Nov 27 2011 12:00pm

Have a Bloody Good Christmas with These Vampire Holiday Tales

A Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene FrostThe chaos often coupled with holidays can get a little overwhelming. I love being around family; it’s my favorite part of the holidays, but even so, ten people cooped in a house together for an entire day can wear on you (unless we’re playing board games. Then, I’m busy winning and life is good).

If you want to be in the holiday mood—the music, the food, the mistletoe and the decorating—but need an escape from that one uncle who asks the most inappropriate questions, I suggest escaping with some vampires. Really, this is my advice year-round, but today I have holiday-specific stories with sexy vampire heroes sure to curl toes and impress you with their own kind of smoldering chestnuts.

The Bite Before Christmas offers a double dose of vampire holiday tales from vampire romance big names Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost. Both novellas are set in the worlds you love, Argeneau Vampires and Night Huntress respectively. Sands treats us to Katricia convincing Teddy they belong together while sequestered in a cabin. It’s cold, they’re alone, and she’s determined to make him believe he’s her life mate.

Frost’s novella gives us the saccharine holiday time with Cat and Bones. It’s romantic, it’s sweet and if you wanted to see them get their gift exchange on—here you go. Because it’s Night Huntress expect a bothersome vampire (not Ian! heh) to try and ruin their holiday fun.

A Vampire for ChristmasFour stories of sexy vampire heroes getting their love on during the holidays fill the pages of A Vampire for Christmas. Sweet, playful, daring and a bit dirty, these novellas from Caridad Piniero, Michele Hauf, Laurie London, and Alexis Morgan can only put you in the mood to decorate. (We’re using “decorate” as code word for read more vampire sexy times.)

And on that “decorate” note, if you need a story or two with a heat level akin to open fire, Silent Night, Sinful Night may do the trick. The first story is from the woman who has brought us many a wicked vampire: Sharon Page. Her story in Sinful is part of the Wicked line and that means regency vampires. Double win for historical fans. The collection also includes erotic romance tales from Chloe Harris and Melissa MacNeal.

Only one fourth of the Tied with a Bow anthology features a vampire, but you’d be sad if I didn’t include this one. The anthology features stories of supernatural boys and girls who would most certainly be placed on the naughty list. Shifters and witches join the mix with vampires all of who know how to use body heat to keep warm. Lora Leigh drops in a Breeds story, Eileen Wilks gives you a Lupi fix, Virginia Kantra goes prequel to Children of the Sea with fallen angel romance and Kimberly Frost brings the vampire goodness.

Vampire Christmas Carol by Sarah GrayThose who enjoy mash-ups may want to pick up A Vampire Christmas Carol by Sarah Gray. Ebenezer is a vampire hunter. Vampires have been watching him his whole life. Ghosts open his eyes. It’s the bloody version of a holiday favorite.

Finally, sometimes you just need a matchmaker. And if Heidi Betts’s The Bite Before Christmas novellas are to be trusted, vampires are indeed in need of a matchmaker. Like Betts’s other vampire fare, the three short novellas—each detailing a matchmaker helping couples find each other—in Bite are light and sexy.

Also, if anyone actually finds a vampire under the tree, can you please let my husband know where to shop. I will accept fake vampires a la an Alexander Skarsgard cutout. Should that be an option.

While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. (Her husband often reminds her that she’s taken.)

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1. wsl0612
I'm currently reading the Tied W/A Bow anthology and give it two thumbs up! I'll have to add the others to the list. I am so wishing for a massive white-out blizzard right now - I know I know many of you want to get that Christmas shopping done but I need a good excuse to stay home and read :-)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@wsl0612 I think many of us would trade a day of shopping for a day at home with a stack of TBRs and some tea!
3. ChelseaMueller
Completely agreed, @MFrampton. I'd take a long day at home devouring my TBR right about now!
Melissa Keith
4. MelK
OK. I don't know what happened there but what I was trying to say was I tried to get A VAMPIRE CHRISTMAS CAROL but B&N didn't have it and they said I had to order it. They don't carry it at all.
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