Oct 5 2011 9:18am

Mudflap Girl...Reading!

You know how you’ve always wished you could have your own iconic silhouette for both on- and off-road? Maybe you’ve spotted those eighteen-wheelers tooling down the highway with that chick sitting sideways on the protective flaps on the tires? And then demanded, ’where is my highway icon?’

Mudflap Girl is here...and she is reading!

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1. TaraGel
Pretty sure that Mae Whitman's character on Parenthood had this reading mudflap girl as her car air freshner last night! Heh.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
@WickedLilPixie--I think Synde tweeted she bought one yesterday, after seeing this. I want one, too, even tho I'm a wee bit old to rock the hipster chic stuff.
Natasha Carty
6. WickedLilPixie
I can't find any info on Canada shipping, their FAQ is 500 Error. UGH! I want the one with the black sleeves. And NO you are not too old, puhlease!
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