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Fresh Meat: Lilli Feisty’s Deliciously Sinful (Nov. 22, 2011)

Deliciously Sinful by Lilli FeistyLilli Feisty
Deliciously Sinful
Forever, $7.99, November 22, 2011

Things are cooking in the kitchen...and the bedroom.

Restaurant owner Phoebe Mayle thought she had it all under control. Sure, her new chef has a bad-boy reputation - and a chiseled body to match - but she’s positive she can whip him into shape.

But from the moment Nick Avalon roars into town in his Hummer, he makes her whole world sizzle. Now Phoebe has lost control of her kitchen, and Nick has taken over her mind and her body. His insatiable appetite for pleasure leaves her breathless with carnal cravings only he can satisfy. Yet can their hunger for each other be a recipe for a love that lasts?

When reading an erotic romance, one of the ick factors that make me cringe is when an author combines sex and food within a sex scene. To me, those two things do not go together. But reading Lilli Feisty, I don’t feel icky or sticky after reading her erotic food scenes. She knows how to take food and sex and turn it into something explosive and sexy.

In Deliciously Sinful, Phoebe Mayle is the owner of a vegan café called The Green Leaf Café. She inherited it from her aunt and uncle when they passed away. The Green Leaf is a staple in the small town Redbolt, California and Phoebe is doing everything in her power not to ruin the café’s reputation. In comes Nick Avalon, bad boy chef extraordinaire. Phoebe is well aware of the star chef’s reputation, but she is desperate. She can’t continue to devote all her time to the café while letting her own business, an organic vegetable farm, fall by the wayside. So she gives Nick a chance, despite her misgivings.

Nick Avalon loves life in the spotlight. He is L.A. all the way and loves his reputation as a bad boy chef. He is determined to get back to the life he loves, and his stay in Redbolt is only a minor bump in the road. And he continues to do things his way, regardless of what his hippie boss, Phoebe, wants him to do.

The constant back-and-forth conflict between Nick and Phoebe is interesting and funny; Phoebe knows that she needs Nick to stay as the chef, but there’s no way she’s going to let him run roughshod over her. First, The Green Leaf is a vegan café and yet Nick continues to makes dishes that include dairy and meat. His total disregard for the bistro’s menu creates a huge power play between the two. This leads to a tug-of-war over who’s the boss and who is the employee.

“I know how to cook broccoli.”

“I’m sure you do.”

Was she humoring him? “I can,” he bit out.

“I said, I believe you. But can you make it without smothering it in some fancy, heavy sauce?”

“Yes.” He quirked his head to the side. “But why would I?”

Underneath the tension and conflict, is of course, a deep attraction, which is explored in many sexy and inventive ways. I’ve never seen pudding used quite that way before.

“Me first.” His stare still holding hers, he raised her hand to his lips. Then he placed her finger, dripping chocolate, to his lips.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Her voice sounded high, shrill. Scared. But she wasn’t scared. What could she possibly be scared of?

“This.” He slid her finger into his mouth and licked, swirling his tongue around her skin, sucking off every last drop.

“S-stop.” But her breathing was fast and her nipples were pebbling beneath her nightgown.

Oh no, no, no....

Who knew you could have so much fun in the kitchen? Nick and Phoebe get very inventive and creative when they give in to their attraction. Not only are her books sexy, but the characters are well-rounded and the plot is engaging. Deliciously Sinful is deliciously decadent—especially when it involves a whisk and a spanking.


Marquetta, Deliciously Sexy

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1. Bells
Well written review Marq. I also enjoyed how inventive the characters got in this book witht he food and kitchen utensils. Hehe!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
2. Spaz
Love it - great Fresh Meat post Marq!

I've only read one of this author's books, and really liked it. Might give this a try too :)
Marquetta Whitmore
3. lovetoreadforfun
Thanks ladies! I was so nervous. This is so much different from writing for my blog. Way more eyes are now reading what I write. *bites nails*
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