoes with "lifts" or platform heels that would probably not bother me, depends on the guy and the reasoning I suppose.
K.M. Jackson
4. kwanawrites
Unless you are Prince (the sexiest man alive) I would not consider this to be a turn on.
5. Annabel Joseph
I know a guy who wears corsets, high heel stiletto boots, lacy cuffs and cravats to "play." He is so uber masculine too, so it creates this weird dissonance. I have some photos of him on my website's Hall of Hotness. I can't explain why he's such a turn on, but he is!

I think it takes a special kind of guy though. My friend just has that quality where he can wear anything from any spectrum of the gender norms and look like the sexiest man on earth.

P.S. JoBev's Rothgar is my most hottest fantasy romance crush of all time!!
Synde Korman
6. SyndeKorman
Well I grew up in the glam era and so I like guys with heels....and eyeliner..and yeah if my guy pulled a rothgar I would be ok... oh wait...heh...too late...snickers
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