Nov 8 2011 8:09am

Lust for (Senior) Life? Iggy Pop for Paco Rabanne

Iggy Pop for Paco Rabanne Paco Rabanne has chosen Iggy Pop to be the face for the campaign of their new fragrance, Black XS L’Excès, which launches both men’s and women’s versions early in 2012.

We think someone at Paco Rabanne has been reading some old skool May/December romances—because how else would you possibly think 64 year-old Iggy Pop is an attractive celebrity face for a fragrance?

(Unless the target demo is used-to-be-hip fifty-somethings with a penchant for punk rock and gold glitter.)

No offense, Iggy, but if we’re gonna date older, we’d like the guy not to be as old as our dads.

That said, who’s the oldest person—fictional or not—you’ve found attractive?

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Victoria Janssen
1. VictoriaJanssen
I think the idea is that, if you don't buy the fragrance, Iggy Pop will punch you.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@VictoriaJanssen ! See, I didn't think of that! (and this is why I'm not a marketing genius).
3. mochabean
This picture is going to haunt me at unexpected moments, i just know it.

But I think it sort of works. It also helps that I am old enough to have seen Iggy Pop perform when he looked only slightly less ravaged in the early 1980s.

To answer your question, I gotta go with Dumbledore.

Edited to add: Captcha words for this comment were "fertil ablehia" which made me laugh.
4. CdnMrs
Wow! Wow. Time has not been kind to Mr. Pop.
My oldest crushes have been Anthony Hopkins, not as Dr. Lector, but in pretty much anything else and also, Sean Connery. He's freaking James Bond and Scottish!
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
Ricardo Montalban and Paul Newman would make my list. As for living guys, I can't think of anyone.
6. Malinovka
Anthony Hopkins, definately, but number one on the Silver Fox Sex God list has got to be the Thin White Duke, David Bowie. Phwoar!
Marian DeVol
7. ladyengineer
Sean Connery, Ricardo Montalban, and oddly enough, Fred Astaire (prefer FA when he was older - in It Takes a Thief episodes as opposed to the Fred & Ginger movies of the 30's).
8. cicatricella
I love me some grey foxes, but Iggy, bless him, is not one of them. Fair enough, the bloke was already looking pretty rough when he was in his prime, and with a lifestyle like that he's aged shockingly well, but he's definitely not a prime example of a 'sexy' somewhat older man. For what I would find attractive in the same general age group? Well, I certainly wouldn't kick Harrison Ford out of bed for eating crackers, and Bowie, while not at all my type, came from pretty much the same place that Iggy did and is still fairly hot, if you like that sort of thing.
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