Oct 10 2011 11:57am

Karen Marie Moning’s Iced out Oct. 30, 2012!

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningFor those of us who were so sad to read the final pages in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series—buck up, little Barrons fans! On her Facebook page, Moning has just announced that Iced, featuring Dani O’Malley, will be released October 30th, 2012.

Because Dani is sure to run into Mac and Barrons, right? And will, of course, get into her own kind of trouble. Are you excited to return to the Fever world? Or do you think these additional books just can’t be as good as the ones before?

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Eliza March
2. Eliza March
Looking forward to it :)
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I think it'll be interesting to see if Moning can sustain our interest in this world without the total superhot sexy of Barrons. And I don't think I wanna see Dani getting her sexy on, but folks on Twitter have assured me that it's kind of a YA book.
Eliza March
4. Spaz
Man, I just didn't like Dani. I'm still going to try it out though :P
Danielle Monsch
5. DanielleMonsch
I don't know, I have a natural desire to want to like anyone named Dani... :)
Eliza March
6. *Doe*
It will defintly be interesting. Dani was always a character that I liked despite everything in the last book. I think the books will showcase a redeeming quality about her. I defintly can't wait to see who her love intrest will be and also if maybe she grows up (physically, as in its her pov a few years after the walls come down). Either way I'm defintly excited.
Eliza March
7. sol
Pfft, Dani needed to die in a fire.
Regina Thorne
8. reginathorn
OK, so I hadn't read any of the narrative from Dani's voice when you first posted this but ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I could barely get through a couple of chapters in her voice, because I couldn't stop thinking about how she didn't a) sound Irish; b) sound like a teenager; c) NO ONE, but NO ONE, calls someone a "blimey feck." (That might be the single most irritating thing about those books for me :P)

Pass unless it's all told in the third person!
Eliza March
9. SharonD
don't know about Dani- I just fell hard for Barrons and Mac-was hoping to continue their story in the future or a different realm...
Eliza March
10. Jayne T
Dani is the shiz - this is going to be awesome!
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