Oct 11 2011 8:03am

Framed! Choosing the Right Pair of Glasses

Jezebel posted this clip, and while there’s no romance per se, there is the romance between a woman and her glasses—which those of us who are vision-impaired can empathize with (and we have done a post on The Better To See You With, My Dear: Glasses-Wearing Romance Heroines).

Plus—are these some of the craziest frames you’ve ever seen, or what?

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Myretta Robens
1. Myretta
Love it! Especially "the subtlety of modern design." I totally want the Mr. Spock glasses or maybe the one-sided diamante to go with my chandelier earrings for a night on the town. Truth be told, I love buying glasses frames and have been known to get two pair when I only need one. But, I must say, my optician needs to work on his sweeping hand movements.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Myrettta, I used to have vintage frames that I loved, and want some more, but am not sure how TRI-focals (!) will work in them. Some of the frames in that clip are too outre even for me!
K.M. Jackson
3. kwanawrites
I love this so much. Those handles are fabulous and the diamonte is wow!
Louise Partain
4. Louise321
Sorry I was raised in the era of plastic whoopie glasses and they always slid down my nose. Still do!

If you are into that kind of beauty thing you check out what one beauty label did to models to promote their cleansing cream:
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