Sep 16 2011 4:41pm

The Secret’s Out: Thoughts on The Secret Circle, Episode 1

Adam, Diana, and Cassie in The Secret CircleAs big fans of The Vampire Diaries here at H&H, we’ve been very curious about the CW’s The Secret Circle, which is another show based on a series by L.J. Smith and which is also being headed up by TVD boss (and Dawson’s Creek creator) Kevin Williamson.

As blogger Tara Gelsomino wrote in her post Shipping and Shirtlessness: The Men of Fall TV, the CW’s The Secret Circle revolves around “a teen girl (Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson) [who] learns she’s descended from witches and must learn to access her own magical powers as the key to an epic battle between good and evil.”

Charli Mac spoke as a fan of the book in her post L.J. Smith’s Secret Circle: Ruined for Television?, and many readers seemed to share her concerns about the book-to-screen adaptation and how many things seemed to have been changed for the show (and these things were obvious just from the promos). For instance, the cast doesn’t really looks like the book characters are described and the circle has been cut in half (there are only six members in the show versus the books’s twelve), which means beloved characters are being left out. So, yeah—a lot has been changed, and it’s totally understandable that fans of the books would be wary.

The rest of the circle in The Secret CircleOn the other hand, did Elena’s hair and eye color really end up mattering that much in The Vampire Diaries? The blond, blue-eyed beauty of the book series became a brunette, brown-eyed beauty in the show. There was a lot of talk about this in the beginning, but no one seems to care anymore because the show has really taken on a life of its own. Maybe TSC will be a similar situation.

Which leads me to wonder: How did the first episode measure up? The show premiered last night on the CW, but since I’ve never read The Secret Circle trilogy—I was a Dark Visions girl—I can’t really say. I look forward to reading reviews by those who are fans of the books.

On its own, though, I thought it was a fine pilot (especially compared to the TVD pilot, which I thought left a lot to be desired at the time). Nothing mind blowing, but the opening scene was dramatic enough to catch and hold my interest, Britt Robertson’s Cassie was easy to relate to (but not Thomas Dekker’s Adam so much so far), and a few intriguing story lines were set up (why on earth would Diana’s dad kill Cassie’s mom—or is there another explanation for what he was doing that night outside the house?). Personally, I definitely plan to keep watching, because if it’s anything like TVD, I have a feeling it’s only going to improve from here.

I’ll be curious to see whether fans of the books eventually come around, or swear off the show forever.

Have you seen the first episode yet? Where do you stand?


redline_, aka Heather Waters, is the production associate. She lives in Astoria, New York, where she watches way too much television.

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Brittany Melson
1. BrittanyMelson
I haven't read The Secret Circle (although I plan to now), but I like the television show pilot. It really sucked me in. I empathized with the main character, and the villains are very villainous. I'm not a fan of her love interest yet, though, especially if he's going to cheat on his girlfriend.
Alie V
2. ophelial
I was pretty happy with the pilot considering I was a huge TSC trilogy book fan. It was my favourite of L.J. Smith's trilogies. I thought they did a good job overall, but I would agree with some that said that the actress playing Faye layed it on a bit too think and made it seem like the movie The Craft. I was very happy to see that they didn't deminish the soul mate angle between Adam & Cassie too, since that was a big part of the books.
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