Oct 25 2011 11:11am

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Optioned by the CW?

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison[ETA: It’s on! Both are in fact in development. Check out the deal report at Deadline.]

...And yet another paranormal romance/urban fantasy series is taking to the small screen: It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but early reports say that the CW has bought the rights to Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series to develop into a series, as well as Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly series. Smallville’s Jordan Hawley has written the script for The Hollows, and serves as executive producer.

With The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Gossip Girl, and now these two projects, The CW appears to have the lock on turning YA/PNR series into television; could we point them to our post Made for Each Other: YA Series That Should Be Television Shows?

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April Cabrera
1. Squeaks1977
It's funny. I do like True Blood and Blood Ties, BUT I have to admit that I really don't like them taking my favorite books and putting them into movies or shows. I just feel that my imagination is way better than they could portray it on the big screen. If you think about it many books that were turned into TV shows and movies, about 98% of the time the book is far better. I remember when I saw Kiss the Girls, though not a PNR, I like James Patterson, and they fubar'd that movie big time. I mean they killed off the killer and made it totally someone else. I was in the movie theater like WTH! LOL Well I will still check them out if they decide to make them but I can honestly say the books will always be better to me no matter what. :-)
2. dhc
I would not consider the Hollows paranormal romance. Its plain urban fantasy, not a whole lot of romance in the books, in my opinion. Rachel is pretty much single for most of the books and there hasn't really been an actual love interest since Kisten. Its not the focus of the books anyway. I'm only commenting because if you call it PNR and someone who hasn't read the series thinks they might like to check out this show (if it is ever made) and expects some vampire romance, they will be disappointed. Sorry if my comment comes off as a little nitpicky, I'm not trying to make it seem like that. And I think its great news if it is true. The Hollows are great books.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@Squeaks1977: I agree, I don't like it when some casting person tells me what so-and-so should look like.

@dhc--good point, I changed the post to say PNR/UF, since there are romantic elements (even tho I'm not caught up with the series!). Not nitpicky at all, btw. But I bet if it does go to TV, the love interest stuff will be increased.
Natasha Carty
4. WickedLilPixie
@DHC - I think she meant Unearthly. ;)

Megan, I don't know how I feel about this. I really don't know.
5. dhc
@MFrampton - I definitely agree that they will increase the romantic elements if the tv show is made. That's the thing that bugs me the most when they make books into tv shows or movies, I hate that they change the story. But I understand it is necessary most of the time. I just hope that they stay true to the character from the novel. And I figure turning a book into a tv show is good for the series and the author because it may get people who did not know a series existed to read those books. Anything that gets more people to read books is a good thing, in my opinion. But as a fan of books I generally know to keep my expectations low, because the book is almost always better than the tv show/movie.
Marilyn Armstrong
6. teepee12
I agree. This isn't a romance series, not even close. Urban fantasy, maybe to a degree even police procedural, in an unearthly way. I hate it being trivialized ... I think it's one of the best written book series in this genre ever and I've read so many of them. This is far more sophisticated and complex that any of the others I've read. And I should add: I read a LOT.
Marilyn Armstrong
7. teepee12
I should add that my biggest fear is that they will ignore the essence of the books and do that Hollywood thing where they use the characters (sort of) and the general plotline (sort of) and then proceed to do whatever they think will "sell." It usually doesn't sell and not to put too fine a point on it, such shows are usually a massive disappointment to anyone who actually liked the originals. Until Peter Jackson finally did it justice, Lord of the Rings had been mutilated. It's been the fate of way too many good books over the years.
Tori Benson
Hmmm...on the fence with this one. I like True Blood but it really veered fromthe book and that irritated me.

A lot of The Hollows series is action, mystery and emotional nuances. While it translates well on paper-not sure how that will work on film.
As long as they don't go the Nora Roberts route-I swear all her film adaptions are a complete 180 from her books.
April Cabrera
9. Squeaks1977
@ Torifl...I agree! Everytime it's made into a movie or T.V. series they totally change it. Example the Twilight movies. I read the books and there is a lot of stuff they either left out or changed. Though I'm not a HUGE fan of Stephenie Meyer I hate they did change up the books. Sometimes I will even wait reading the book and watch the movie first that way I'm not so disappointed with the movie. LOL

@teepee12... LOL I read a lot too! I read about 5-10 novels a month. Everyone knows to get me a gift card to a bookstore for Christmas and Birthdays. LOL I'm addicted to reading. After my day is done I will lay down for bed and spend at least 2-3 hours reading at night. If I'm not busy during the day I'm always carrying a book with me to get reading in if I'm waiting in line or just have a quiet moment. :-)
Jessica Turner
10. TheSpinecracker
I'm a ball of nerves. This series is still maybe my all-time favorite, and I'm worried that they'll ruin it/cheap'n it/not get the characters right. I know I don't HAVE to watch it if it's all wrong, but you know that's not gonna happen.
11. Tiah
I think it is exiciting. Yeah, it would suck if they screw it up but if they do it right? Oh man. It is a deserving series to have the attention it is getting and for it to have a chance to be shown to people who are not interested in the books.
12. EvangelineHolland
I'm curious to see how they'll develop a romance--I hate Nick, and Kisten wasn't around enough to really like. Perhaps they'll play up Trent and Rachel's hate/hate-like-grudging respect relationship into one of love/hate.
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