Sep 27 2011 8:13am

Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson as Luther’s’s Most Enigmatic and Compelling Couple

Luther returns to BBC America this Wednesday, and here’s a clip that satisfies the most ardent Alice/Luther fans. So glad to see Ruth Wilson return in the role of Alice—she is actor enough to handle whatever Idris Elba’s Luther throws at her, and that is a rare actor indeed.

Is it wrong that we’re shipping these two, even though she’s a sociopath murderer and he’s an equally obsessed police officer?

Maybe you shouldn’t answer that.

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
Alice is way cool. She is so perfect for Luther or at least she would be if she wasn't a sociopath. Like they could have fun on va-ca making fun of the other dullards. Love them.
3. mochabean
I agree with redline_ Plus, this is the third time in two days I have seen/heard mention of this show, which is obviously a sign from the pop-culture fates that I must start watching.
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