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An Imperfect World: Kim Harrison’s The Hollows, and The Hollows Insider, out Today!

The Hollows Insider by Kim Harrison

He sighed. “You want to live in your church, going about your life as if you’re like everyone else.”


“You aren’t. And because of that, someday you’re probably going to find yourself in a position where your choices will have an impact far beyond what you see right now. And when that happens, I want you to remember what it’s like to ride through the woods on horseback under a night sky with no moon and nothing stronger than you are. I want you to know so you will fight for it. So that my children will know of it. You have to keep the demons where they are, Rachel. No one else can do it. You won’t fight for us unless you know. Let me show you what you’re fighting for.”

Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series (also known as the Rachel Morgan series) is one of the top selling urban fantasies series to date and with good cause (and see the news that it’s been optioned by the CW as a series). Out today is The Hollows Insider:

In the Hollows, the supernatural Inderlanders rule, and humanity must abide by their conventions, or else.

To survive among vampires, witches, Weres, gargoyles, trolls, fairies, and banshees—to say nothing of demons—humanity needs a guide. And now, written by Kim Harrison herself, here is an insider’s look at the supernatural world of the Hollows, from an overarching new story to character profiles, maps, spell guides, charm recipes, secret correspondence from the elusive Trent Kalamack, and much more.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim HarrisonAppealing to readers of all ages and genres, Harrison’s unique blend of sharp wit and imagination has created an alternative world filled with never-ending magic and mayham. The first book, Dead Witch Walking, was released in 2004. Filled with intriguing suspense, non-stop action, smoking hot romances, and biting humor, this intense character-driven series continues to enchant readers well into her tenth book, A Perfect Blood, which releases February 21, 2012.

All the titles (except the first one) are based on similar titles of Clint Eastwood films. There are currently nine full-length novels and six stories, and Harrison recently posted on her blog (5/2011) that her contract has been extended for 12, and perhaps even 13, books.

Our protagonist, Rachel Morgan, is a detective/witch who lives in an alternative version of Cincinnati. Told in the first-person, we get a front row seat as Rachel battles threats both mundane and supernatural in origin. The series also follows Rachel’s relationships with her partners and best friends, Ivy, a living vampire and Jinx, a pixy, as well as her interesting if not jinxed relationships with the males in her life. Rachel exists in a convoluted world where a virus wipes out a large part of humanity (thanks to tainted tomatoes!), leaving the supernaturals to emerge and seize large areas of power. Rachael and her roommate Ivy used to work for the IS (Interlander Security), but are now freelance, finding and apprehending supernatural law breakers. The continuous arc tells of battles and the eventual war coming and the individual struggles Rachel faces concerning her background, magic, and the people in her life. Each story features a resolving main conflict and clues to the next book. Here’s who you need to know to get started in The Hollows:

For a Few Demons More by Kim HarrisonRachel Morgan: A witch detective whose capture of a leprechaun enables her to gain herself and her friends independence from the IS and start their own company, Vampiric Charms, a freelance runner service. Insecure about herself, Rachel has a tendency to jump first and ask questions later which lands her in some pretty dangerous predicaments, but by luck or wisdom, she comes out relatively unscathed.  She has recently started using black magic, but only as a defense against those who seek to harm her and her friends. She lives in an abandoned church with her best friends, Ivy Tamwood, Jenks, and a teenage gargoyle named Bis.

Ivy Tamwood: A beautiful and powerful bisexual vampire, Ivy is part owner of Vampiric Charms. Torn between her vampire nature and her love for Rachel, Ivy is somewhat distant and brittle. She has always loved Rachel, but fears the outcome if they are a couple because of Ivy’s entwined relationship with blood and sex. Ivy will do anything to protect Rachel and Jenks, even kill. Ivy also has to deal with her masters who are not hesitant to threaten Rachel and Jenks to make Ivy do their bidding.

Jenks: A pixy who has been partners with Rachel for years. He followed her from IS, and now lives with his wife and 54 kids in her backyard. A comedic character, he is Rachel’s friend, protector, and the little voice in her ear that screams, “No!!!!” He hates Trent Kalamack with a passion.

Trenton Aloysius Kalamack: A purebred elf whose father helped Rachel when she was dying as a child. A handsome, wealthy man who wants to reconstruct the fertility of the elven race. Never without his bodyguard Quen, he and Rachel have a love/hate relationship that often ends with one of them being tossed in jail—or worse. Often referred to as “You little cookie cutter” by Jenks.

Pale Demon by Kim HarrisonAlgaliarept: Often referred to as Al, this 5,000 year old demon is forever trying to trick and manipulate people into serving as slaves in his world, the Ever After. Often appearing as a tall, good looking British man with a taste for high tea, there aren’t many who haven’t had some dealings with him. A series of events led Rachel to apprentice herself to him. He is currently teaching her black (demon) magic.

So please, come join me in the Hollows. Rachel would love for you to stay at her church while you’re here. Jenks promises his children will be on their very best behavior. *snicker* We’ll enjoy some pizza at Piscary’s, and a ride on on one of the riverboats. Maybe even a tour of the Ever After, but please be careful. No matter what Al offers you...just say no. Ivy’s a little grumpy but she doesn’t bite; well, not hard anyways. So stop by, play some pool, and learn why The Hollows are America’ number one supernatural hot spot.

Below is a list, in chronological order, of the novels in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series:

1. Dead Witch Walking. (2004) Possibly based on Tim Robbin’s 1995 movie-Dead Men Walking.
2. The Good, The Bad, and the Undead (2005) Possibly based on Eastwood’s The Good The Bad and the Ugly.
3. Every Which Way But Dead (2005) Possibly based on Eastwood’s Every Which Way but Loose
4. A Fistful of Charms (2006) Possibly based on Eastwood’s A Fistful of Dollars
5. For a Few Demons More (2007) Possibly based on Eastwood’s For a Few Dollars More
6.The Outlaw Demon Wails (2008) Possibly based on Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales
7. White Witch, Black Curse (2009) Possibly based on Eastwood’s White Hunter Black Heart
8. Black Magic Sanction (2010) Possibly based on Eastwood’s The Eiger Sanction
9. Pale Demon (2011) Possibly based on Eastwood’s Pale Rider
10. A Perfect Blood (2012) Possibly based on Eastwood’s A Perfect World


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Smash Attack
1. Smash Attack
I need the Insider something fierce. And I had NO idea it was optioned by the CW! SQUEEEE!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Smash Attack: I just finished reading White Witch, Black Curse (like, yesterday), and I am really growing to love the series. It'll be interesting to see what they do with a screen adaptation.
3. EvangelineHolland
I had no idea it was optioned either! I've followed Harrison's series from day one, and find it the most consistent UF series out there.
Synde Korman
4. SyndeKorman
I love the Hallows books so much.. I giggled when I saw an interoffice membo to Trent from Jonathon that started with S'ahan..but truthfully past that I was disappointed. I was homping for more insight, less "stuff..
Ah well... can't wait for the Next Hallows book!
Marcela Fandino
5. BookaholicCat
The Hollows is one of my favorite series and I love Jenks with passion, I think he is the best sidekick ever.
Please don't invite me to play pool... I have tears on my eyes just thinking about that table. *cries*
I'm not sure about "The Hollows" TV series, but it's just my personal opinion.
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