Sep 28 2011 8:06am

Lee Daniels to Remake Valley of the Dolls for Network TV

Sex, pills, drinking, affairs, cat-fighting—makes you wonder why it’s taken Hollywood so long to remake Valley of the Dolls.

Precious director Lee Daniels has signed on to write and direct a TV series based on the 1967 film. ’Fess up: How many of us snuck the book under the covers to read? Will the story translate to current times, or is it too dated?

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Anna Bowling
1. AnnaBowling
If they ride the retro wave and stick with the original time frame, I'd be all over this, but if "updated" to a modern setting, not so much. Not enough to set it apart from the pack for me, but maybe with more information, I could be swayed. But I want the pretty 60s clothes, dangitall.
Tara B
2. box5angel
I'm really surprised at myself that I never tried reading the book. lol I've seen clips of the movie but never watched all of it. Hmm, I might have to read the book now. :)
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