Sep 14 2011 8:11am

Sexual Experience: What’s YOUR Number?

This Anna Faris romantic-comedy might just continue the ’chicks are funny, too’ trend that’s been happening in the movies this year (Bridesmaids and, um...yeah, well, it’s a remarkably new trend). It opens September 30, and will likely have many people doing some counting.

Some romance novels, such as certain category and historical novels feature a very experienced hero (the rake!) and a not-so-experienced heroine (the secretary or the debutante).

Is that stereotype an accurate reflection of what we wish we could experience in our real lives? He’s all over the place before he meets us, whereas maybe we’ve kissed someone a few times? Or is it time to be okay with a heroine with sexual experience?

In other words, what’s your number?

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Louise Partain
1. Louise321
Love the snippet. Mine was well below 20 because I was totally clueless about what guys were really wanted. I don't care how much I heard it from other girls; it just didn't register. What are you gonna do. Been married for over 35 years and I wouldn't want to go back today and try the field again. I probably would end up hanging out at supermarkets.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
My number just barely needs ten fingers, but like you, Louise321, I've been married for awhile, and would not want to have to face it all again ever.
Isabel C.
3. Isabel C.
Fairly high. I don't regret any of it--and I don't plan to settle down any time soon. ;)
Rachel Hyland
4. RachelHyland
I have no idea. And hey, look, Chris Evans!

In other "chicks are funny, too" fare this year, may I suggest the young ladies of Sucker Punch? Oh, wait, their performances weren't supposed to be funny, were they?
Isabel C.
5. brooklynshoebabe
My number is 5 and I've been married for 16 years. (I was married young.) I would like to have had a few more "different" experiences like sleeping with someone of a different race. Now, in terms of kissing/make out sessions, I was in the realm of 30 by age 20. And I mean 30 different boys/guys. I didn't like the commercial for this movie but then I saw the longer trailer in the theater yesterday, and thought "Now this is a romantic comedy I wouldn't mind seeing."
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