Sep 29 2011 1:30pm

Fiction Affliction: Diagnosing October Releases in Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal Romance

The Symptoms: Despite rumors to the contrary, vampires just keep rising from the dead. And so do zombies. Werewolves are dwindling in numbers, angels have all but disappeared — but there still be dragon-shifters.

The Diagnosis: Fifty-three new books in these overlapping genres come out in October — 29 in urban fantasy and horror, and 24 in paranormal romance, with vampires putting a serious bite on all the other creatures out there.

The Cure: There are lots of monsters hanging around this month, so maybe take a light approach by checking out a couple of vampire Christmas anthologies (don’t think about it too hard), two Jane Austen-as-vampire books, or the titles-so-nuts-they-have-to-be-good: The Twilight of Lake Woebegottenor Real Werewives of Vampire County.

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