Sep 13 2011 11:42am

[Redacted] Isn’t [Redacted]? True Blood Season 5 is Already a Surprise!

True BloodThe True Blood finale for Season Four just aired, and of course there is already news out about Season Five.

Do not click below the fold if you do not wish to be spoiled for the next season of True Blood.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Got that?

All right, then.



Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara on True Blood—the one whose brains were lying in Sookie’s lap at the end of the season finale? That one? Wesley has confirmed she will return to True Blood next season, although she doesn’t know in what capacity, given how she ended season four.

The most obvious path is for Tara to become a vampire—become the thing she hates most in this world. But maybe something else will happen—speculation?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
I am so not surprised. This is what I thought would happen. Like I just posted in the recap comments. I'm hoping Eric will be the one to make her a Vamp so that some of the old Tara with a strong backbone comes back. This Tara bugged me for 2 season. And this poster... My eyes can't stop rolling.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@kwanawrites: I'm not surprised, either. I am hoping for a Pam/Tara romance, if someone does turn Tara. I think those two together would be awesome! (even tho right now they hate each other).
Maria Smith
3. TexasBookLover
My bet is she will either be saved by or made into a vampire. Eric ordering Pam to transforming her would be pretty sweet! Can't you just see Pam and Tara going at it...ha! That can be taken a couple different ways!
rachel sternberg
5. rae70
Not interested in the Pam/Tara storyline.. but Tara as a vamp would be fun!
Tara B
6. box5angel
I want Tara human. I don't want her as a spirit, ghost, zombie, or vampire or any other supe. I might have to cope with her being an vamp. But I'd want Eric to change her. Now that would get the Sookie/Eric fans going. lol Since Sookie doesn't know who she wants, she can be stuck with Alcide and ? (if you've read the books, you know who the next man is coming). I read fic with Tara paired up with different men of Bon Temps (although I'm a huge Tara/Sam shipper) and Tara/Eric is my 2nd pairing. I know this would never happen on the show because it would mess up the Sookie/Eric/Bill/books dynamic, but I wouldn't mind seeing it. I'd want a Eric/Tara/Sam triangle or even Bill/Tara/Sam triangle.

So more than likely it looks Tara might end up being a vamp and Pam maybe changing her. Alan Ball you really know how to muck up a situation. A lot of people say that they want Tara as a vamp and she would be bad-ass. She was bad-ass as an human, it's just in the past few seasons, they've made her into a victim. She can still be human and not be a victim. Ever since s2, AB and company has really messed up her character, and I just hope they dont' make it worse.

But you know what, with all of my ranting, I'm ready to see what happens in s5. And it probably won't be what I want but as long as Rutina is still on the show, I'll watch, because she's a favorite of mine. And I want to support my girl in everything she does.
Elektra Hammond
9. elektra
I hope they manage to keep her human--they could hold on to the conflict by having her saved by an infusion of vamp blood--they saved me vs. I still hate them.
10. mtspratz
I miss the dynamic of claude and claudine. If Tara cant be a vamp, why not
have her somehow cast into the fairy realm so she can be Sooki's protector and the object of all the vamp's desires?
11. Acheron
I think its time the fairies stepped up. Sookie was screaming for help who better to help than her own kind. Showing that there is more to fairies than we think. They show Sookie that she has always had the power within her to heal. I think season 5 should be a season of discovery for Sookie. She needs to find out what it means to be a fairy.
Megan Frampton
12. MFrampton
@box5angel, no pic of Tara because I so didn't want to spoil anyone with any kind of indication about the post's content--hence the generic love square. I did think about it, but didn't want to spoil anyone who didn't want to be spoiled.
13. lady trudy
In my Irish Gaelic online class group, they are all up in arms that they pronounced Samhaim - they pronounced it 'sam hain' - which is totally incorrect. It's pronounced 'Sow in' (the ou sounding like the ou in mouth) or is Scottish Gaelic savin. The thing about Gaelic, no matter the dialect - it looks nothing like how it is pronounced. Very difficult language to learn! Anyway, the can't believe the writer/director/producers who get that so wrong!
14. Lege Artis
Grrr, I don't like Tara. I did like Eric's and Pam's character in the show, but they managed to screw that up, too.
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