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True Blood Season 4, Episode 12: Don’t Bury Me ’Cause I’m Not Dead Yet

Anna Paquin as Sookie in True BloodAfter watching the season finale, I really want to discuss the last scene first. But we don’t do it like that over here, so bear with me. I know you are all frothing to get to that ending, just like I am.

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (sorry, Sound of Music moment). Lafayette and Jesus are sitting on the deck talking over breakfast, while really Jesus is, and Marnie is listening. Jesus is saying he shouldn’t have brought Lafayette into the coven and that he wants them both to live a magic free-life. He tells Lafayette to eat his breakfast and Lafayette/Marnie dips a fork into her egg yolk and stabs Jesus in the hand! Egg yolk already makes me ill thanks to Dexter, way to go True Blood. If I eat another egg anytime soon....


After the show theme, we have Sookie in the kitchen where she has a vision of Gran laying on the floor. Tara comes in and they reminisce about Gran, then Sookie confesses that during her reading with Marnie, Gran came to her and said to stay away from Eric. And that she feels like Gran is still around them right now.

Sam in True BloodThen we have Sam standing over Tommy’s grave when Maxine comes to place flowers. They have a little heart to heart about Tommy, Maxine ends the convo telling Sam to call her Mom and that she’d be over later with a pork rind casserole. Eww again. Stop with the killing of the foods.

Meanwhile, Jason is in his truck talking to himself in the mirror about what a good person he is, then steps out to talk to Hoyt. Jason has the nerve to say my least favorite word, “moist,” and proceeds to tell Hoyt he slept with Jessica. After Hoyt busts a gut laughing, Jason finally convinces him that he really did sleep with her. Hoyt asks “How?” and Jason being Jason proceeds to tell him all the positions they had sex in. Hoyt punches Jason, and says “HOW could you do this to me, not HOW many positions did they do it in.” He then proceeds to kick the shit out of Jason. GO HOYT!

Jesus in True BloodBack at Lafayette and Jesus, Marnie has Jesus tied to a chair. Jesus is trying to convince Marnie to leave, Lafayette doesn’t deserve this. She says she’ll leave, but she wants something: namely, all of Jesus’s magic. Jesus tells her, “You can’t trade magic like fucking Pokémon cards” <—-line of the night right there, but he finally agrees. That’s when shit gets weirder, then weird, he starts to chant and brings forth the demon—at which point, Marnie stabs him in the chest. Jesus whispers “I’m sorry” to Lafayette.

At Merlotte’s, it’s Halloween and Sookie goes in to see Sam. Having no idea that it’s Halloween, Sookie almost pees herself when Arlene and Terry are dressed as Zombies. Arlene says “Don’t you know, zombies are the new vampire?” I admit, I giggled. Arlene also lets Sookie know that Tommy is dead, so Sook rushes back to Sam. After giving her condolences, Sam realizes Tommy fired Sookie but for some reason doesn’t let her know that, he just says he had an off day and rehires her. After making her don bunny ears for Halloween.

Alcide and Sookie in True BloodAlcide happens to be in the bar and tells Sookie that he broke up with Debbie for good, and that Sookie should be with him. Sookie, if you don’t take him up on his offer, I have a line-up of ladies who are up to the challenge. He ends up getting a call and having to go check one of his construction sites. When he gets there, he finds a hole in the parking lot and silver chains. Looks like Russell Edington has broken out!

Also inside the bar, Arlene’s daughter is dressed like Janelle from Teen Mom 2, which totally made me cackle loudly. Sam introduces Emma, Luna’s daughter, to Arlene and Terry’s kids. Then Terry hears someone call him Private, turns around and it’s his old Marine buddy Patrick (Noel from Felicity). Arlene already looks like she doesn’t like him. Wonder what’s up with that?

Later that night, Arlene takes out the trash and meets the ghost of Rene. He tells her that he loved her and the baby, but warns her that Terry is bringing trouble with the ghosts of his past and then says “run.” I’m guessing this has something to do with Patrick’s arrival.

Tara goes to check on Lafayette and Jesus, and when she arrives the door is open a crack. She walks in and screams, Jesus is dead in a chair. *sniffle* I’m still angry about that, but we’ll revisit that later.

Outside Merlotte’s, Holly scares Sookie (gosh, she’s jumpy isn’t she?). Holly lights a joint and tells Sook she is anxious on Samhain (Halloween), she also tells her about witches and how the veil is thin. They both agree they have a bad feeling about things, when Tara drives up and tells them Jesus is dead and Marnie has possessed Lafayette. They take off and try to reach Bill and Eric, but realize Marnie has gotten to them first.

Bill and Eric in True BloodEric and Bill indeed have been tied up, a la Antonia’s fire death, and are complaining to each other that neither will call Pam or Jess for the sake of pride.

When the girls pull up to Bill’s, they find both vamps, but when they rush over, Lafayette/Marnie comes out. Tara tries to reason with Marnie, but she won’t listen and sets the vampires on fire. While all of them distract Marnie, Holly sets a salt circle around the vamps and joins hands with Tara and Sookie to begin a spell that brings all the dead out of their graves.

Marnie’s sister is the first one out and stops the fire, saying that all creatures in life serve their purpose, even vampires. Then out comes Gran and she reaches into Lafayette’s mouth and yanks the bitch Marnie out! Finally, out comes Antonia and she is the voice of reason that Marnie listens too. Gran and Sookie have a moment, Sookie breaks down crying and all the ghosts return to their graves. Tara is the first to run to check on Lafayette, who starts to stir when Eric clears his throat. “Hello, we’re feeling a little crispy over here.”

We get a scene of Little Red Riding Hood running through the forest, only to realize it’s Jess as she knocks on Jason’s door. She sees his face and asked what happened:

“If Hoyt jumps outta that cloak, I’mma knock him the fuck out”

That brought the loudest laugh of the night for me, so unexpected. Anyways, Jason tells her that he told Hoyt about them, they have sex and then Jason has the most intelligent conversation in his True Blood history. Long story short, Jess doesn’t want commitment because she just got out of her first relationship. No surprise there. When Jess finally leaves, a knock sounds at the door. Jason thinks its Jess, but shocker....Rev. Newland, and he’s got fangs!

At Fangtasia, Pam comes in looking for Eric and the waitress that’s always there but to my recollection still has no name, says Sookie was looking for him as well. That sets Pam off, asking what it is about Sookie and her Fairy Vagina that has turned Eric this way. How he’s left her because of someone named Sookie. She ends up a puddle of vampires tears being rocked by the waitress.

Back at Sookie’s, Tara is talking with Lafayette about Jesus. How he didn’t kill him and they would get through this together. Hmph. Lafayette eventually falls asleep, only to be woken up by the ghost of Jesus, who tells him it wasn’t his fault and that everything is only temporary. Jesus is cool with how things went, Lafayette asks how he is going to deal without him. Jesus says just keep breathing and as a medium Jesus will always be with him.

Over at Bill’s, Sookie is double feeding Bill on one arm and Eric on the other. After feeding, she ends up telling both vampires that she can’t be with them, that it wouldn’t be fair and how this is the best choice for them. She loves them both and can’t pick, it’s not right. Eric looks all smug until that comes out of her mouth.

For some reason, Andy and Holly get a minute and patch things up. Andy confesses he was a drug addict and wants to try again. Holly ends up asking for a hug because after the night she’s had she needs one. Fade to black. Where’s the fairy?

Sam is saying goodbye to Luna at his house, he asks her to stay and she says it’s not good for Emma yet. As she is pulling out, Sam hears a noise. When he turns there is a black wolf behind him. I have no idea who it is.....

Nan shows up at Bill’s house with her security team, Eric makes a comment that they look like gay storm troopers. Ahem, offensive much? Anyway, Bill tells her Marnie is dead and Nan really doesn’t give a shit because she’s been fired from the AVL and the Authority. She says there is a true death warrant out on all their heads and they should form a mutiny against them. She makes some comment to Bill, and BAM! her guards are dead, then BAM! she’s dead. Bill killed her.

Sookie goes home and is rummaging through the fridge calling for Tara to see if she’s still awake. She hears a noise and turns thinking its Tara, surprise, it’s Debbie Pelt with a gun. Everything happens really fast, but the end result is the same. Debbie shoots Tara, Sookie shoots Debbie. The final scene is Sookie rocking Tara while screaming for help.

Tara and Sookie in True BloodNow, I am right pissed people. PISSED. It was one thing to kill Jesus, it made sense to me but to kill Tara, oh HELL NO. Why do the minorities in this series always get killed? Eggs anyone? Even in the books it’s the same, so I should have saw this coming. I know, two deaths were not minorities but when you kill off one of your two gay characters and then two of your minorities, I get a little issued with it. I really didn’t think they would kill off Tara, and who knows, maybe they didn’t but she did get shot in the head if I saw correctly.

See, this series has always tried to make the vampires the outsiders, dealing with prejudice. But doing this and having Eric make a comment about “gay” storm troopers irritated the hell out of me.

There were also way too many ends left loose; where the hell did the fairy go? Why introduce a new character and bring back two old characters? I think last week’s episode would have been a better season finale, but hey, that’s just me.

What did you all think? Am I insane to be irritated? Did you love it? Was there overkill with SEVEN deaths in one episode? My biggest question: Are you going to watch next season?

*poor Tara* yes, I’m still upset.


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Ren Thompson
1. renthewriter
As much as Tara irriated me, I can't see them getting rid of her. I think that would be too much for Sookie :(
I am so beyond done with them killing off Jesus! What the hell for? I feel so bad for Lala :(
Why the hell did they kill off Nan? Who the hell is Bill going to fight with? I can't wait to see Russell and the $hit he's going to bring, lol
I missed that comment about the gay storm-troopers but that's just wrong, no matter how many ways you cut it.
I don't know what the deal is with that fairy in the woods with Andy.
Oh and the waitress's name is Ginger ;)
The next season is going to be something else :)
Amanda Bonilla
2. Amanda Bonilla
This episode irritated me as well. I was already on the fence with this season because I wanted the Sookie/Eric relationship to mirror the book more closely. I mean, what was up with that scene a few episodes back where they were all high on each other's blood?? I really wanted the Debbie scene to be better. And WHY is Tara always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Since the writers seem to enjoy torturing her, I have a feeling Eric or Bill will come to the rescue and save Tara by making her a vampire. That would really amp up her personal drama, wouldn't it? I agree with you on the minority issue. It seemed in the beginning, the show was geared toward shedding light on discrimination and balancing out the cast to show a wide variety of lifestyles/ethnicities. Now, though, I can see the variety slowly being washed away. And I refuse to continue watching if this show is going to boil down to a three-way between Sookie, Eric, and Bill. Okay, maybe I'll watch... but I won't like it! ;)
Amanda Bonilla
3. Jen at Red Hot Books
I have never liked Tara on this show. Never. From day one she has rubbed me wrong: too bitchy, too angry, and later too damaged. Like you, I never dreamed they would kill her, but I cheered when she went down.

I was sad about Jesus. I love, love, love Lafayette and I cried when he cried as Jesus disappeared at the end. I don't feel like they singled out the characters who they killed off because they are minorities. The show saved Lafayette at the end of the first season and elevated his character to so much more than he ever was in the books. And it is one of the very few changes Alan Ball made that I was ever happy with. Lafayette is strong and proud and comfortable in his skin and I can't imagine the show without him. I think they killed Jesus as a catalyst for change and growth in Lafayette's character in the future.

As for Tara, I'm not even really sure she is dead. (I'm only hoping.)

I was so excited to see Rene! It was so unexpected! And I loved what they did with the ghosts in the cemetery. Oh!! And Hoyt kicking Jason's ass was epic. (He sooo deserved it. And great line about him having something missing inside.)

I thought a return of Steve Newlin was stupid. I hated his first story arc and was glad to have him gone. Ditto on the fairies. And Sookie's "I choose me" decision ala Kelly on 90210 --made me gag. Unless it will get her into bed with Alcide next season. I could live with that.
Natasha Carty
4. WickedLilPixie
@ Ren - Welcome to the bunch! Thank you I didn't know if they named her or if I named her in my head! LOL @ Amanda -I'm glad it's not me over analyzing it, at first I was like "oh they saved Lafayette" because he doesn't last long in the books. But now I'm going what the hell is the point when you kill them off?! @Jen - I hated what they made Tara, but she so didn't deserve to die! I would have been okay with her dying if Jesus didn't. But damn! Sooo hoping that Rene sticks around, I loved him even if he's nuts. And I sooo hate Newlin.
Brittany Melson
5. BrittanyMelson
Two things about the finale made me really annoyed--the return of Newlin and Edgington. I'm tired of those characters, and I'm not looking forward to their return next season. As for the Sookie/Bill/Eric situation, she said she wanted to be sitting on her porch with her grandkids, and I'm thinking that's not going to happen with vampires. Am I wrong? I'd love to see her with hot-blooded Alcide next season, but the whole storyline's kind of reminding me of Anita Blake and Merry Gentry and their inability to pick just one man. There were also SO many loose ends--like Jason and the panthers. Would Crystal really have just given up on him once she found out she wasn't pregnant? It doesn't make any sense. As for Jesus/Lafayette, I was sad that he died. And the demon really creeped me out. Lafayette's going to struggle to control all that magic inside of him. Also, why did Marnie get the promise of a happy afterlife? No matter how much she suffered and felt like an outcast, she wasn't a sympathetic character, IMO. She was evil. There's so much more I could say, but I'm just sad that I have to wait another year to get some more True Blood.
6. ChelseaMueller
Oh, I'm totally hoping Tara is gone. She drives me nuts.

I don't think it's the common "kill off the minorities" thing -- after all, they kept Lafayette, when he died in the books long ago. The Jesus/Lafayette storyline had run its course. While I liked him, his death moved plot forward. Lafayette can't progress as a character if they keep him in a happy relationship for two seasons, and now with Jesus' magic, he's going to be forced to deal with magical aspects instead of avoiding them. And he may have to do some of that solo, which maybe will give us an introspective Lala?

Tara, on the otherhand, I don't think they actually killed, but I really hope so. I'm just over her whining. They just put her in shitty situations over and over to get beat down and then throw a fit, stab Sookie in the back and then have them do another BFF make up. Just over it.

HOWEVER, I want to know how it is that neither of the vampires next door came running as Sookie is on the floor with Tara screaming. Both Eric and Bill can feel her pain, and presumably hear her. So, boys, where the hell were you?

In the books Eric is actually there when Debbie Pelt is killed, and then buries the body. They're certainly taking a different route here, so I'm not sure how the Debbie Pelt death story line will play out. But I'm curious.
Natasha Carty
7. WickedLilPixie
@ Britney - I agree with you on soo many points! What the heck happened to the panthers, where did the fairy go and Sookie so isn't going to be able to have were kids cause Alcide said to Debbie he didn't want kids! So again, WTH! @ Chelsea - I disagree on the minority thing because Charlaine Harris does the same thing in all of her books, any character that is a minority she kills off. It's always been a pet peeve of mine and I thought Alan Ball would change that. I think they'll have the vamps come to Sookie first episode next year, but I really think last weeks episode should have been the end not this one. Too many loose ends and additions.
8. ChelseaMueller
@WickedLilPixie -- I think you're right about the last episode being a better "closer." Have you noticed Alan Ball likes to end with a zillion open-ended stories? It's like he flashed Steve Newlun, etc. at us to be like "hey, lookie what Imma do!" and then ran off.
Natasha Carty
9. WickedLilPixie
@ Chelsea - Sooo annoying! I hate that, I like closure and ONE big wtf at the end. This one has loose strings everywhere, and did I mention I hate Newlin? HATE.
Ren Thompson
10. renthewriter
Maybe Alcide didn't want kids with Debbie (and, seriously, I don't blame him) I think if he gets with Sookie, he's going to want a whole pack of puppy-fairies or fairy-puppies or whatever they're going to be.
@Chelsea, I didn't think about that, with Lala needing more character development. I just hope they have someone in store for him. He's too sweet
I think I'm going to die waiting for next season :(
Tara B
12. box5angel
I had this whole thing written and lost it, when I tried to post it. Darn, computer!

Anyway, basically, I'm a Tara fan, bigger Rutina fan. I feel she's being wasted on the show, so if they kill her off, I'm not that sad about it, because I'll see Rutina in other stuff. If she's alive, and not a vampire, I will be happy. But if she's "alive" and a vampire, I'll be disappointed but I'll still watch.

But I do agree with you about the minorities being killed off. That's one thing I liked about the show, the diversity, now it's like okay, what's going on Alan Ball.

I don't see the point of bringing Steve Newlin back. Maybe Russell E. but not Steve N.

@ChelseaMueller Tara stabbed Sookie in the back. Are you talking just talking about s4 of the show as a whole? Tara has been there for Sookie more than Sookie has ever been there for Tara.

Thanks for the recap.
Amanda Bonilla
13. CindyS
I really liked Tara this season and feel she's got a bad wrap with a best friend like Sookie. I'm thinking she'll be a vamp but maybe not. I don't read the books so I have no clue about what happens with characters so I didn't know Debbie Pelt was going to die. I feel bad for her.

I love Lafayette and of course I loved Jesus and was happy that when Jesus came back to Lafayette it wasn't a sick twisted version of Jesus. I liked that they showed the love Jesus and Lafayette remained pure and intact after everything including death. Finally, a dead person who is on Lafayette's side.

I didn't take offense to the comment about gay stormtroopers because I don't think it was meant as hate towards gay people. Eric has been with men and I thought it was just more about him being lippy - always having to make a crack about something. And I guess calling Eric and Bill 'puppies' will get them to kill you.

I also hated the season with the minister who was at Jason's door - ugh, couldn't they just bury that crap.

But I was excited to see the big evil get out of the concrete - I just enjoyed his kind of crazy and am glad he will be back.

And the werewolf? Have no clue what's happening there - does the dead guy have a brother too?

And yes, I'll watch yet another season.

Amanda Bonilla
14. LoriA
I've read the first few books (five? six?) and knowing what happened in the books doesn't really help. Because they are first person (Sookie's point of view), there's a lot of story we don't get. Some things were picked up from the books, some are completely new, and some are different or twisted. For example, when Eric recovered his memory, he did not remember what happened during his time with Sookie. But he starts to pick things up later on.

In general, knowing the books doesn't really guarantee anything.

I think Sookie was jumpy when she saw Holly because the latter was dressed as a fairy. Kind of funny that Andy approached her in costume, too. (I think they left a bit of the fairy story hanging from the beginning of this season, so that will pick up again. I'm sure the fairy who made Andy promise to protect her will be back. Probably at an inopportune moment.)

I think Eric and Bill killed Nan & Co. because they threatened Sookie.

The panther storyline was probably over (at least for now) because Jason didn't turn (in the books, he was bitten by accident, not captured, and he fell pretty hard for Crystal). And yes, he did become a were-panther. But I don't recall him joining the police force.

Oh, and Debbie was a fox, not a wolf; she was adopted and had some serious hangups, being adopted into a wolf family.

Maybe the wolf threatening Sam is just a ghost (lame, as a season cliffhanger); a few others saw ghosts on Halloween. (Arlene, for example. Maybe she looked askance at Patrick because she believed what Rene's ghost said. Or she doesn't like competition for Terry's attention.) Regarding Sam and Sookie, I think Sam wants to keep a few secrets about what shapechangers / skinwalkers can do, and what his brother did.

Sometimes I think they get rid of characters not just for story (there's a limit to how many characters can be juggled) but also because they have a budget.

And Tara could easily be alive (or least back) next season. They'll pretend it wasn't as bad as it looked. Or Bill and Eric will come running, and save her by giving her blood (or turning her). Or she'll be a ghost that Lafayette can see. Or maybe the actress is doing a play in NY and isn't available. (Just kidding. It's a short run off-Broadway, and ends next month.)
Carmen Pinzon
15. bungluna
I wanted to give a big Thank You! for these recaps. I gave up on this show after the bull thing and just couldn't bring myself to watch it anymore. I have, however, enjoyed these tremendously. I'll be reading y'all again next year.
Amanda Bonilla
16. mochabean
Have enjoyed the recaps and reading everyone's comments -- love how we can all have such different perspectives about the same show. I almost gave up on True Blood after the season opener, what with the land of the photo-negative goblin-faeries throwing purple lightening and all. Plus, an utter WASTE of Gary Cole. But I came back for the promise of naked viking and stayed for the fun of Aunt Petunia being a witch and zingers from Lala and Pam.

As far as the finale goes, I don't think for a minute that Tara is dead. And Eric's comment about the gay storm troopers was totally in character -- he is contemptuous of everyone. I didn't see it as a slur by the show generally. I honestly hadn't thought about the high minority body count, but that's what the phrase "check your privilege" is all about, isn't it? Thanks for giving me something to think about. And since I don' t think Tara is dead, I remain hopeful. (I haven't read any of the books, so I defer to others who have noticed the same thing there).

It looks like I am the only one glad that we get the Reverend Mike Newlin back next season, now with fangs! Brings a whole new meaning to bat-shit crazy. I am hoping he is Russell's new Talbot. And not actually seeing the former Vampire King of Louisiana in all his scenery-chewing glory was my only disappointment about the finale.
K.M. Jackson
17. kwanawrites
This whole season irritated me. I loved Tara in the first season I want that Tara back. This weak Tara grates on my nerves. All I can hope is that she does come back saved by Eric and with her old backbone and then I may be back on board. I didn’t like the new Lafayette this season either gone was his flair and gumption. He also seemed a shell of himself. I was so mad when Tara was shot too. I mean really? Also I don’t need these old character back either it seems like they are fishing for plot. All except Rene, he can talk to be all night in that sweet little accent of his. I hope they regroup and really think of the direction of the show. Right now I spend too much time just shaking my head.
Natasha Carty
18. WickedLilPixie
Wow thanks for all the comments everyone & I totally agree, it's great that we all notice different things!
Amanda Bonilla
19. hammey49
This is the first season that I did not go back and watch any of the episodes that I taped. I guess I just got sick of witches and werewolves. I was too devoted to Charlaine's books to see such a big deviation that HBO took this year. I don't think Tara is gone. Somehow she will return. Does anyone wonder what happened to Crystal and the panthers? They just vanished.
rachel sternberg
20. rae70
As for the killing off the minorities in the show, I don't think thats its a racial issue nor do I want to see it turned into one. The gay stormtrooper comment by Erik the Viking was so in character (he is a smart a$$!) and I took no offense to it (I have 2; a brother and sister, they laughed as well..) and come on! the uniforms they were wearing were very storm trooper-ish... I LOVED Arlenes zombie makeup! And almost spit my drink at her daughters pregnant Janelle outfit.. I hope she understood what Renee was not being evil and was trying to tell her about watching out for "Terrys past" and not nec. Terry himself. Erik and Bill are at just next door and will be over to help Sookie as soon as they "feel and hear" her terror/anguish over Debbie and Tara. Not sure if vampire blood would fix a gaping hole in the head, but it would be fun to see Tara be turned. Not sure if Tara would want that though.. so I guess we shall see... Yeah!! Debbie Pelt is finally gone!!) Sookie is single again!) Will Alan give her a storyline with Quinn? And what yummy actor would they pick for him? I am soo rooting for that!! Quinn popped up at the time Debbie was killed off in the books and the whole pack leadership challenges. Speaking of.... While I am not sure who the wolf is.. I was thinking it was maybe another wolf coming to challenge for a pack rulership? The wolf could have mistaken Sam as being the one who finished Marcus off and that would put him in a pickle until it came out that it was Alcide who gave the death blow.
Amanda Bonilla
21. Jessesgirl
The "waitress" as you put it may be only a peripheral character, but she has been in the series since season one. She has a name "GINGER" and she screams like no other actress. A well informed True Blood fan and especially a person who publishes a recap of the episodes should do their research and know this fact. Eric's character was written as having a wry sence of humor and as such his comment was very much in character. I did not interpret it as any kind of slur on any group of people. As for TB mostly killing off minority characters let's count. Season one - Maudette, Dawn, Amy, Adele (gran), Malcom, Diane, Janel, the bald vampire, Neil, Rattray's, Uncle Bartlette, Rene (not classified as minorities) ; Longshadow, Eddie, Malcom's blood doner (classified as minorities). Season two - Maryann, Godric, Daphne, Fellowship of the Sun guy Godric killed, Luke (not minorities); Eggs, Miss Jeanette, Karl (minorities). Season three - Lorene, Sophie-Ann, Franklin, Cooter, Calvin Norris, Magistrate, Couple Bill and Lorena killed, various werwolf's (not minority); Talbot (minority). Season four - Joe Lee & Melinda Mikens, Tommy, Felton, Claudine, Marcus, Antonia, Marnie, Nan, Debbie, various storm troopers and guards (not minority); Jesus, Tara (minority). I apologize if I have missed anyone or got the season they died wrong. I do realize there are not as many minority characters in this or for that matter most other shows, but I do feel this count shows that TB does not have an agenda to kill off minorities.
Amanda Bonilla
22. Missouri58
@renthewriter's: your comment that Alcide does not want to have children with Debbie but would want lots of children with Sookie does not hold water. In the show Alcide does not want to have children because he does not want to pass on the wer gene. In the book he wants children with a true werwolf because he is an elitist. Also the fact that he says to Sookie that he has decided to think with his brain and not with his heart says to me that his heart still belongs to Debbie. Also, although Sookie cannot hear the wer minds as well as she hears regular minds she can still hear them and it has been well established the her attraction to Bill in the beginning was the silence of his mind. For me Alcide would be a very bad match for Sookie, and completely inconsistent with the way the characters have already been established.
romance reader
23. bookstorecat
Poor Tara! Poor Debbie! Poor Jesus! I wish you weren't dead. You were so much more interesting than Sookie and her dumb love life. I kinda wish somebody would just stick a fork in the whole Bill-Eric-Sookie love triangle already 'cause it is DONE. The most I liked Sookie all season was when she told those two 'goodbye.' She realized what she really wanted from life (kids, grandkids, some degree of normalcy), and FINALLY decided to start making decisions that might get her what she both desires and needs.
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