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True Blood Season 4, Episode 7: Breaking the Chains of Love

Marnie in True BloodThis episode, titled “Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” really solidifies nearly all the separate storylines into the singular plot that is the necromancer Antonia’s attempt to take down the vampires. We still don’t really understand why she’s chosen a tiny little town in Louisiana for the beginning of her revolt, but we’re going with it.


So Marnie, who shall be known now as Antonia, escapes from Bill’s jail below the mansion by using Bill’s sheriff Luis (the vampire who raped her 400 years ago? Yeah, that one). He gets the red-headed guard who slept with Bill to create an exit for Antonia and then he kills the poor red-head. After Antonia leaves the compound, Luis goes to Bill’s office to apologize for letting the necromancer take over his mind. But she’s not completely left Luis because he shoots Bill, but misses and gets him in the stomach. Bill tries to get answers out of Luis through the influence but all Luis can force out is the word “Resurrection” before he drives the stake in Bill’s hand to kill himself.

So at the end of the last episode Pam is about to jump Tara and her girlfriend Naomi, and she almost has Tara finished off, but a horde of tourists start filming her attempted murder, because “TMZ pays $10,000 for a real life vampire attack.” Harvey must be so proud. So Pam leaves, but not before promising to hunt Tara down later. So Tara selflessly pushes Naomi away, back to New Orleans, and it crushes her when she actually leaves. You really get a feel for how much Tara must love her, because of the anguished cries she lets out after Naomi drives away. Poor Tara.

But one of the greatest parts of Tara’s character is that her true nature is consistent, no matter what is happening in her life. Here she is depressed, drinking, walking the dark streets of Louisiana just waiting for Pam’s return to kill her when she stumbles upon Marnie/Antonia. When Tara tells her how un-happy she is to see her and Antonia says, “Don’t be hard on Marnie. Her spirit is pure.” Tara responds with, “And Tara ain’t so crazy about Marnie’s new way of talking about herself.” I laughed. Hard. Gotta love the girl.

So Antonia reveals herself to Tara and explains that she is going to take down the vampires, but that she needs her help. Tara figures at this point she’s got nothing to lose, so she goes off to start recruiting.

Pam in True BloodPam fans will be happy to hear that she might have found a cure for her decomposing body. The vampire’s own Nurse Ratchet arrives at Fangtasia and proceeds to rip off Pam’s dead skin and provides her a regeneration serum of some kind that takes 6 daily injections for the rest of her life. We get a tiny little glimpse of her skin mid-regeneration and she looks like a hairless cat. ::shudders:: It’s not pretty.

Meanwhile, Bill believes, due to the stories from 400 years ago of how Antonia made the vampires willingly walk into the sun, that Antonia has the same plan for the vampires of Lousiana. Bill gathers up his sheriffs and demands that they lock themselves down in silver the next day.

Debbie in True BloodIt’s still the night of the full moon, and Debbie and Alcide are with their new pack being initiated. Debbie, of course, is happy to be a part of the pack, but Alcide is still indifferent. Debbie assumes he’s still worried about Sookie so she says that they can go look for her. Well, they found her. And Eric. And the meadow where they decided was so romantic that it needed to be where they have sex for the first time. Aren’t rocks and twigs uncomfortable? Anyway, Alcide and Debbie have a minute of voyeurism. Actually, Alcide watches. Debbie is only watching him, and his reaction to the display, and the look of slight disappointment (or is that jealousy?) in his eyes.

Later that night you get your first Alcide sex scene, but unfortunately it’s not very hot because Debbie breaks down crying in the middle of it. She asks Alcide if he’s in love with Sookie and he reassures her that he’s not. In fact, he starts telling her how much she means to him, and you get the feeling that he’s actually reassuring himself at the same time. I think that Alcide’s attraction, lust, whatever it is, with Sookie might have finally run its course.

Eric and Sookie in True BloodAnd speaking of sex, Eric and Sookie have a little marathon of their own. But don’t worry, they do make it back to the house, but only make it as far as the foyer. Then they proceed to have mad monkey sex in every position.

Tommy isn’t dead like the last episode made it seem. He’s recovered just fine from his Sam-shift. Sam soon calls Luna, only to be told to “Fuck Off” before she hangs up on him. Since Sam has no idea what he’s done to Luna, he goes to her work to find out. After a couple of minutes of reaming into Sam, Luna realizes he honestly has no idea what she’s talking about; that he has no memories of having sex with her and no memories of kicking her out directly afterwards. They both realize that Tommy shifted into Sam. Sam almost chokes Tommy out when he gets back to the trailer, but at the last minute lets him up—guess his anger management training really is working. But he does kick Tommy out and tells him he never wants to see him ever again. Bye bye Tommy. Or will Tommy try and blackmail Sam by finding out how Sam knows that croc like marshmallows (read episode 5 re-cap if you don’t know what I mean)? It could really go either way with that kid.

True Blood ghostAfter what Jesus’s grandfather did to him and to Lafayette, they decide they’ve had enough of Mexico. They must have a warp speed mode in their car though, because Lafayette is back in the kitchen in Merlotte’s later that day. Reiterating the fact that Lafayette is a medium now, the ghost who was friendly with the baby in the last episode reveals herself to him in the kitchen. He only freaked out a little. Still have no idea how she and the demon baby are connected. Nor what the creepy dirty doll has to do with anything, but there’s got to be something in each season that you must puzzle out slowly.

Oh, and the date that Andy Bellfluer and the waitress had planned at Merlotte’s, sadly didn’t last 5 minutes. Apparently jonesing for V and first dates are not a healthy combination.

By now, all of the vampires have strapped themselves away for the day with silver chains. Jessica and Bill are at the mansion. Eric is at Sookie’s. And Pam locked down in her Chanel-pink coffin at Fangtasia. Tara and her circle of recruits start to chant with Antonia. She does this wicked levitation trick, and it unleashes the shit storm, or witch storm, as Sookie calls it.

Jason and Sookie in True BloodJason arrives at Sookie’s house to inform her that he didn’t turn into a were-panther just as the storm really starts to get going. And for some reason Jason just knows that Jessica needs him, so he starts running toward Bill’s mansion.

All of the vampires are desperate to break their chains and go out into the sun, but unfortunately for Jess, Bill was too nice and only loosely wrapped her in silver because of the amount of pain she was in when he was putting them on her.

Jessica in True BloodShe breaks free of her chains and is crawling toward the door. She makes it to the doors and flings them open. And thus is the end of the show, and the best cliffhanger yet this season.

Will Jason make it to Jessica in time? Will he even have enough strength to get her back inside if he does make it? Or will this be the end of Jessica?


Jessica Turner reviews Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Sc-Fi Romances on her site The Spinecracker and is a trained chef who lives in San Diego with her very Irish husband.

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1. ChelseaMueller
1. I just want it on record that the only reason I'd breakdown crying during sex with Alcide is due to being overwhelmed by those abs. One more reason to hate Debbie Pelt.

2. I kind of think Andy would have loaded up on the V before the date. Is it supposed to be a sign he's trying to kick the stuff?

3. Why do I like the idea of a Jason/Jessica hookup so much?

4. The monkey sex montage was OK, but the preview for next week makes me think that Eric/Sookie book fans are going to finally get something akin to the sex in Book 4. *fingers crossed*
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
SO WITH YOU on the Debbie is a Dud thing. Yuk! What was Alcide thinking?

And yes, I would've thought Andy would have had some V before his date.

I love the idea of Jason and Jessica hooking up, too--does this mean Jason would have to bust her hymen each time, tho?

I loved the scene with Jess and Bill talking about Hoyt, and that she might not be as in love with him as he is with her. Bill showed some actual caring there, which we haven't seen much of this season. I still don't understand why he is over Sookie enough so that he is able to see her with another guy. Because, yeah, he's a lying dog, but he is a possessive lying dog.

Oh, and so this means Sookie has slept with TWO MEN in her entire life. And both are vampires. Regular sex just might not compare (are you listening, Alcide?)
Jessica Turner
3. TheSpinecracker
Agreed, all of the sex I've had with Alcide in my head has NEVER ended in tears. So glad Im not the only one who likes the idea of Jess and Jason! Im pretty sure Jason wouldn't mind the whole hymen issue. It's like sleeping with a virgin every night. ;)
4. CindyS
Uh, oh, I'm not a fan of Jason / Jessica - I just love Hoyt and how he loves her. I don't think Jason is even capable of that kind of love. That said, I think Jessica is the best of the vamps (besides Pam) because she is still happy and somewhat innocent and knows just when to get angry.

I also like to see how Bill is finally caring about Jessica and her well being. He made her against his will but seeing him suffer over her while Buck put silver on her was revealing.

And Bill asking Eric and Sookie if the reunion had gone well and hearing Eric start with 'yes' only to have Sookie tell him to hush was sweet and painful.

Also the part where Sam and Luna realize that Luna had sex with Sam's brother was funny in that they both sat hard with the OMG and I'm going to be sick.

Finally, does Alcide have to hanker after Sookie? Can't a girl who has had a rough past and done some wrong get her man too? I'd rather see Alcide fall back in love with Debbie as she works to get better. Hey, not every woman is all doe-y eyed with a dancers body, so can't a normal girl get some love. So yeah, if Debbie can keep it together then I'd like to see Alcide remember how he loved her.

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