Sep 19 2011 6:47pm

Eastern Philosophy: The More Stunning, the Better (Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews, and More Asian Hotties)

Takeshi Kaneshiro

As you may have picked up by now, Team H&H loves us some beefcake. And the release this week of Jeannie Lin’s The Dragon and the Pearl seems like the perfect opportunity to share a new installment of our Hotties Series. So in the same tradition as our previous posts on Irishblack-and-blue, and black and bi-racial hotties, we present a spotlight on some of our favorite Asian guys.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the eye candy!

Daniel Dae Kim










Naveen Andrews











Daniel Henney











Daniel Henney again









Will Yun Lee













Arjun Rampal










Jet Li











Andy Lau











Byung-hun Lee












Ken Watanabe











Tony Leung Ka Fai










Toshiro Mifune











Tadanobu Asano










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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Oh, swoon. That pic of Takeshi gets me every single time. Yum.
Carolyn Jewel
2. cjewel
Oh, two of my favs! Arjun Rampal and Jet Li.

The other guys are OK I guess. (heh!)
3. Jessn1017
You teased me with Daniel Dae Kim in the subtitle, and then didn't include a picture?! I feel cheated. The other gys almost make up for it. But, still.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@Jessn1017 and @grim_neander -- Ahhh, I'm full of fail tonight! Was messing with the code and must've deleted the Daniel Dae Kim pic. Thanks for the corrections--fixing now!
Joanna Terrero
6. JoannaTerrero
Thanks for sharing, I’m discovering some handsome guys, I’ve never heard of before. Speaking of which, have you guys heard of Japanese singer Atsushi Sakurai?
Rachel Hyland
7. RachelHyland
Um... no Tim Kang (Cho, from The Mentalist) or the unfathomably beautiful Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes, Covert Affairs). It's madness, I tell you. Madness!

Go here and here for a taste of the good stuff.
8. Din
Ian Anthony Dale. My cousin is obsessed with him. I mean, who wouldn't be mesmerized?
9. dindongbell
Ian Anthony Dale. My cousin is obsessed with him. I mean, who wouldn't be mesmerized?
Clare 2e
10. clare2e
Totally digging on the piles of hotties, but Amen @dingdongbell, where's my Ian Anthony Dale and Rain?
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