Nov 16 2011 8:03am

Mirror Mirror Trailer Promises Campy Fun

Last week, we were amazed and excited to see the dark, gorgeous trailer from Snow White and the Huntsman; today, we offer the rival film, Mirror Mirror, which is in direct opposition to the former’s intense, sensual tone. Both tell the story of Snow White (and, one presumes, her seven dwarves), but whereas Snow White and the Huntsman’s Evil Queen is gloriously and deliciously played by Charlize Theron, Mirror Mirror’s Evil Queen, played by Julia Roberts, is a campy egotist.

The two will inevitably be compared, but their tone and style are completely different—will you see one, both, or neither?


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Hayley Hunter
1. Bookworm-at-Starbucks
I would preferringly watch 'Mirror Mirror' since it has more comdey in it. I would rather not watch a war movie even though I am a fan of Chris Hemsworth.
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