Nov 7 2011 5:15pm

Kresley Cole Previews Lothaire, out January 10, 2012






Kresley Cole is such a tease...earlier today, she posted this snippet from her upcoming Immortals After Dark book, Lothaire on Facebook. Lothaire comes out next January, and its hero is the bad guy from previous books. She promises more sneak peeks, and asks her Facebook fans, “If you could see lines from any scene, what would it be? First meet with Elizabeth? First kiss? Lothaire dialogue with Thaddeus? Or Hag . . . or Nix?” She also offers these facts about Lothaire, saying:

This installment takes the blue ribbon for the IAD series in the following categories:

The longest book. By far. What can I say, I wanted to give you guys good hard cover value, and I couldn’t turn around a character like Lothaire in a shorter book. (If at all. Lothaire, why were you so uncontrollable??)

The most sensual book. Lothaire really seemed to write himself—and let me tell you, he is a wicked *wicked* vampire (and did I mention uncontrollable?).

The best installment? My editor and each of my beta readers believe it is (tho I think it’s tied for first). I hope you guys enjoy it!

The greatest number of IAD revelations. You’ll learn numerous bombshells about some of your favorite characters ...

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I know! I am so excited, too. I love this series, it's just such a crazy mish-mash of all sorts of things.
3. CindyS
Can't. Wait.

That said, I don't like previews of first kiss or sexy moments - save that for the story because then you get the full impact of the moment. A snippet of dialogue works but I try to stay away from spoilers of books I already know I'm going to buy. And I'm sooo going to buy this on release day.

Mara J Brandon
4. marajbrandon
I just wish it would be released already! Does anyone else feel like its been ages and ages since Kresley announced the book and when it is getting released? I agree with CindyS. I don;t want any spoilers or snippets of intense scenes. I'm careful about reading reviews or excerpts before a book is published because I don't want to know about inportant scenes from the book out of context. MJB
Elisha Turner
5. BookLover1128
I totally agree about the no previewing the first kiss! That is my favorite part of any romance and I hate it when I read a spoiler about it . I really can not wait for this book to come out ! :) I love all of the books in this series but I feel like I have been waiting for Lothaire's book ever sence he was introduced into the series.
Lindsay Beeson
6. lindsayb
I can't wait for this book. The two spoilers are great- especially the one involving the police! I just wish it came out sooner :)
Christine Dunbar
7. cdunbar
I am SO flippin' excited about this book. I feel like I've been waiting to read it for FOREVER.
8. rdsangel127117
Nope no preview of the first kiss! That tease was great, but I don't want to know anymore! Nothing! None! Nada! Kresley's books are HOT! This one promises to continue the tradition. That cover is YUMMY! CAN'T WAIT!!!
laura murphy
9. lm7418
Love this series, and I was very excited about Lothaire, but unlike rdsangel, oh, I cannot stand the cover. I want to use my imagination for the characters - not some model with a bad fringe. That goes for Shelley Laurenston, Christine Feehan & Sherrilyn Kenyon too. The eyes creep me out. The UK cover of Acheron was very unpleasant.
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