Aug 2 2011 9:26am

What Word Grosses You Out?

Jake in 16 CandlesNow, we’re not saying Huffington Post is biting our style, but all’s we can say is, we had Natasha Carty writing about this very thing awhile ago, albeit in a romance novel context, when she wrote Squick Me Out! Words Not to Use in Moments of Passion.

Recently, Huffington Post asked its readers What Word is So Disgusting It’s Hard To Hear? Some of the responses include maggots, viscous, panties, Natasha’s favorite, moist, and adipocere, which is “grave or mortuary wax.”

All of us have our verbal pet peeves; besides what have been already detailed in Natasha’s post (i.e maybe not sexual), what word bothers you when you see it?

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Natasha Carty
1. WickedLilPixie
Pfft what biters! And you totally used that picture to taunt me! LOL
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@WickedLilPixie: (Confession: The picture was all me. Jake Ryan!)
Saundra Peck
3. sk1336
I used to tell my kids to never use any word for vomit!!!! However, now that I have migraine headaches, these words cannot be avoided, in fact I have to use them frequently...hmmm. Karma for "scarring" my kids, who are now grown, I have to ask???
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