Sep 1 2011 9:17am

Not Clueless About Fashion!

Six months ago, our Austen Expert Myretta Robens wrote a post titled The Best Emma: Jane Austen Would, Like, Totally Approve where she presented a compelling argument as to why Cher Horowitz was the best interpretation of Jane Austen’s Emma yet.

To which we say yes, Myretta, you’re probably right, but what about all of Cher’s clothes? Who here didn’t wish they could rock that yellow plaid jacket?!? How many of us could actually look good in it (our bets are on on none).

So enjoy this less-than-a-minute romp through Cher’s outfits. There are fifty of them.

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Tara B
1. box5angel
I love, love, love Clueless. It's one of my favorite movies. I love everything about it including the fashion. I think the yellow plaid is my favorite outfit. All of them are cute though even when she's very casual.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
What a cool video. There's not a single outfit she wears I don't like. @box5angel has it right--even her very casual outfits are fantastic. I'm jealous!
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
This is one of my MOST FAVORITE movies. I still lol and do my quote-a-long lol. I agree with the argument Alicia Silverstone's Cher is the best interpretation (certainly my most faovire) of Emma. :D I totally paused!
Tara B
5. box5angel
@_redline I know. To have a closet like hers. lol Well, when the movie originally came out, I was much younger. lol

@spazp Clueless is so quotable. lol And I agree about the clothes/body envy.
Elizabeth Halliday
6. Ibbitts
I never much cared for Jane Austen's "Emma"; her arrogance has always just astounded me. Until Cher! Cher is a much better Emma than Emma was. And the clothes ... right there with you on that. The movie is never, never, never better than the book. Except this one! Love Clueless ...
Louise Partain
7. Louise321
Loved Clueless! My first venture into the venacular of my sons' generation. Only willing to go there because it was based on Emma. I think that's something that should be considered. It had to be a great plotline, even if you don't like the book, for this movie to be such a hit.
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