Aug 15 2011 10:37am

True Blood Season 4, Episode 8: The Rescuers

Jason and Jessica in True BloodThe episode starts where last week’s ended, with Jess walking out the doors of Bill’s mansion. But as she steps into the sun, Jason tackles her back inside the doors, saving her life. Jess snaps out of the trance and kisses Jason...whoa boy!

He brings her back downstairs to Bill and she realizes that she has killed one of the guards, thus the tears of blood start flowing. Jason ties her back down with more silver while talking to Bill about what has happened. Bill asks that Jason doesn’t report this, as an officer of the law. Jason agrees, but counters that Bill can’t be mad that he shot one of his guards to rescue Jess.

Marcus, the pack alpha, is having a rally and says to his pack that weres are no match for the vampires. He says he is aware that something big is about to go down with the vamps and witches and that the pack must stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Sam goes to visit Luna and tells her that he kicked out Tommy. Luna says Sam should have told her Tommy was a skinwalker, so Sam rehashes what happened. She ends up forgiving him when Emma (her daughter) comes outside and asks Sam to play Barbies with her.

Over at Sookie’s, she’s unchaining Eric, who’s a hot mess of silver burns. He hasn’t fed since he killed Claudine. Sookie being Sookie offers to feed him, and then Eric offers his blood. Sookie (idiot) agrees and says that she trusts him not to drain her. Eric advises that she should keep some silver in her hand in case he can’t stop himself, but then he says my second favorite line of the night:

“I won’t betray you, ever.”

Eric and Sookie in the shower in True BloodMmhmm, we all know that’s going to happen once he regains his memories. In any case, they go on that weird V high and end up in the shower, where the water becomes snow, then the shower turns into a forest (said in the Old Spice Guys voice because that’s how that scene made me feel). And they get busy, again. Can someone explain to me why their sex scenes are always dark but I can clearly see Sookie’s boobs? Would it be too much to ask for a little lighting on Eric’s booty? Please! Cheesy. Is anyone else tired of nice Eric? So done.

Moving along...

Jess comes back home to Hoyt and she says she wants to move out. Hoyt says he can’t live without her and he’d die without her. Then he starts sobbing and getting all sorts of gross with the whinning and the sobbing and the ugh. He keeps saying he’ll die and Jess, well, Jess bashes his head upside a counter and kills him. I admit, I actually made a noise of shock when that happened.

Only to curse out the TV when we found out it was a dream.

Bill ends up glamouring a reporter so he can issue a statement about the one vampire that Antonia managed to get out into the sun. He claims it’s a suicide due to the intense anti-vampire hatred.  Meanwhile, Antoina and Tara are watching the news and see his statement, which agitates Antonia. After the report, Bill calls Antonia and is shocked to hear Tara pick up. He ends up apologizing to Antonia on behalf of all vampires and requests a truce. After a long, drawn out convo, Antonia agrees to meet with Bill in the cemetery alone at 12 a.m. If that’s not asking for trouble, I don’t know what is. Or it’s the beginning of a bad joke: “A vampire and a batshit-crazy witch meet in a cemetery...”

For some reason we have Maxine taking pictures of the dead vampire remains at the crime scene. Andy allows her, but later when Jason comes to the scene, Andy tries to lick the remains. I think he needs to be on My Strange Addictions.

Then we have another weird-ass scene where there is someone walking through a dark house full of dolls and only lit by a flashlight....okay? Turns out it was Tommy at Maxine’s house, stealing her stuff. He ends up at Merlotte’s with the mineral-rights guy that offered money to place something on her property. After skinwalking as Maxine, Tommy is in the woods puking and passes out. Why is he still alive?

Alcide and Debbie in True BloodAlcide and Debbie are at a pack party when a fight breaks out; Alcide intervenes right away. Marcus ends up thanking him and saying that he is alpha material, that if he wants to move up the ranks, he can. Alcide says he doesn’t really want to get involved in pack politics. But he agrees with the not helping vampires. Debbie ends up asking Alcide to stay away from Sookie because she’s always involved in vampire politics, and he agrees.

At Merlotte’s, Arlene walks into the kitchen and starts yelling at Terry for having his back to Mikey, who is in his playpen in the kitchen. Terry says he has a mirror above the stove to watch him, and off they go on their argument about Renee’s ghost. While their backs are turned, the woman comes back to sing to Mikey. Lafeytte walks in and sees her, and she gives him a weird look. He then utters the line of the night:

“Fuck this shit!” And he leaves.

Jess really comes back to Hoyt this time and tells him they moved too fast and it was a mistake. Instead of crying like her vision, Hoyt loses his shit! Starts screaming at her and saying she doesn’t deserve him and that he doesn’t want to be with a virgin for the rest of his life (remember, Jess reverts to how she was right before she died, a virgin). Then he says he doesn’t want to be with someone dead, OUCH! He then rescinds his invitation and out the door Jess goes.

Back in bed, Eric and Sookie are talking and off their V/Fae blood high. Eric says they should run away so he can remain the same, but Sookie refuses, saying they should fight with Bill.

Poor Lafayette is sleeping when he starts to dream about the weird lady that’s stalking Mikey. We see her walking to a house holding the doll (I told you the doll was the evilness) and a man walks out of the house. She tells him she got the baby a doll with all her money, and he tells her the baby is dead. Turns out they were in a mixed relationship and he killed the baby. This bothered me on so many levels; I actually had tears in my eyes. I am a product of a mixed relationship, so it hit a little close to home. I don’t get why he killed the baby; he could have just left her with the baby. It really disturbed me. Especially the “no funeral” part.

Eric and SookieAnyways, Lafayette wakes up and that’s when the lady possesses him. They end up at Andy’s house where Arlene’s family is staying, and they take Mikey.

Bill agrees to let Sookie and Eric fight the witches with him, after really not wanting Sookie anywhere near it.

At Luna’s, her ex looks in the window and sees Sam. Guess who the ex is? Marcus, pack alpha, and he is pissed. He comes in and flips out. Sam says he’ll leave, but Emma (the daughter) screams no. Turns out little Emma is scared of her father, and who could blame her!

Luna and Sam in True BloodLuna threatens to call Marcus’s parole officer if he starts anything, then goes to put Emma to bed. Marcus tells Sam he’s stepped onto the wrong porch and basically says “it’s on.”

Jess goes to tell Jason she broke up with Hoyt and Jason freaks out. He’s been best friends with Hoyt since childhood and she’s broken his heart. He also rescinds his invitation and out the door she goes.

Bill goes to meet with Antonia in the cemetery—turns out neither came alone. Sookie is surprised to see Tara on Antonia’s side. Bill asks Antonia to remove the spells on Pam and Eric, and in return he will command no harm come to her, ever. Sookie hears, telepathically, Antonia doing a spell and warns Bill. Thus the fight is on. Tara kills a vampire and Pam takes her gun. Just as Pam is about to kill Tara, Bill commands that no harm ever come to Tara. Pam is pissed (“This is fucking lame”). After Pam leaves, Tara asks Bill why and he states she knows why. I’m assuming because of Sookie.

Alcide lied to Debbie and goes over to Sookie’s to warn her about the upcoming fight. Meanwhile, Debbie is in wolf form following him. Alcide hears the fight and runs to find Sookie.

Just then, Sookie gets shot. Bill and Eric go to help her, Bill gets chained in silver, and Antonia takes control of Eric with a spell. Leaving Sookie lying on the ground bleeding. Until Alcide comes up and carries her away. All while Debbie is watching.

So, why the death of the baby? What in the world is Antonia doing to Eric now? And why is Tommy still alive?!


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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1. ChelseaMueller
I feel kind of horrible for really wanting Jessica's little fantasy -- killing Hoyt, then getting it on with Jason while still all bloody -- to be real. Not that I want Hoyt dead, per se, it just would have been a nice shocker. And, well, it was well done.

Anyone else still not buying the Sookie/Eric sex scenes? Just because this is "nice Eric" doesn't mean he'd lost his skills. Geez.
Natasha Carty
2. WickedLilPixie
Chelsea - ME TOO! AHAH I was like whoa damn, YES Jess. Then WTF. The sex scenes are sooo cheesetastic, I want dominate Eric not this whatever the hell he is Eric.
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
I am sick and friggin' tired of Eric and Sooki sex scenes looking like two little kids skipping through the forest. I am really friggin' tired of Eric's Dennis the Menace haircut and ridiculous clothes. I am really tired of thinking I am getting that Hot Shower Scene from the book and getting it yanked from me.

Why are all the other Sex Scenes in TB hot and Eric and Sooki's are the X-rated version of Ring Around The Rosie? Really? This SUCKS! Pun intended.

Tommy needs to die. Yesterday.

Hoyt getting his head bashed made me gasp. It being a dream made me frown. He needs to go too. He reminded me of that stalker psycho kind of guy, like Mark Wahlberg from Fear but with less balls. Loved Jason and Jessica. Ha cha cha.

Lafayette being possessed needs to have more umph. Um, he's gay and already walks like that ghost possessing him. Highly disappointed with that one. But then again, its genius. No one will suspect that's not Lafayette walking around. Oh, but the omplications of Lafayette getting accused of kidnapping or worse... Grrr. Why couldn't she possess Tommy?

Being a former American History teacher my stomach clenched with the Arelene, Lafayette, Mikey storyline climax. It left with me with so many questions and the answers I'm not sure I want.

Back to the Cemetary scene. WTF Antonia! Leave Eric alone. If you can't then at least cast a spell on him where he dresses better and gets any hair cut but that bowl cut circa 1984. I mean, I really want Eric to get his memory back at this point. It was all nice and sexy at first, this new Eric, but now it's annoying.

Alcide carrying Sooki. Hot as all hell. Makes me wanna get shot in the gut in Bon Temps. Ha cha cha. Lick my wounds please, Alcide!
Brittany Melson
4. BrittanyMelson
Great recap. I agree with everyone that I'm tired of Eric being nice and his awful hair and clothes this season. Bill is actually starting to dress and act more attractive than Eric, and I NEVER thought that would happen. I also couldn't understand the long, trippy sex scene in the woods where one of them said something like, "Anything is possible." Maybe there's going to be a half-fairy, half-vampire baby on the way. It has to be foreshadowing of some sort, or they wouldn't have made the scene SO long. In regards to the whole Merlotte saga, if I were Sam I'd have a hard time respecting Luna after seeing her baby's daddy Marcus. And yet, I'm starting to find Marcus strangely attractive in an odd, creepy way--maybe because he's portrayed as being dominant. I definitely think Alcide can take him, though. Maybe he will, and he'll become leader of the pack. My guess about the angry, kidnapping spirit who possessed Lafayette is that maybe her baby didn't actually die and one of the town members is her descendant--maybe even Lafayette himself. Is anyone else wondering what happened with Jason and the were-panthers? Do you think he impregnated any of the ladies? I have this feeling that they wouldn't have devoted so much time to that storyline to just drop it and be like "Oh, yeah, were-panthers are born not made." Plus, one of the crime scene guys last night commented on how a panther bit his neck. Foreshadowing? Or did I misunderstand?
Jessica Turner
5. TheSpinecracker
Am SO proud of Jason for turning Jessica down (even if my brian was guilty-ly wishing for smexy with them) And so happy with how Hoyt kicked her to the curb. The Sookie/Eric sex has been so uninteresting. OH, and Nat you need to re-wind the Tivo. We got a couple secs of Eric booty... in the shower pre-snow I think. ;) Oh Alcide! That is all *swoon*
6. ChelseaMueller
@TheSpinecracker - I was a little shocked and proud of Jason for turning Jess down, too. (Admittedly, I'm still hoping for a nice mistake between those two, but....)
Natasha Carty
7. WickedLilPixie
@ Charli - YES! Hoyt does remind me of Fear *shudder* Ahaha at the Lafeyette walk, I thought that too "umm whats so different" You are killing me! Comment of the day!
Natasha Carty
8. WickedLilPixie
@Brittney- I hope Jason hasn't gotten them pregnant, I don't like them!! @Jess - Pfft thats not booty, thats high thigh LOL
9. disneypal
I just came upon your recaps of True Blood - I love them !! Love your writing and sense of humor.
10. CindyS
I'm still a Hoyt fan so yeah, I panicked when Jess killed him but the next scene I figured it was a dream. So seeing Hoyt lose his shit was much better and I was shockingly happy that Jason also turned Jess away. So I'm hoping Jess tosses them both now.

I'm over innocent Eric - I'm wondering how pissed he's going to be and it better be Epic.

Shocked that Alcide straight up lied. He's hot but didn't know he was going to be a good liar!

I also like Marcas but I tend to like bad guys ;)

12. Asfandancer
I to am ready for sarcastic, strong, smart, sexy Eric's return. Yeah we asked for Sookie/Eric from the books, but once again AB is giving us something that diminishes the Eric character. However, unlike most of the comments here, I find the sex scenes far more then sex they are truly love scenes. Until Sookie unchained Eric there had been no biting just beautiful touching, feeling, loving sex. With Bill it seems there was always this groping, growling, frantic biting. Even when Eric took her blood it was in a loving caring fashion. Don't get me started on Alcide. I know most of the fans see the muscle and fall all over themselves, but he just does nothing for me. One of the things I love about this show is the quality of acting. Bill (Stephen) is excellent at playing snoring boring. Sookie (Anna) is terrific at being Bill's doormat and a total idiot. Eric (Alex) is always superb. No matter what, he takes all the crap AB makes of his character and turns it into gold. Lafayette, Jason, Jessica, Hoyt, Andy, Terry, Arlene, Tara (their character names but I really mean the actors) all top notch talent. The guest actors, Maryanne, Russell, Franklin, Marnie, etc. so skilled at their craft. Then we have Alcide, all brawn no substance.
13. spazp
WHY is Alcide's collar up all the time?!
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