Nov 9 2011 8:17am

Henry Cavill and Luke Evans Talk Sex Scenes and Immortals

This Friday, Henry Cavill (the guy on the left) opens in Immortals, also starring Luke Evans (the guy on the right). During the course of this less-than-five-minute interview, Cavill and Evans single double-handedly destroy our fantasies of shooting sex scenes for film and working out for a movie role. Thanks, guys.

Are you going to see Immortals? Are you excited to see Cavill as Superman, or Evans in The Hobbit?

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1. SarahGoldberg
I love that Henry Cavill uses the words "ostracize," "tumultuous," and "unbeknownst" all in one sentence. Does anyone else, no matter what they see him in, still think of him as Stephen from I Capture the Castle?
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@SarahGoldberg -- I just saw that recently! (I know, that's sad, huh?) He was gorgeous in that movie.
3. SarahGoldberg
@redline_ It breaks my heart every time. *sigh*
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