Oct 18 2011 9:42pm

The Male Spider’s Seductive Ways

Nephila pilipes spiderIt’s not just homo sapiens males who employ modes of seduction; National Geographic reports that new research finds that when the male golden orb-weaver spider Nephila pilipes gets frisky, he gives his mate a “back rub.”

And since N. pilipes females are up to ten times larger than the males, mating is always a risky proposition (for the guy spider, at least). There’s the risk that she might decide to eat him before he’s finished spinning his web, so to speak.

So the next time you want to bite your guy’s head off, maybe he’ll end up giving you a massage, instead.

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Have you gotten a massage lately, or something, @WickedLilPixie? Hence the snickering?
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