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Anticipating Scandalous Desires: Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane Series

Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth HoytBest-selling author Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series are enchanting, historical romances with a heavy bite of darkness and intrigue. In the series, Hoyt layers bigger story arcs within her HEA romances.  

The series take place in Georgian England, but not just within the world of the glittering ton; she also places her books in seedier areas. We aren’t given larger then life beautiful characters, but everyday people with real problems. And not everyone is guaranteed a happy ending—her characters are given hard choices and often have to make even harder decisions. Decisions that may result in their happily ever after or may leave them lost and alone.

The romance between our heroes and heroines is delicious and quite risque. Hoyt does a fabulous job of imparting sensual love scenes without having to describe every single detail.

Wicked Intentions, the first book in the series, introduces us to Temperance Dew and Lazarus Huntington, the Lord Claire. Temperance is a widow who runs a foundling home with her brother Winter in the slums of St. Giles. When Lord Claire’s mistress is brutally murdered, he goes into St. Giles in hopes of unmasking the murderer but is unable to to get the information he needs. When he runs into Temperance, who is searching for a missing child, he strikes a deal with her: If she acts as his guide through the slums he will pay some of the foundling home’s debts and help her procure a much needed benefactor.

As Temperance and Lazarus journey to the depraved soul of St. Giles, they also struggle with the unwanted yet powerful attraction between them. Both Temperance and Lazarus have demons in their pasts that inhibit their true emotions but as they get to know one another, their layers peel away to reveal two passionate souls ready to be loved and forgiven for their perceived transgressions.

“You’ve used me to punish yourself, haven’t you?”

He watched dawning realization spread over her face, a confirmation more positive than anything she could ever say, and that arrow twisted deep in his chest. Yet still he had to ask the last question.

“Am I anything to you but a punishment?”

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth HoytIn Notorious Pleasures, the second book of the series, the perfect Lady Hero Batten (from Wicked Intentions) meets the incorrigible rake Griffin Remmington, the Lord Reading. Lady Hero is engaged to be married to Griffin’s older brother, the Marquis of Mandeville, and that suits Griffin just fine. To him, Hero is a goody two shoes with her many charities and impeccable manners and to Hero, Griffin is nothing more than a debauched man who’s squandered his life away. The families come into contact as Hero’s brother is trying to shut down the gin distillers, and Hero realizes that Griffin is one of those whom her brother wants to destroy. As Hero and Griffin fight their attraction to one another, Hero begins to see that Griffin is not the man society has branded him, and tries not to fall in love.

Griffin has always lived in his older brother’s shadow; Thomas is the good one, the smarter one. Griffin let society dictate to him what he would become, but meeting Hero has him striving to be a better man for her—even when he knows she can never be his. As these two star-crossed lovers fight for their love, the world encroaches and threatens to tear them apart forever.

“You say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet. I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth. I want to possess you utterly. Right now. Right here.”

Scandalous Desires, the third book of the series (set to release on October 1), gives us the much anticipated story of Silence Hollingsbrook and “Charming” Mickey OConnor. In Wicked Intentions, Silence approaches the pirate Mickey and does the unthinkable to save her husband’s business and loses everything that mattered to her. In Notorious Pleasures, Silence now lives and works at the Foundling Home with Winter. She finds a baby on the doorstep and decides to raise her as her own. Throughout the book, Silence finds little gifts on her doorstep for her and the child. Fresh berries, pretty lace, a child’s toy. Silence fears the gifts.

Scandalous Desires (you can read the first chapter on Ms. Hoyt’s website) starts out with Silence’s young charge being kidnapped by Mickey. As Silence storms Mickey’s hideout, she realises that the little girl belongs to Mickey and he will not give her back. Mickey claims they are all in danger and only he can keep them safe. Silence once again has to make a hard choice. Does she leave the little girl or throw away the rest of her respect and pride and stay with Mickey until the danger has passed? What Silence doesn’t realize though is that Mickey has no intention of letting her go. Ever.

I recommend this series whole-heartedly to any fan of this genre that likes danger, suspense, and heroes and heroines having to work for their happily ever afters. I also advise starting at the beginning. While each can be read as a standalone, the characters and their lives bleed over into each new installment.


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lady trudy
1. lady trudy
I've really enjoyed this series by Elizabeth Hoyt. It's 'different' and I enjoy both the main characters in each book. Sometimes it's one or the other but in this series, it's both. Silence has definitely had the worst of things so I'm interested in seeing how EH wraps this one up. Can't wait!
lady trudy
3. Rose In RoseBear
I've loved Elizabeth Hoyt since I read the Princes Trilogy --- Georgian setting, hot, hot, hot sex, and people caught and torqued between their desires and their lives.

This series has been great, and I've been especially waiting for Silence's story! And if you like the Georgian period, all the men in lace and high heels and swords, check out her Princes trilogy-plus-novella and her Legend Of The Four Soldiers series! Great characters ... and, hey, did I mention the hot, hot, hot sex? ('Cause I meant to ...)
lady trudy
4. Janga
I've been reading Hoyt since her first book too. From the beginning, she has created characters different from those typically encountered in historical romance--not that I want to give up dukes, debs, and dancing, but I'm in favor of variety. I also appreciate that Hoyt uses those sizzling scenes to reveal her H/H and their relationship rather than merely to add heat to the story.
lady trudy
5. Torifl
lady trudy-Silence and Mickey have been my favorite characters so far in this series.

Louise321-Me too!

Rose in Rosebear-I will have to look into her other series. Thank you for letting me know.

Janga-Her characters are so easy to relate to. *sigh* I love there will be 2 more in the series after Scandalous Desires.
lady trudy
6. Millionmph
I just devoured these first two books over the last two days! I feel such a fool that I haven’t read Hoyt before this, and there definitely will be no stopping me now.

I cannot wait for Silence's story! Plus, I am all abuzz about who I think is the Ghost of St Giles!
Tara B
7. box5angel
The 1st book, Wicked Intentions sounds really good. Not sure if I'd want to read the other two books but since it's a series I probably will, because I do want to read WI.

Thanks! :)
Louise Partain
8. Louise321
I just read the last excerpt Hoyt is posting before Scandalous Desires is published and I think reading both the first two books will make this a more interesting read. You'll certainly get more of the back story.

After downloading her Maiden Lane Guide (free on her website) with all the characters in the Maiden Lane series, I am hoping for romance to blossom all over the place. And while I want Winter to get his own book and find happiness, I still keep thinking about the mysterious Asa.

As has been mentioned here, her Prince trilogy and Four Soldier quartet were yum and so far this series is not disappointing. If you haven't read Hoyt yet, try out her Ice Princess Novella. It is a back story for one of her Prince Trilogy characters.

Besides everything else, I love that Hoyt romances are set in the Georgian era, and that she is not afraid to scar her heroes and provide us with complicated imperfect heroines.
lady trudy
9. Cammy
I adore Hoyt's writing without reservation. Great sex, great dialogue and great characters. I think one of the things that I like the most is that her heroes are more atypical. Not all of them are Dukes who are 6'3, broad-shouldered with bulging muscles, flowing dark hair and sexy eyes who are amazingly fit, despite leading typical lifestyles. She's got a sprinkling of those, but, often, they are flawed--scars, missing eyes or appendages. One's of average build and height, a couple more are tall and broad-shouldered, but leanly muscled and not described as inhumanly handsome.

And her heroines are great too and as described in previous posts--compliated and imperfect. The heroine of her Ice Princess novella is a madam, which is an occupation for a leading character that normally doesn't work for me. In this novella, it does because we actually meet her character in a previous book and get to know her a bit as a person.
Sonja C
10. bsas23
I can't wait for this book to come out! I really enjoy this series so far.
Mickey is yummy :)
lady trudy
11. ShazzaW
I've been counting down to the release of the new book.. I can't believe the anticiption I feel to catch up with the ongoing story of Silence and Mickey. Only problem is that once I've read 'Scandalous Desires' I'll once again be impatient for the next one!!!
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