Aug 22 2011 11:13am

True Blood Season 4, Episode 9: Ch-Ch-Changes

Sookie Stackhouse drinks from BillThe episode begins with Alcide and Bill trying to save Sookie from the knife wound to the gut she got at the cemetery. She’s not responding, but a couple drops of Bill’s blood must have made it into her system because she wakes up groggy but otherwise right as rain....wanna guess if Bill’s blood is going to have an effect on her?

When she wakes up to see both Bill and Alcide looking over her, but not Eric; she shoots up, demanding to know where he is and telling them they have to go find Eric. Alcide tries to reason with her by pointing out that she nearly just died because of the “damn fangers” again, but she’s having none of it. Alcide tells her he’s finally “done here” and leaves.

True Blood’s AntoniaMeanwhile, Antonia reveals to the group that Eric is very much under her control now, as she parades him around the store. She informs them that they will be taking Eric to the vampire demonstration the next night where he will show them all what vampires are really like. The others protest, especially Tara, proclaiming that they “didn’t sign up for this shit.” But when she personifies Sigourney Weaver (ala Ghostbusters) after someone mistakenly calls her Marnie instead of Antonia everyone fully understands how much shit they’re really in. They’re all screwed. I have to say, the actress playing Antonia is my favorite actress this season. She’s scary awesome.

Sam wants to help Luna and her daughter move on after Marcus nearly had puppies last week when he found Sam in “his house with his wife.” So Sam decides to take them camping. Over the course of the night, Sam cements himself in Luna’s life by shifting into a bunny when Luna’s little girl can’t catch the wild bunny. After the little girl falls fast asleep (with ear muffs I hope) Luna crawls over to Sam’s tent and they have hot and sweaty tent sex. I have the weirdest urge to go camping all of a sudden.

Debbie is at home waiting for Alcide watching Cheaters on TV (um, complex much, Debbie?). And she pretends to be asleep when he comes in. Even Alcide stripping completely nude, giving the audience a full glimpse of his backside goods, still doesn’t wake up her. That’s how you know she’s truly insane. Alcide crawls into my bed nekkid, I’m waking up... no matter what.

Back at vampire Bill’s house, Nan Flanagan arrives to prep Bill for their upcoming AVL event the next night, and Bill has to tell her everything that’s happened over the last couple of days with the necromancer Antonia, and oh yeah, that Eric is missing again. Nan, of course, rips Bill a new one as they’re all strapped down in silver chains in the basement, but thankfully Bill actually grew a pair and tells her that “beyond tomorrow’s headline she is a blind person.” I think I’m seeing the makings of a Nan and Bill can only hope.

Lafayette is now possessed by that lullabye-singing woman’s spirit and shows up at Hoyt’s house with Arlene’s baby, who she thinks is her baby. When she sees Hoyt in “her” house she starts shooting at him, telling him to get out and leave her baby alone. Hoyt calls Jason, who happens to be with Arlene. He tells him that Lafayette has gone crazy at his house, and, oh yeah, bring him some pants! Homeboy got kicked out his house in his boxer shorts.

Jesus and LafayetteJason has to take control of the whole situation because Andy found a couple drops of V and is completely roid’ed out. Jason gets Jesus over there in hope that he can talk some sense into the spirit using Lafayette. Jesus bravely goes in to rescue his man, and somehow gets through to the crazy woman with the baby. He talks her through remembering her death in hopes of giving her some closure. Through her story, they discover where her body is buried. Once the men get to shoveling, they locate the burial plot where her and her dead baby are buried. Jesus does this ridiculous chant while holding onto Lafayette, sending her and her baby’s spirits onward. I was so confused by this whole scene. How does Jesus know he can send spirits to the beyond? Is he the Grim Reaper? I thought he wasn’t supposed to be the powerful one? Yeah, lots of scratching my head on this whole story line. Please tell me there’s a purpose to it a big powerful season finale showdown with Marnie/Antonia and all of Jesus and Lafayette’s using the powers they’ve learned this season.

True Blood’s SookieRemember when I wondered if Sookie taking Bill’s blood might cause some side effects? Cue  another shimmering dream sequence! Sookie wakes up in dreamland in red lingerie and come-fuck-me-heels and answers the door for Eric, but Bill quickly joins their dream. She announces that she’s never stopped loving Bill and she proposes that they share each other. All three of them. She proclaims that she is neither of theirs, but maybe they could be hers (too bad she doesn’t think like this in real life). Then she drops her silk robe revealing the matching red bra and panties set underneath...who said this show was targeting for a female audience. Yowza. They both sink their fangs in her neck at the same time and end the dream. She looks around confused...yup, you just dreamed that. Wanna make it a reality?

While Sam’s out playing hide the flashlight with Luna, Marcus shows up to Merlotte’s looking for Sam. Tommy just happens to be there writing Sam his farewell apology letter. In grand Tommy tradition, the minute Marcus starts over-exerting his manliness, Tommy pumps  his chest out right back. Marcus leaves his card and asks Tommy to let Sam know he wants him at that address later that night. Wanna take a quick guess what might happen next?

Yup, Tommy shifts into Sam and shows up at Marcus’ garage where the pack-mates, including a recently allianced Alcide, are waiting for him. Tommy raises his haunches and Marcus starts wailing on him. It’s not long before some of the other pack members start punching him too. Alcide, in all his alpha male-ness, growls and forces them to stop. Sam turns into Tommy before their eyes just before he collapses into a bloody heap on the ground. Alcide scoops him up and takes him out of there. I was really confused by this entire encounter. Tommy should have Ms. Fortenberry’s money now. Why’s he still around? Why would be even put himself in danger here? Another case of major head scratching.

While Alcide is doing pack things, Debbie is buying V from some low-life in a dirty alleyway. Yup, you read that correctly. No idea where it came from or what’s happening there, but she’s off the wagon it would seem. She shows up to Sookie’s all hopped up and the whole time you think that she’s going to do something to Sookie. That she might hurt her or sabotage her attempt to locate Eric. But all she does is drive her over to Antonia’s, and distracts Antonia long enough with a made-up excuse of a werewolf alliance for Sookie to crawl through a back window and locate Eric in the bathroom.

Eric tells Sookie that Antonia is planing on taking him to kill Bill the King at the AVL function later that night, but she must get out of there. Tara helps her escape after telling her telepathically exactly where Bill and the function is. By letting Sookie escape, Tara has pissed Antonia off so bad that Antonia locks them all inside the Moon Goddess Emporium. No AVL campaign fun for them.

After all the crazy shenanigans that happened at Hoyt’s house, Jason and Hoyt are putting his house back to right again when Jason comes across the box of Jessica’s things, otherwise known as the “monster box.” Hoyt asks Jason if he would please take Jessica her things. Jason tries to protest, but Hoyt pulls out the best friend card, so Jason agrees. Jessica, looking utterly wounded, answers the door when Jason arrives. And the sad, hurt, wounded look in her eye was all the aphrodisiac he needed. Camera rolls out to the bed of Jason’s truck... with Jessica riding Jason in the bed. Yeehaww, cowgirl.

Debbie rushes Sookie to the AVL thing where Bill and Nan are. And where Eric and Antonia are. Bill’s at the podium giving a speech. Antonia is hiding in the wings. Eric’s in another wing. Then Sookie screams “Bill!” which is the cue for all hell to unleash.

One of my friends said to me last week that she thinks Eric isn’t under Antonia’s spell anymore, as of last week’s episode. She thinks he totally knew who he was and what he was doing last week to Sookie. That would mean that this week he would fully understand, in his right mind, that he was about to kill his King. And the look in his eyes we get just before the end of the show kinda makes me believe that my friend might know what she’s talking about. There was deviousness in his eyes. Those were not the eyes of mindless drone. Any chance you agree with us too? Is Eric Eric again? And is there a chance maybe he’s been himself for a couple of episodes now? Wouldn’t that be so Eric’s manipulative style? And the reason we haven’t seen Pam for a couple of episodes? Does she know that he doesn’t need her looking/fighting for him anymore?


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Pamela Webb-Elliott
1. Spaz
*giggle* what a hot mess. I stopped watching the show last season, just lost interest. But I sure do love reading your and Nat's write ups and tweets to see what they are doing with the show. Thanks!!
Natasha Carty
2. WickedLilPixie
Do I have to keep watching this? I swear it gets worse every episode!
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@WickedLilPixie: I'll answer: YES, you do have to keep watching. Just like I have to keep editing, even tho I haven't seen the episode yet. So just imagine watching AND knowing the dreck that's going to come because you've been spoiled! Feel my pain--will NO-ONE think of the sad editor?
4. ChelseaMueller
I just hope we're going somewhere.

I'm really ready for Debbie to go batshit crazy.

I'm ready for Eric to be himself again.

Also, a little surprised by how the Eric/Sookie/Bill dream had way more chemistry/heat than anything Eric/Sookie.
Jessica Turner
5. TheSpinecracker
@pam: Wow, you realy and truly stopped? @Nat: Hell yes you have to keep watching! I can go it alone. Im far to confused to make it through unscathed @Megan: That realy sucks. I actually do feel really bad for you @Chelsea: YES! Debbie is hangin on by a very thin thread my friend. But why? Sookie was gone for a year, let us not forget. I'm just so confused. So so confused. And yeah the dream sequence was steamy...and blurry. Were you happy with the Jason & Jess hook-up? I was hoping for a little longer scene... maybe one NOT involving a f'ing truck. They had the whole mansion to themselves WTH!
Brittany Melson
6. BrittanyMelson
Wow, I never thought about Eric not being under a spell anymore. That would be so great. I'm so tired of him being weak and controlled by that witch. Also, I think Alcide has the best butt on television. I have to say that I stopped and rewound just to get a second look:) He also growls really well. Finally, I'm so anxious to find out who is going to stop the evil witch. I hope Sookie does something useful for once instead of trying to get herself killed.
Jessica Turner
7. TheSpinecracker
@Brittany: OMG I'm so obsessed with Alcide already. The ass shot threw me over the edge. And yes, his growls were awesome. It has to be Jesus and Lafayette who take down Antonia, it has to be... or else I'm going to be even MORE confused. Didnt Eric look like he knew exactly what he was doing? I dunno, I'm still deciding on him.
rachel sternberg
8. rae70
OMG! If I were Sookie I would be dreaming about Alcide.. I'm with Jess in that I would be so waking up when that slipped into bed with me!)
Me and my True-Crew hadn't watched last 2 episodes so we watched them back to back and noticed that Debbie was starting to look more rocker-trash in her outfits and hair again, so we knew we would be seeing her slip and going back to the "V" soon.. I prefer her Bat-Shit crazy!! LOL!
I hope Erik is playing Antonia for a fool! I want my Big Bad Viking back!!
Jessica Turner
9. TheSpinecracker
@Rae: First off, LOVE your handle. My sis' middle name is Rae and I've wanted to claim it as mine since forever. I've never seen anyone use this before. Just thought it was cool.

...ok on to the good stuff!

Thank you! ALCIDE (and his naked body) DESERVE ATTENTION, DAMN IT. Debbie is whack. See, I didnt' pick up on her foreshadowing at all. Smart you. I think it'll be fun watching her turn crazy again.... I'm aware how wrong that comes off.
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