Aug 19 2011 2:17pm

Weekly Roundup: Book Cover Madness, Erotic Writing Tips, Plagiarism and More!

Enjoy these highlights from the blogosphere published over the past week.  We’ve got links to articles by some of the fantastic bloggers on H&H who also write for their own sites, plus the odd link from the outside world that catches our fancy. 

Chelsea Mueller’s got a terrific discussion about loving/hating anthologies over at Vampire Book Club.  Is short really sweet?  Or do anthols filled with shorts...well, fall short for you?

You think it’s easy?  Or maybe you’ve realized it’s, er, harder than you thought. For writers who’d like to put a little more kapow in your sex scenes, check out Victoria Janssen’s 5 Tips for Writing Erotica.

LimeCello is wrapping up her Social Media for Social Good campaign.  You’ve got three minutes to save the world!  (Okay, you’ve got until Sunday, but you might as well start the weekend off already feeling like a saint.)

I never get tired of book cover mockery.  Over at The Spinecracker I saw a few examples of book cover madness I’ve never seen before.  Including the one featuring a rooster on a leash.

Barbara Vey’s Beyond the Book blog features a pretty intense interview with author Cynthia Eden who has been dealing with the plagiarism of her entire book by a fan fiction writer.  

Laurie Gold tips us off to a piece run by HuffPost about spoilers.  Have trouble choosing between the fun of obsessing in advance with fellow fans versus enjoying a totally fresh reading or watching experience?  Well, the article claims spoilers don’t spoil(!).  Do you agree?

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Saundra Peck
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I spent my morning catching up... you all had some great stuff this week!!! Thanks for the fun and keep up the great work!!!
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