Oct 31 2011 3:00pm

Once Upon a Time Episode 2: Bitchfest!

Once Upon A Time’s Evil QueenEpisode 2 of Once Upon a Time brings us back to Storybrooke, Maine, the town inhabited by fairytale characters with a bad case of amnesia...

I agree with Natasha, who wrote about the beautiful scenery in I Want to Live in Storybrook: Once Upon A Time Episode 1—this series is beautiful to watch. It’s filled with lush sets, incredible costumes and a notable cast.

I was, however, really disappointed with this week’s show after last week’s deliciousness. It took an hour to get 15 minutes worth of information, and the script was really choppy. There was so much flipping about of time lines that I am going to hit only the high points.

I will henceforth refer to the Evil Queen as EQ.


The show opens with a shot of the clock tower; the clock is moving and the bell chimes. This causes a near seizure for EQ/Regina, while the rest of the town almost breaks out in song.

EQ/Regina shows up at the B&B with a basket of apples for Emma. She tells her it’s time to hit the road, enjoy the apples and go (right, like who’s going to accept an apple from the EQ?). Emma gets up in EQ’s face and puts the bad in badass, saying she’s not leaving and to get over herself.


After EQ makes her threats, she goes to her mirror to have a talk, and her father joins them. She says she has to go visit someone to get her curse back, but they beg her not to! She goes anyway (who here is surprised by that?). Cut to EQ and Maleficent having a chat about how hard life is for a baddie. M doesn’t want to hand the curse over, they fight (in a scene stolen directly from LOTR). It goes pretty bitchfest, and EQ wins. She leaves with the curse. M alludes to the fact that Snow White ruined EQ’s wedding day. Cut to EQ with a cast of evil baddies (giant, gnome, blind witch) who are helping her make the curse take shape.

Aaand we’re back in Storybrook where we see round two, three and four of Emma vs the EQ. Nothing really happens, they just posture a lot.Once Upon A Time

Emma goes to shrink Archie (Jiminy Cricket) who gives her Henry’s file in an obvious set-up. Minutes later, he is on the phone to EQ. Emma is arrested by the Sheriff, who incidentally, I think, is the Woodsman. Mary Margaret (Snow white) bails her out.

Pissed off as hell, Emma goes and cuts down part of EQ’s prized Apple trees. More bitchfest ensues.


Back to the curse—it seems it didn’t work, even with all those evil dudes around. EQ goes to talk to Rumpelstiltskin about it. Manic and spittle-ridden, he tells EQ that the curse will only work if she sacrifices something she really truly loves. That trying it with the heart of her prized steed was an insult, and she better prove herself if she wants the evil to take shape. "You know what you have to do,” he spits. He tells her that Snow’s unborn child (that’s Emma, by the way!) can break the curse, because all curses can be broken by something. In exchange for the information, he makes a deal with EQ that whenever he says “please,” she must fulfill his every need. She can never deny him. Without thinking she quickly agrees, at which point he laughs manically...oopsie, bad move, Queenie!

And in this corner...Back to StoryBrook where we see rounds five, six and seven of EQ vs Emma.  Honestly it’s starting to get silly at this point, and way too soap opera-ish.
Emma visits Mary Margaret/Snow White and they have a “talk.” It’s very mother daughter, and there are many veiled references to “ I feel I have known you before.”

Emma decides to leave town, Mary Margaret talks her out of it.


EQ goes to her father and tells him that in order to make the curse work, she needs to kill him and cut out his heart. He tries to talk her out of it, she waffles, but in the end does what any self-respecting Evil Bitch would do: yup, patricide.

EQ puts Dad’s heart in a cursed bonfire and the dark forces take shape. She places a rose on her father’s grave and we see his name: HENRY!!!!

Meanwhile in Storybrook, Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin pays EQ/Regina a visit. The tension builds, as Mr Gold reminds EQ that because of the state of things ( i.e.the curse), he is around to make her life hell. He refers to the fact that he actually orchestrated the return of Emma by getting the book to Henry. He never says anything outright, only veiled references and toothy smiles.

He brings up the name Henry and said what a fine name it is, once again reminding her of the power of a name. He is batshit crazy and it’s great! This was the best scene in the whole hour, and gave more information than the previous 35 had. Someone needs to have a chat with the scriptwriters.

When I asked fellow bloggess Natasha what she thought of the episode, she said “I want the Evil Queen’s office and stylist.” Me too, because the set and style of the show are the most exciting things about this series—Oh and Robert Carlyle, too.

What did you think?

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Stephanie Treanor
1. Streanor
My sincere aplogies for overlooking the HOTTT Sherif!! OMG he has an irish accent... SWOON.

Okay yes it wasn't as exciting as last week but its character building time. I couldnt be the only one jumping up and down during the Evil Queen show down. Malificant!! I thought it was brilliant that they are "friends"

The only thing that kind of confuses me is Henry.. now is he supposed to be the Evil Queens "father"? It doesnt seem right, the EQ's father seemed to be very faithful and doting to his daughter. After she literally ripped his heart out, is this his revenge against her? Or did she just name him after her father and the boy is a completely seperate character all together that has yet to be revealed?

Sorry if this is an obvious question.
Synde Korman
2. SyndeKorman
Streanor, not a obvious question at all. I wonder the same thing.. I am hoping it's her dad.. But how could that be? I guess time will tell...
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
My roommate and I were bummed to miss this last night--we'll have to catch up ASAP.
Synde Korman
4. SyndeKorman least catch the last 15 minutes.. its important..
5. anieva
I really enjoyed it. But I'm so used to DVDs now that I have a hard time sitting through commercials. It definitely keeps you hooked, though.

I was surprised that Emma felt comfortable talking in front of the doctor about her philosophy for fighting the mayor, ie, pretending she doesn't believe...He already betrayed Henry once.
Shiloh Walker
6. shiloh_walker
I thought it was awesome. As Streanor said, it's character building time...time to start building the world they let us glimpse. I'm dying to know more.
7. ChelseaMueller
You're right, Synde, it just wasn't as good as the first episode. Not bad, but not mind-blowing.

I hope that future episodes will do a better job balancing flashbacks. Just so little actually happened in this episode. You know?
8. Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin
I loved episode 2. Maybe not as flashy as episode 1, but still a solid story, and enough rich fantasy elements to keep me entertained. Plus, the HOT sherrif! Oh my...
There are some unanswered questions, as someone mentioned above, but that's part of the building mystery, isn't it? If they told us everything now, the story would be over. I'm okay with suspending my disbelief and waiting to see how they reveal everything.
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
@Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin -- My favorite shows are character-driven ones, so I am okay with a slow, organic build too. Shows that are all about plot often forget about consistent characterization, etc.
Natasha Carty
10. WickedLilPixie
I actually liked Epi 2 better then the 1st. I feel like I'm catching on quicker. I think EQ just named Henry after her father!
Saundra Peck
11. sk1336
I loved ep 2 just as much as ep 1...I think you need all the EQ vs Emma to get a feel for the building of the upcoming battles. It's all about the passions after all! And speaking of passion, that is one hot Sheriff!!!
12. BridgetMM
Loved this ep almost as much as the first one! Admittedly, the first one had me hooked with the Snow/Charming relationship--such a sucker for true lurve. :)

Henry is beyond adorable and I love seeing Emma struggle to build a relationship with him. EQ is also amazingly fun to root against!

Wondering what the story is with our Sheriff, other than being Storybrooke's resident hottie?
Synde Korman
13. SyndeKorman
Shiloh- thanks for stopping by..we'll see where it goes... I like character building too..I just don't feel I saw much..unless it was a flashback

Chels- I'm not giving up.. I just want more than posturing...I think that will come..and more Rumpy too of course..

Nat- I dunno I think Henry's name has power..Mr Gold took great care to mention it carefully.

sk1336- Oh I think the sherrif is the Woodsman...I like him too.. except the tie with the leather no!

BridgetMM- I think there is something "special " about Henry.. see above comment for my thoughts on Woodsman

Anieva- I was thinking the same thing.. it was slightly odd
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
Admittedly, the first one had me hooked with the Snow/Charming relationship--such a sucker for true lurve. :)

That was the biggest draw for me too.
15. slfoster01
ep 2 is 'time to settle into the story', ep 1 was throw everything in the air so we see what's there. i always wait for ep 2 before i decide if i'm stayin'. yup, i'm stayin'!

the henry-is-her-father thing- remember he begged her not to ; my theory is that he's back as her son to deny her what she wants most (kids/tweens are so good at contrariness), because he didn't deny her (parent her, tell her no) as her father. we'll see. oh, btw, thanks for pointing out the sherriff/woodsman connection; i hadn't yet put that together.
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