Sep 6 2011 9:41am

New Release Madness! What’s Your Favorite Way to Inhale New Releases?

Envy by J.R. WardToday is a big release day for romantic fiction; there’s J.R. Ward’s Envy coming out today, Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Blade, Meljean Brook’s Demon Marked, Christine Feehan’s Dark Predator, and in non-paranormal releases, there’s Ashley March’s Romancing the Countess and Karen Doornebos’s Definitely Not Mr. Darcy.

So—if you rush to the bookstore/order online/get a digital download on New Release Day, what do you do then? Does your feverish rush to get the book also spur you to devour it immediately? Or is it enough that you own it, and it has to wait in line along with the rest of your TBR?

And what are you buying today?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Okay, I'll go first: It's enough that I own it. I have a long TBR pile, and I carefully plan what I'll be reading so I don't burn out on any one genre/author. Right now I am reading a non-romance fantasy, and then I think I will read a historical, just as a palate-cleanser, and then maybe a PNR. But I do buy books on release day, it just takes me a while--a long while--to actually read them.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I used to stalk bookstores on release day. Good times. Now my TBR is a little too much for me to handle (and I also have the attention span of a gnat), so I often end up reading books well after I've purchased them. Which is not to say I don't still buy things on release day. I *am* a book addict, after all.
Myretta Robens
3. Myretta
I'm a pre-orderer. If it's an author I love, I'll already have ordered the book (or the Kindle download) from Amazon so that it will fly to my waiting hands the moment it's released. If I'm considering it, I'll have it in my Amazon basket until I 1) learn more about it or 2) figure out if any of my friends (*ahem*) will be buying and sharing. Like Megan, it's usually enough to own it and know that's right there when I want to read it. Some authors require an immediate read once I've got them in my hot little hands.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
I rush to buy the books by my auto-buy authors and then devour them as fast as I can. Other releases I put on my queue, either in the library or in the online subscription place, and then (im)patiently wait for them to get to me. That doesn't stop me from bugging the librarians about when they're getting my books in!
5. ChelseaMueller
Often I end up doing just what both Megan and redline_ do -- buying on release day, then holding on to it until I've got space in my to-read.

However, there are just certain books I have to devour day-of. Favorite authors/favorite series, that as soon as I can get my hands on something I devour. For example, I drop whatever I'm reading the day I score a copy of the lastest book from Richelle Mead or Stacia Kane.

That said, Archangel's Blade is so on my must-buy list.
Pamela Reese
6. Pamela Reese
If I rushed out to buy a book it is because I have been waiting in anticipation of its release. I will have cleared by TBR 'docket' to schedule time for this event, and I will devour the book immediately.
Most of the time, however, I am not a 'rush to own' person. I know my bookstore will have it, or order it, when I want it, so I buy as I can afford books and add them to my TBR shelf (where they never linger long anyway as I am a voracious reader) :)
Sandi Logsted
7. sandlog
Since, according to my hubby & kids, I am obnoxious for reading more than one book at a time (a dead-tree and a kindle, what can i say, I bore easily). I tend to be pretty choosy in what I rush to get on release day.
If it is something I really want to read, and went thru the whole pre-order thing on Amazon, I will truly devour said book, except, when there is a work deadline (argh).
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