Sep 6 2011 2:54pm

A Twist on Wuthering Heights

Showing now at the Venice Film Festival is this intriguing film adaptation of Wuthering Heights, with Heathcliff played by a black actor. The Huffington Post runs a summary of responses, all of which seem to admire the director’s unusual take on the film even if they vary in how they think she pulled it off.

There has yet to be a definitive version of the book, and perhaps that is because of its essential visceral quality. something that is hard to portray outside of the mind’s eye. 

This film opens in the UK in November, and it doesn’t seem as if there are plans for a US release yet. Would you want to see it?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I'd definitely want to see it; I'm all for more takes on Cathy/Heathcliff. Saw a little talk about this adaptation on Twitter and at first was wondering if it was the one with Chuck from Gossip Girl--haven't heard any news on that one in a while, but I think a version with him as Heathcliff is in the works too.
Louise Partain
2. Louise321
I would like to be able to see it but the scene posted is so dark that Heathcliff's skin color can't be distinguished. In my young mind I always saw him with the honey tones of a gypsy. Now a young Denzyl Washington would be gorgeous, all pride and beautiful flashing eyes.
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