Oct 3 2011 4:00pm

Boy Meets Dead Girl: The Awesomeness of Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare BlakeBack in August, a pretty amazing book came out. That book was Anna Dressed in Blood and you should be reading it right now.  

There have been few books that I have really obsessed over, don’t get me wrong, I have favorites, but I can count on one hand the amount of books that have completely blown me away. Anna Dressed in Blood is one of those books.

You see, this particular story is about a guy and a girl. An almost typical story, that I am sure we have all probably heard before. I may even go so far as to call these two star-crossed. And when I say star-crossed, I don’t mean lamely belonging to two feuding family’s like some fictional Hatfields and McCoys; they are as star-crossed as two folks can be.

First off, we have Cas, short for Cassius. How does one explain Cas? You know those Winchester boys that chase around goulies and goblins on Supernatural? Well, Cas would be a Winchester if they had a slightly younger brother. What does Cas do? Why, he does what his father did, kills ghosts with a magic knife that only his family can wield properly. A few years ago, Cas’s father got done in by a big bad ghost, and since then he has been training against, and killing lesser ghosts, knowing that one day he will be strong enough to avenge his dad. And lately he is thinking he is ready for the big leagues, which leads him to...

Anna. Anna is a lot like any other girl, ignoring the whole “dressed in blood” thing she gots going. She is from a European family, she has a wee bit of an anger problem, but it is nothing that major. She just happens to be a ghost haunting the house in which she was brutally murdered. Anna isn’t one of those Casper-type love spirits either. She is an all-out, trespasser eviscerating, bad-ass ghost from hell.

 Cas wants to kill Anna, knowing that she is pretty powerful, and knowing that she will be the big test before he can go after the big bad that killed his dad. But the thing is, Cas doesn’t seem to want to kill Anna, and Anna, for some reason, doesn’t go all eviscerate-y when it comes to the obviously trespassing ghost-hunting Cas.

Cas Swiftly becomes obsessed with finding out what made Anna, Anna. And Anna begins to recapture what life could be like, or would have been like, had she not been killed. There is only one problem: Ghosts aren’t meant to hang around our world and there are always bigger, and less pretty ghosts out there to deal with.

I don’t want to say any more for risks of spoiling, but it’s incredibly awesome. Ok it gets a bit violent, and a lot dark, but it is worth every spine-tingling, up-all-night, sleeping with the lights on, inducing page.

Do you have a favorite boy/girl-meets-ghost story?


Christopher Morgan works for and He lives in New York City, and belives that real men read romance, as long as the romance has killer ghosts that is...

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
You know, I had serious reservations at first about the possibility of Anna/Cas, but by the end I was on board. It's very twisted, but so good! I look forward to seeing where Blake goes with the sequel...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
This is so totally a book I would never pick up, but I am convinced. Add it to the towering TBR.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@MFrampton -- Believe me, I know what you mean; I'm not much into horror. But it's really well done.
Rachel Hyland
4. RachelHyland

Love, love, love this. And I, too, am not so much the horror girl. I'll admit, I had to read big parts of this only in the daytime... and even then with the lights on. 'Cause, you know. Kind of a scaredy cat. But what I really loved here was the unexpected sweetness of the tale, and a real lyrical quality to the prose. It's a gem.

By the way: Sam and Dean do have a younger brother on Supernatural. (Half-brother, anyway.) His name is Adam, and he is currently locked in Lucifer's cage as the body in which the Archangel Michael met his Winchester-y end in the finale of Season 5. Just sayin'...

Oh, and favorite boy/girl-meets-ghost story? The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, probably. Followed closely by Being Human. (Although I suppose that's werewolf and vampire meeting ghost, and then not falling in love with her...) Just Like Heaven?
Christopher Morgan
5. cmorgan
Sorry a little behind on my supernatural, but it was the only other reference I could make besides "Male Buffy Summers"

Apparently on yesterday they had an article about Ghosts being the new vampires, I just have a hard time seeing it.

They good news is I belive that there is a sequel planned for Anna...
6. sofrina
comparing it to supernatural is very apt. i would describe cas as 'dean winchester if he'd been an only child.' and it was a fantastic read. the thing is that it includes so many different types of supernatural in the one story: ghosts, poltergeists, demons, possession, hoodoo. And the story is so tight.
rachel sternberg
7. rae70
another one to add to my library list.. gosh, they must think i'm demented...
romance reader
8. bookstorecat
If nothing else, it has a great title. You had me at Sam&Dean, actually. Downloading sample to nook now.
9. ReaderCarolyn
One of my favorite girl-meets-ghost pair are found in Alice Kimberly/Cleo Coyle's Haunted Bookshop mystery series. You have single mom & bookshop-owner Penelope McClure and ghost Jack Shepard, a P.I. who was killed in the bookshop's building in 1949, awakened when construction starts. Yeah, he's a ghost, and she's corporeal, but they make a great detecting team, and every now and again, they spend time together in her dreams.
10. ReaderCarolyn
"One of...pairs is..." Added those first two words at the last minute and threw my sentence all out of agreement. I wanted to leave the possiblity that another pairing would pop into my head. That's what I get for not using 'Preview Comment' judiciously.
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