Oct 14 2011 8:13am

Oh, Antonio! Banderas Takes the Lead

Antonio Banderas first achieved international attention in Pedro Almodovar’s 1988 film, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, although the two Spaniards had been working together since Almodovar’s first film in 1982. And who can forget him in Madonna’s Truth or Dare?

His newest film, also directed by Almodovar, opens today. It’s called The Skin I Live In, and is definitely not a romance. Puss in Boots opens next week—no word yet if there’s smooching in it—so October is proving to be a good month for Banderas. Even if it’s not as romantic as we might like.

So we thought we’d step back to an earlier Banderas film to show you a clip of the tango from his 2006 release, Take the Lead. This is definitely a romantic moment.

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I know! Proof that you don't need actual doing it to be sexy.
Synde Korman
3. SyndeKorman
I love Almodovar and remember Banderas as the young geeky guy with glasses.. Turns out not so geeky.. He lives next door to someone I used to work for in the music biz, and Mr Banderas is the nicest guy ever...
he used to wave to me every morning as he took of on his motorcycle.
4. ksb36
Meh. His Latin Lover schtick is wearing very thin these days.
6. BrooklynShoeBabe
I Antonio Banderas since 1990 when I was taking freshman Spanish at 8:30 a.m. in college. There were 5 girls and 1 boy. One of the ways our professor thought we could learn the language if we heard and saw the actions, so he brought in El Matador (sp?) with Banderas. We were all sipping our coffees trying to stay awake and following the film when all of a sudden Antonio comes on the screen. Every single woman in the room including the assistant female professor, popped up and sighed. We all paid attention from then all out, and our professor continued to bring in all of Banderas' Spanish movies.

Something about him being married to Melanie Griffith (sp? sucked a lot of the sexiness out of him. :-/
7. Grace S
We all have a "type" we prefer or consider our personal ideal, but some hotness transends preferences. I'm fairly certain that if Antonio Banderas does make you squirm in your chair even a little, you must be either lesbian or dead, possibly both.
8. Larisa
One of my all time favorite movie dance scenes.
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