Aug 19 2011 9:03am

Underworld: Awakening: Working Blue

Here’s what we know about Underworld: Awakening, which features the return of Kate Beckinsale as Selene, the “vampire warrioress*:”

1. Selene’s been held captive for 12 years. Good, that way she didn’t have to see the atrocity of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

2. In all that time, no-one has figured out how Selene can better deal with her hair. Is it that her hair gel is too greasy? That she hates barrettes? She won’t push it back behind her ears?

3. The people doing the Underworld series seem to believe the best, and only, color is blue. Would it kill them to maybe introduce a sepia tone in there somewhere? Maybe a touch of green?

4. Vampire fashion never changes: Black? Check. Leather? Check. Tight? Check.

5. Selene has yet to smile, even when seeing Mr. Bare-Chested Hot Guy right around 1:28. Way too serious, Selene.

The movie comes out January, 2012.

*What is a ’warrioress’ anyway?

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Dana R.
1. Dana R.
My question exactly, Selene: where's Michael? And why wasn't he doing something to free her in those 12 years? I'm wary of this film simply because I don't want the writers to ruin Selene and Michael's relationship. The introduction of another hot guy puts me on edge.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Dana R. I totally agree! I guess they have to explain the disappearance of Michael, but doesn't that make Selene--already not the warmest person, ha--more unlikeable?
althea preston
3. nightsmusic
I agree with Where's Michael! (We're not going to play Where's Waldo in this one, are we? It's making Rise look better all the time.) I thought Michael was supposed to be a new breed. The epitome of them both.



Why, oh why do they ruin a good thing all the time?
Natalia La Luz
5. nataliaL
Yes, where is Michael?!?!?! He better be there, if he is dead...arghhh!!!

I don't want this movie series to be ruined (well Rise of the Lycans was a little bit of a let-down), so hopefully it is good and we have Michael. I really couldn't stand another love interest, it wouldn't feel right.
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