Nov 19 2011 3:00pm

Hottest Werewolves in Hollywood: Alcide, Corvin, the Teen Wolf, and More!

Benicio del Toro and Emily Blunt in The WolfmanVampires and their neck-plunging ways may be the bees knees now, but werewolves are closing in on “Hottest Monster” territory. Why are werewolves the latest (and sexiest) supernatural craze? Because they’re fierce, magnetic and totally irresistible (yes, even with all that fur)!

Check out a “Top 10” list of male werewolves so fine, they’ll have you howling with delight:

Benicio del Toro as Lawrence Talbot in The Wolfman: The plot for this reboot came up a little short, but Benicio’s turn as a brooding werewolf thankfully livened up the screen. So what makes Benicio as Lawrence Talbot stand out from the pack? His poignant struggle to control the beast within, that’s what. While many men would have found their newfound strength intoxicating and would have wreaked havoc on neighboring towns, Lawrence put in considerable effort to ensure that his transformations did not result in a high deathtoll. (Um..can you say selfless and honorable?) Any man who can pull off wearing a white billowing shirt while baying at the moon seems like one worthy of affection!

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood in The Vampire DiariesMichael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries: Tyler Lockwood was not anyone to write home about. He was annoying in the first season of The Vampire Diaries and a total a-hole. He was constantly complaining about petty nonsense (ya know—booze, girls and football) and he treated his “love” interests (i.e. Vicki Donovan) like crap. So why is Tyler even on this list? Because people change...and sometimes it takes a downright agonizing experience of having limbs snap and twist under a full moon to whip someone into shape. Old Tyler was a jerk. New Tyler is courageous and considerate. And if Vampire Pollyanna aka Caroline Forbes sees something special in him, then perhaps he’s a wolf worth taking a chance on. (Plus, have you seen his arms?! Those are good arms to have!)

Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin in Underworld: Yes, yes we know. Michael isn’t a werewolf—he’s an immortal hybrid. (Can you blame Kate Beckinsale’s character Selene for wanting to sink her teeth into this beefcake?!) Still, we’re more than happy to overlook this slight technicality because...have you gotten a good, long look at his ab-licious bod? Those magnetic eyes? That hulk-like stature? Those strong, flexible limbs? And, whoever could resist a werewolf who just happens to be a trauma doctor? Oh yea! This half- Lycan, half-vamp is swoonworthy to the third degree!

Taylor Kinney as Mason Lockwood in The Vampire DiariesTaylor Kinney as Mason Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries: Before Tyler even experienced his first official transition, Mason was holding down the fort in Lockwood curse-land. With his smoky gray-blue eyes and rugged good looks, Uncle Mason was definitely a sight for sore eyes in Mystic Falls. True, he was in cahoots with the manipulative Katherine Pierce, but the poor guy was clearly so smitten with the former doppelganger that he actually took on her diabolical bidding. Unfortunately, we never got a chance to get to know him better (and enjoy a few more scenes of him frolicking under the sheets with Kat) because Damon Salvatore plunged into this wolf’s six-packed chest and ripped out his heart. (Damn you, Damon!) But when he returned as a ghost in TVD Season 3, Mason proved exactly how honorable of a wolf he was by not exacting revenge on the vamp who cruelly murdered him, but rather looking for a way to help Tyler deal with his new hybrid status. An uncle wolf genuinely concerned about redemption and assisting his young nephew? Cue the awws please!

Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood: Some people are Team Eric. Some people are Team Bill. And then there’s that unique group of True Blood fans who want Sookie to quit the fang-banging and go shack up with the most sizzling wolf in the South. Damn straight! Alcide is heating things up as the muscular wolf with a penchant for plaid shirts, honest work and fairy girls. Furthermore, last season, this hunk got in touch with his inner Kevin Costner and served as Sookie’s bodyguard on her quest to find Bill. And what a bodyguard he was! While Bill and Eric were busy entangling themselves in witchy affairs and fighting battles in a cemetery, Alcide was the one who sensed that Sookie was in danger and came to her rescue. (Oh! If only everyone could have a sexy werewolf scoop her up into his manly arms and race her to safety. Sigh.)

Dave Legeno as Fenrir GreybackDave Legeno as Fenrir Greyback in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: This is by far the most unexpected and shocking choice. After all, Fenrir is a deluded, maniacal killer who targets innocent people. (Plus, he’s kind of grimy.) However, there’s something so raw, so truly animalistic about him that you can’t help but notice his gleaming eyes, the abs beneath his low cut cloak, the relish in his voice...that egotistical strut. He’s a savage —make no mistake about that — but there’s nothing better than a guy with confidence and Fenrir has plenty of it to go around.

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale on Teen Wolf: A reluctant hero. A blue-eyed loner. A leather jacket wearing stud. All these are phrases a person would typically use while describing Teen Wolf’s Derek Hale. He lives by himself in the woods and hates visitors...yet he pops into town to help out Scott and his friends from the big, bad Alpha. Sure, sometimes Derek looks a bit silly when he changes (wouldn’t anyone with all that yak fur on their face and pointy ears?) and he’s a just a common Beta wolf but cut the guy some slack—he’s delicious and if his shirtless torture scene on the show (where a hunter had him all chained up as part of a werewolf interrogation) taught us anything it’s that reformed rebels deserve our love too!

Jason Behr as Varek in SkinwalkersJason Behr as Varek in Skinwalkers: Alright, alright. A werewolf vrooming around on motorcycles seems a tad cliché at this point, but that shouldn’t prevent a guy from claiming a coveted spot on this list! And Jason Behr’s bad boy sex appeal in this flick is so tantalizing and luscious that it’d have viewers baying at the moon. (The whole evil, gun-wielding vibe suits him oh-so-well!) Mister Behr may have wowed audiences as a shy extraterrestrial on Roswell, but his transformation into a wolf emphasized the definition in his arms and brought out the green in his eyes a whole lot more.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in the Twilight saga: Not including Jacob Black in a list of The Top 10 Hottest Werewolves in Hollywood would be the equivalent to forgetting the frosting on a scrumptious cinnamon roll—it’d be bland and unmemorable. Forget Bieber fever, gentle friends, because the real epidemic running rampant across the globe is an undeniable obsession with Breaking Dawn’s smoldering shape-shifter. It takes a lot for a wolf to get our hearts a-racing but Jacob achieves this with a mere sizzling glance (and, naturally, the extraction of his t-shirt). So is Bella crazy for choosing cold, sparkly Edward over warm and caring Jake (aka the guy who helped her clamber out of a state of depression and reckless abandon)? Well, she clearly has her reasons, but there’s no denying that Jacob is major power player in a dog eat dog kind of world. (Plus, he protects little Renesmee in Breaking Dawn from the crazy Volturi—how precious is that?!)

Seth Green as Oz in Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeth Green as Daniel “Oz” Ozbourne on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Unlike the rest of the wolves in this list who come equipped with a set of rip-roaring abs, Oz was on the scrawnier side. Still, what he lacked in brawn he made up for in edge and brains. (Despite his love for the books, Oz happened to be one of smartest students at Sunnydale High.) Moreover, although werewolves are normally ferocious creatures, Oz proved that there is a cool side to every howler. Oz not only dated the Scooby Gang’s kick-ass residential witch (Willow Rosenberg), spoke volumes in his appealingly taciturn way, but he was also the bravest wolf to hit the Hellmouth! Plus, he traveled far and wide to find a cure for his shifting—all in the name of love—and he rocked on stage as the official guitarist for Dingoes Ate My Baby. Now can any of the other wolves on this list claim that they jammed at the Bronze?

So, who are your top favorite werewolves? Who would you have included in this Top 10 list? Tell us in the comments!


Theodora Guliadis

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1. Tas
Just one thing: it's Joe Manganiello that plays Alcide. :)
3. Theo
Thanks, Tas and Megan! I have to admit that he I'm totally Team Alcide these days!
4. Sophia Ryan
OK, I'm reaching WAY back here, but when I was a kid I loved this show called, funny enough, Werewolf. A very young John York played the lead role (he now plays on General Hospital as Mac). I was in love with him and had dreams I could save him from his wolf side. Maybe that's part of the attraction of werewolves and vampires -- bad boys just waiting for the right girl to drive out the demons. Nice post!
5. Lil
Sophia, I loved him, too. Werewolf was da Bomb way back when, lol. Never missed an episode!

I have to say you left out the sexiest werewolf I have ever seen (even though it was only temporary), Gabriel Van Helsing (AKA Hugh Jackman) in the movie Van Helsing. Ok, so he doesn't spend long as a were, he doesn't get the girl, but man was he bodacious as that were. None of the others in the movie, just him. Now that's a were I wouldn't mind biting me...of course, I might bite him first!

So many people panned that movie, but I loved it. Pure fun all the way through.

Vampires may be the "in" thing currently, but werewolves have always topped my list of favorite para creatures. After all, when you're a vamp, you can't be out in the sun, which I love to be.

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