Sep 12 2011 8:11am

Candace Bushnell’s Whiners, This Time in One Fifth Avenue

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

Perhaps you loved Sex and the City. You swooned over Mr. Big, cried with Carrie when she got broken up with via a post-it note, and dropped your jaw at some of what came out (and was put into!) Samantha’s mouth. It was truly a ground-breaking series, the gold standard of female drama.

But now word from Hollywood is that ABC is making an hour-long project based on Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue, which “chronicles the clashes among the inhabitants of One Fifth Avenue, a Greenwich Village art deco jewel crammed with regal rich, tarty upstarts and misguided lovers.”

How many more whingeing self-entitled white people living in Manhattan can we watch? Doesn’t Gossip Girl more than adequately supply our need?

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barbara wallace
1. barbara wallace
Count me out. You're right that the original series was groundbreaking, but I think a second one would simply feel like a copy cat.
BTW, I liked SATC but I was one of the few who really didn't care for Carrie. I was far more interested in Miranda, Samantha, etc.
barbara wallace
2. Titi.A
I probably won't watch this series but Sex and The City 2 I will happily watch over and over again!
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