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Sci-Fi Romance Done Right: Farscape’s Aeryn Sun and John Crichton

Aeryn Sun and John CrichtonThere are some of us here at H&H *cough* redline_ *cough* that will talk at length as to the merits of one Adama/Thrace (or Apollo/Starbuck if you are so inclined). But I would like to tell you about a couple that was saving the galaxy only to be tragically torn apart long before Miss Thrace and Adama Jr. set foot in a Viper. I present to you, the born-military Aeryn Sun and the ever so witty and indomitable John Crichton.

The date was the early 2000s and America had just received from Austrailia and The Jim Henson Company a new and exciting SciFi show called Farscape. The show was primarily about John Crichton, an astronaut/physicist specializing in the study of wormholes. During one of his experiments, he finds himself on the other side of the galaxy surrounded by various aliens and no way home.

When Chrichton first meets Aeryn, he finds out that despite looking quite human and attractive, she is also an alien, but when has interspeicies dating ever stood in the way of true love? He also finds out that Aeryn doesn’t take much in the way of crap from anybody.

For spending too much time with Crichton and saving his proverbial bacon a time or twoAeryn and John separated by bars, Aeryn Sun is stripped of her rank and must slum it with John and his misfit group of aliens aboard their living spaceship. The two don’t hit it off at first, but like any proper shipped couple, you know they are going to wind up in bed by the end if only because the two characters are constantly bickering over the tiniest of details.

Yes, John had flings with a few other aliens, as any post-Kirk space adventurer is wont to do, but it was Aeryn that was always there to ground him, bail him out when things hit the fan, or just smack him in the head when he was being an idiot, which was often.

Aeryn and John kiss in FarscapeAeryn and John are repeatedly thrown against overwhelming odds while facing down sadistic aliens, renegade generals, space-plagues, various forms of madness—the list goes on. They escaped annihilation on a few separate occasions and it was always because of the delightful mix of Aeryn’s handiness with automatic weapons and John’s quick-thinking.  You want tortured intellectual with a tough-as-hell bad-ass heroine? No need to go looking for a BSG remake; John and Aeryn are your couple.

As the series progresses, the couple realize their feelings for each other and John stops looking for a way home and instead looks for a life with Aeryn. Of course, the universe had other plans for them, but to find all that out you’ll have to check out the series for yourself.

What about you: Do you have a preferred sci-fi couple?


Christopher Morgan works for and He lives in New York City, and knows that Aeryn could take Starbuck any day of the week.

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Barbara W
1. Barbara W
Yes, I do.

Crichton and Aeryn!!!

I just about wore out my DVD of the episode where Crichton is implanted with Scorpio and attacks Aeryn and she crashes through the ice and "dies" - then comes back to life..and the one where the alternate John and Aeryn actually consummate their relationship then he dies..

Holy smokes, did I love that show.
Barbara W
2. akajill
I have watched every episode of Farscape multiple times. It is hands down one of my favorite tv series of all time. I enjoyed many things about the series, of course, but at the top of the list was always Aeryn and John. The aspect of their relationship I liked most was the fact that he didn't protect her. He trusted her and her ability to kick butt and take care of herself. That kind of trust and respect is totally swoon-worthy in my book.
Louise Partain
3. Louise321
Loved Farscape right up until I didn't and Crichton and Aeryn were my favorite push/pull couple of the series.

My favorite all time sci fi couple? Fox Mulder and Dana Scully not only for the push/pull of the relationship but because her hair was the only real color in Fox's life. There you have it. She combatted the gray. And the whole series was great right up until it wasn't. And those of you who were fans know what I mean -- like why do I hate Lost so much? Same reason. 'It's out there. . . .'
Barbara W
4. lisaione
Always John and Aeryn. Still go back and watch the episodes as well as trying to convert any and all who show even a shred of interest.
Barbara W
5. CindyS
I can't believe I haven't watched this series - will have to see if Canadian Netflix has it. I would consider myself a sci-fi nut now as opposed to a few years ago. Now I get antsy when sci-fi shows get canceled. Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 when the funny guy was still on it - there was definite shipping potential on this one but it could never be as they were both ranked officers.

It was Mulder and Scully for me also until it just wasn't. I think there is a fine line a show can walk until they have to either commit or have 2 more seasons where no one cares anymore.

Of course, the original would be Hans Solo and Princess Leia - there were years between installments and I couldn't imagine why Leia wouldn't pick Solo - and she finally did!

Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
Eh, they're okay. :P

While Mulder and Scully aren't my #1 (because honestly, no one can compare to the chemistry BSG's Starbuck and Apollo have), they're way up there, so I'm psyched Louise321 and CindyS brought them up. The X-Files was not the same without them together in the later seasons.

Other favorite sci-fi couples include Tyler/Caroline from The Vampire Diaries and Max/Liz from Roswell.
Lisa Collins
7. coolvstar650
Oh I love those same two actors when they were on Star Gate SG1!
Barbara W
8. Taragel

Ahem, but I did hear wonderful things about Aeryn/John (inc. that SPOILER ALERT they get a happy ending!), but... I couldn't get into Farscape. TOO sci-fi. Too many muppets. Too much space politics that made me zzzz.... Also, this is shallow, but Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber are just beyond gorgeous. These two didn't meet my prurient need to see pretty people makeout. ;)

I too am a Tyler/Caroline fan (though they're more paranormal/urban fantasy than SF I guess.)
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
These two didn't meet my prurient need to see pretty people makeout. ;)

Relieved I'm not the only one. As Caroline Forbes once said: "I'm as shallow as a kiddie pool." At least when it comes to my favorite TV/movies.
Regina Thorne
10. reginathorn
Oh, John and Aeryn are hands-down my favorite sci-fi couple in canon! Mostly because I fell in love with Aeryn from the moment she took off her helmet and straddled John in the first episode! (I think I love Lee Adama *slightly* more than John Crichton but I LOVE Aeryn passionately, so that tips Kara/Lee down to second place. Plus, it didn't hurt that "Farscape" did the romance exactly right - there were definitely conflicts, but they weren't the kind that would be resolved by "why don't they just say what they mean for once?" which irritates me about other things, whereas BSG disappointed me so sadly in the ending that that tainted a lot of what came earlier.)

And to all those who impugn the pretty, I say that Claudia Black is gorgeous, just not Hollywood pretty. She's got this kind of aquiline ferocity to her looks that not only suits the character perfectly but makes me cast her as the heroine in the "movie-in-my-head" of various other favorite series such as Megan Whelan Turner's "Attolia" books.
Christopher Morgan
11. cmorgan
Yeah, Claudia Black trumps Katee Sackoff hands down. And I prefer Crichton's shallow one-liners and overly dramatic monologues to Apollo's brooding/dad issues any day of the week.
12. wsl0612
@cmorgan - your comment is ACES!! Aeryn Sun and John Crichton FTW 4EVA! :-)
Katie Paul
13. calico18
Definitely one of the best sci-fi couples out there. I wish Firefly had lasted longer because I loved Mal/Inara and think it could have been as good as John and Aeryn...well maybe not as good but definitely a darn close second.

@redline_ totally agree on Max/Liz from Roswell. How I miss that show. Need to watch some more on Netflix.
Barbara W
14. krissa
Oh, yes, Mal/Inara from Firefly is a good one. Also, Sam and Jack from SG1 and from Stargate Atlantis the arongant scientist (with a citrus allergy) with the blonde doctor!
Clare 2e
15. clare2e
Loved Farscape and loved this couple! The tension between them was great, Aeryn actually seemed tough, and I liked all the stuff they didn't say but seemed agonized about as they went through their various adventures. And when at the series end, well, you know..the NOT like Scully and Mulder rowing off into the deep blue sea, I was mad and laughing at the same time.
Barbara W
16. BeckyIA
Oh yeah, John and Aeryn. Without a doubt. Although Starbuck/Adama are good and Mal/Inara were awesome. There was that little boy lost thing about Crichton and Aeryn with her kick butt and take names attitude that kept me tuning in week after week and buying the entire series on DVD.
Barbara W
17. RonnieT.
John and Aeryn by far! Of course it could be because Farscape is my favorite series of all time. One of my favorite scenes is in the mini-series.
Aeryn says, "Hey, can you do me a favor?"
John replies, "You name it."
"Can you get us out of here?"
romance reader
18. bookstorecat
I love Farscape because it was funny and manic and sincere and emotional and sometimes just freaking ingenious. Every character on the show evolved. Even now, when I scan through the channels and see some lame "SyFy original" is on, I still think, "They cancelled Farscape for this?"
Cynthia Netherton
19. Cynthia aka Artemis
The best couple hands down. I was devastated when they canceled Farscape. Yes, John and Aerynsun ARE the BEST couple, ever. All of the characters were so unique and added to the show. Now, Mal and Inara of Firefly would follow-up as a close second if this series would have ever had a chance.
Barbara W
20. Lenan
Watching Talyn!John die as I write. Love both Aeryn/John and Thrace/Adama.
I understand that they drew out the relationship moments and lack of Harvey very carefully for the sake of the plot, but it also makes me mad that Aeryn or John would make some headway in their relationship and then someone would die, leave or be hurt. The same with John getting rid of Harvey - Talyn!John died soon after and the mini-series ended after Moya!John did. I also think that when John thought Harvey was gone and he actually got a worse version of Harvey, that that was more horrible than day-to-day Harvey.
"Relax. It was a big hit. Nothin' to be done. And I hate long goodbyes." - John Crichton
Barbara W
21. Lillith
John and Aeryn forever- never been moved by an onscreen relationship before or since these two. If only we all could all have bit of that before we die, sigh...
susan b
22. leshagen
John Crighton and Aeryn Sun of Farscape are by far, the best on-screen couple of all-time. The creators of the show are the first to figure out not only how to build a relationship, but make it work. Finally, someone got it right! Sure, they had their disagreements, multiple death scenes, separations and reunions, in addition to being constantly pursued by almost everyone in the galaxy, starting and fighting a war, and having a baby in the middle of it all. But the
writers managed to mix all that, with romantically hot, and at times,
heartwarmingly endearing moments that are unforgetable. So many other series couples start out with so much promise, but then either fizzle out, or the realtionship just implodes. John and Aeryn's chemistry followed through to the end, and never once disappointed.
Barbara W
23. Lelizer
I love John and Aeryn. They are a perfect example of true love and they over came every hurdle together and succeded. They thwarted the universe's attempts to keep them apart forever. I cried my heart out when John accidently killed Aeryn, my mum ran through to my room to see what was wrong. I also love Zhaan and Stark. I wish Zhaan didn't die or was brought back in another form to see her and Stark's relationship blossom.
Barbara W
24. lelizer
I even cried when the Talyn Crichton died
Barbara W
25. XISCifi
I loved Farscape the whole way through. I have 3 sci-fi couples that just make me swoon: O'Neill and Carter from SG1 are my favorite. I ate up every longing gaze, how cute he was around her, and how every alternate version of themselves that they met were together. Close second is Crichton and Aeryn, third Valla and Daniel.
Barbara W
26. MikeyM
Farscape and Aeryn and John's romance are amazing. Such a great love story.
I always recommend this show to people and surprised so many don't know about it.
Barbara W
27. Dscross
Sorry to be horribly pedantic but Crichton didn't specialise in the study of wormholes. That was locked in his brain later I'm the series. In the pilot, he was trying to test a theory that you could use the atmosphere to go faster...or something like that. Going through the wormhole was just unlucky.
Barbara W
28. Syren are very right! Criichton was not working with wormholes in the begining. The Acients put wormhole tech in his head later in the show. In the pilot show he was only trying to prove his therory that the Earth's gravitational pull could be used to sling-shot his craft into space with much more speed than the his shuttle alone could produce. It just so happens that when his shuttle was slung out into space right at that exact moment a wormhole,that no one predicted by the way, just happen to open up and he was slung through it. Through the wormhole and into the middle of a space battle between the Peacekeepers and Moya,the escaped prison ship. I have watched that show so so many times I know it all by heart,lol! It is a wonderful show! Its such ashame that they discontinued it just as they did 'Firefly' another show that was unfairly disposed of....makes me want to scream just thinking about those two shows!!! They had so much potential, its pathetic!!! ?XO?
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