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True Blood Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: The True Death is Different from the Little Death

Eric and Sookie kiss in True BloodEpisode 6, “I Wish I Was the Moon” in review (All sorts of sexy ****SPOILERS**** within):

We start out with a heavy petting session between Eric and Sookie. Just as I imagine Eric’s about to get naked, doesn’t Bill go and ruin it for me us. Eric and Bill face off, snarls and all, until Sookie tells Eric that Bill is the King.

Mr. “I Forgot” Eric quickly apologizes. Bill ends up having Eric cuffed in silver handcuffs and hauled away by his goons, claiming Eric is a danger. He also tells Sookie to stay out of vampire business and if she steps foot on his property she’ll be arrested.

Eric is arrestedBill does a video conference with Nan and tells her the situation, he’s got both Marnie and Eric. He asks for a warrant for Eric’s true death, claiming Eric is a liability. Asshole. Bill, not Eric.

Arlene and Terry are sleeping when they realize their house is on fire. Arlene can’t find Mikey, but the fire is so intense that Terry ends up dragging her outside against her will. Terry goes to run back in the house but can’t when the house explodes. Turns out Demon Baby Mikey was the first one out of the house, say WHAT. Mikey wasn’t alone either, he had the creepy doll Jessica gave him. While Arlene is holding him, Mikey looks over her shoulder and waves to some random woman on the street. When Arlene turns around, the woman is gone.

The next day, Sam goes to check out the damage because he is the landlord. Andy confronts Sam, saying if he finds Sam is to blame he’ll get him. Sam says if Andy doesn’t back off, he’ll turn into a dog and chew off his face. GO SAM!

Sam ends up calling Tommy and asking him to open for him because he’s stuck at the fire scene. Tommy agrees, but has some weird fit while staring at himself in the mirror. When he looks up, he has skinwalked into Sam! This is not gonna be good.

Lafayette and Jesus are still at his abuelo’s house, who says they need to make a sacrifice for his help. They end up capturing a snake and bringing it back to him. Grandpa brings the snake way too close to Jesus and it bites him in the neck. Before Grandpa Monster leaves, he tells Lafayette to protect Jesus. Lafayette ends up zoning out and seeing some weird scene, then something or someone flies into his mouth and starts speaking Spanish. Turns out it’s Tio (Uncle) Luca. Then Lafayette snaps out of it and asks who the hell is Tio Luca?

Tara’s girlfriend ends up in Bon Temps looking for the real Tara Thorton. She yells at Tara, but they end up making out after a mini argument.

Alcide in True BloodAlcide goes home for lunch and finds Debbie with the Alpha. Debbie ends up begging Alcide to join the pack because she needs community for her rehab. Alcide is a softy and agrees.

Sookie keeps calling Jason, but can’t get ahold of him, so she goes to Merlotte’s to get the day off. Tommy is still doppel Sam and tells Sookie off something fierce, then fires her. Sookie leaves and goes to Jason’s, where he confesses what has happened to him: He’s tied himself to the bed because tonight is the full moon and he’s going to turn werepanther. Sookie tells Jason (never the sharpest knife in the drawer) that if he changes he’ll get out, regardless of being strapped to the bed because his new shape will allow him to slip from the handcuffs. She promises to stay with him to make sure he is okay.

Line of the night courtesy of Jason:

“Like the guy at the mall buying the pentagram strech pants”

They end up sitting outside having beer, but when Sookie comes back outside from getting more beer, Jason is gone. So she sets off into the woods, at night, on a full moon, with a rifle. I didn’t say Sookie was smart, did I?

Still in Sam’s shape, Tommy ends up sleeping with Sam’s girlfriend, the other skinwalker. After sex, he tells her to get out. After she leaves, he turns back to himself and starts to throw up. I hate Tommy, would someone kill him already?

Jessica in True BloodTara and her girlfriend go to Merlotte’s, Tara thinks she’s seated herself at Arlene’s section, but Jessica comes to take their orders. Tara is less than pleased when all of the sudden Jessica takes off out the door. Thank god for Jessica, because the Tara stuff was all sorts of boring.

Jess ends up finding Jason in the woods, explaining because he took her blood she can still sense him. They have a heart-to-heart while they wait to see if Jason is going to turn. Meanwhile, Sookie runs into Alcide and Debbie in the woods on their way to the pack meeting. Sookie asks about how a were is made, turns out it’s born only, not bitten. So off she goes to find Jason again.

Back at Bill’s, he has his goons bring Eric outside. He’s got the warrant for Eric’s true death. Eric says he is ready to face his death because from what he has heard he wasn’t a very good vampire, but asks for two requests. One that Bill release Pam, because she is rotting and can’t possibly be a danger to anyone, and two that he says thank you to Sookie on Eric’s behalf. He also tells Bill to take care of Sookie when he is gone, because she deserves happiness.

In the cells, Marnie is begging for the spirit to return and avenge her. She has a vision of the witch being bitten by vampires, one named Luis who also rapes her.  Plus they were priests, which makes it doubly creepy. Then the vision changes to her on fire at the witch burning, while she’s chanting. Her chants bring all the vampires out to their true deaths, where they catch on fire. Yep, some kinda priests they were. When Marnie comes to, the witch is in the room with her and possesses her!

One of Bill’s security guys is monitoring Marnie’s cell and she somehow manages to get him to come downstairs. Turns out the security guy is Luis, the rapist vampire. Talk about coincidence! He realizes Marnie is possessed by Antonia and goes to kill her when she does her mojo spell and takes full control of him.

At Merlotte’s, Tara is outside having a smoke with her girlfriend when Pam comes out of nowhere. Tara tells gf to run, just as Pam attacks.

Eric and Sookie have sexBack in the woods, Sookie is still trying to find Jason when she hears something, she turns around gun out and it’s Eric. Bill set him free, go figure. They (Sookie and Eric, not Bill and Eric) end up once again making out. And then my friends, it finally happens—ERIC NAKED. WITH SOOKIE. Sadly, it’s in the moonlight and we don’t get any close-ups, but I swear I saw booty. The music during this scene was incredibly cheesy. Bah. But nothing ruins Eric’s booty.

So what did you think? Better then last week?


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
"I hate Tommy, would someone kill him already?" So say we all.
3. ChelseaMueller
You know, so many of us have been waiting for the Eric/Sookie hookup. And I'm disappointed. In the moonlight with a pull-back shot? Eric -- even amnesiac Eric -- knows how to take care of a lady. And I want better visual proof in the next episode.

But, Nat, you're right, we did see some ASkars booty. And I can't complain about that.
4. Saschakeet
Excellent wrap-up. Every season features a character who sucks the rhythm and life out of every episode. Tommy is getting way too much screen time and it's no surprise that we wish him dead. Alan Ball, sadly, believes he's a better story teller than Charlaine.

Amnesiac Eric is badly written or directed, well really both. Sheesh, he could have martyred himself for Sookie with his alphaness and dignity intact. I cringed over saccharine, wussy Eric on his knees. Finally getting down to it in the swamp was not the payoff we deserve after waiting three years for it. Really hoping for the shower scene.

Marnie/Antonia is an inspired character and I do love her. The final battle should be killer.
Natasha Carty
5. WickedLilPixie
@ Chelsea - AGREE! They'll probably do something up close next week, at least thats my hope ;) @Saschakeet - Thanks :) I agree, Eric was whimpy & Tommy drives me INSANE! We deserve more Bill as King time over Tommy BS
6. CindyS
I have to say I liked the shot of Bill before they got to the final scene with Eric and Sookie (where was the passion?). And Sashakeet is right, I like the Marnie/Antonia character but I'm guessing the powers that be won't let her live.

What are the odds that Pam ends up killing Tara's girlfriend? If that happens then I'm thinking the writers are just going to continue to dump on Tara who needs to win a few to be more interesting.

Natasha Carty
7. WickedLilPixie
@Cindy - Agree, his face was fabulous in that scene! I hope Tara's gf doesn't get killed, hoping Pam gets Tommy instead ;)
romance reader
8. bookstorecat
I swear, if Tara loses ANOTHER significant other...

This show is starting to repeat itself. Seriously.
9. Nusel
In the end of the episode it's obvious whom the director likes best. Beautiful scene of Bill standing on the porch with a snifter(?) of blood, so tortured and stoic; and disappointingly cheesy and not-really-sexy sex scene with Eric and Sookie. Bah.
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