Sep 8 2011 8:30am

One for the Money; Are You Two for the Show?

The movie poster for the screen adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money is out (thanks to H&H blogger Tara Gelsomino for the sharp eyes!), and there’s a firm, albeit delayed from the original, date for the film’s release in theaters: January 27, 2012.

It may not be the truth in hard numbers, but lately it’s seemed that Katherine Heigl is as much box-office poison as another Katharine actress was back in the day, namely Katharine Hepburn.

Of course, then Hepburn returned with The Philadelphia Story. So what do you think? Are you still in to watch Heigl navigate Stephanie Plum’s muddy romantic and professional waters?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
I'm so mad at this casting but hoping to get past it because of my love of the books. I shall try to muddle through. But Ugh and Blah! This does not feel like Stephanie to me in any way. I'll be going for Sherri Shepard I think.
2. TaraGel
LULA! She was my favorite and somehow I had forgotten about her! I think Sherri Shepard is a fantastic choice!

I enjoy Heigl, I gotta say. I love all the Hollywood actresses who don't censor themselves. Makes me wanna grab a drink with them.
3. wsl0612
No :-( I find Heigl a total turnoff!! Bores me to tears in everything I've seen her in to date.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
I don't know about this one at all, though I'm sure I'll see it anyway.
Samantha Bradberry
5. kikibear
I have read all the books and I can't picture K. Heigl as Stephanie
6. Pilar
Wow...I'm just not seeing Heigl as Stephanie. I was hoping for someone less polished/pretty. I will see the movie, but may wait for the DVD and I loved the first book in the Plum series.
romance reader
7. bookstorecat
Everyone I know had the same reaction to K.H. as S.P. : "huh?"
Tara B
8. box5angel
Not a Katherine fan. I haven't read the Stephanie books in years, so not really invested in the whole movie thing but still, you read a book and you have an idea of what that character looks like. It's not Heigl.

I haven't heard anything lately but I did hear a few months ago that she was also in the running as Claire in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.

@TaraGel I don't mind celebs being outspoken but she just seemed disrespectful and ungrateful at times. That's what bugged me about her.
Louise Partain
9. Louise321
Theresa Medeiros sent this out on facebook. Actually the movie looks like fun!

Check it out!
Elizabeth Halliday
10. Ibbitts
When I first heard about the casting, I was a bit put off. Sheri Sheppard was the only one that fit into the picture I already had in my head. As time has gone by, I'm getting used to all of them except the actor who was cast as Ranger. They're going to have to do an extraordinary make-up job and the actor is going to have to be pretty remarkable to convince me that he's Cuban. I hope he's up to the task. I would love for this movie to be a success. I've been a fan of the book series for many years.
11. RA
Did enjoy the movie, thought "grandma" was a little too smoth but might grow on me if there are more movies. I hope so, thought the end was good but the "cupcake" sounded forced.
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