Aug 30 2011 8:08am

Summer Lovin’: Best Vacation Reads?

This is a week many families in the United States head out on vacation (although some kids are back in school already!). It’s the week before Labor Day, the traditional end to the Summer Season, the last week where sun and sand and beach and tropical drinks and trashy reading is actively encouraged.

And, of course, that mindset encourages all sorts of hanky-panky, which means many of our books are set during the time our heroine removes her glasses and her inhibitions and heads to find a fling—only to find permanent, everlasting love.

Do you have any favorite vacation setting books? What are you reading this week?

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1. MichelleKCanada
I just finished the Fever series by Karen M Moning which I loved. That would be a staycation read though. You get to far involved with the books and cliff hangers LOL You'd never leave the hotel room or pool.

I love Margaret Ethridge's Contentment. I used it today as my Tuesday Teaser if you want to read a snippet. Excellent book.
Tara B
2. box5angel
I haven't taken my vacation yet. I take mine in the fall, because I hate summer and would be incredibly uncomfortable anywhere I go. lol

So, I'm taking mine in October (although last time we went it was in the 90s and we were in an hurricane. lol). I might have plans to go to Florida to visit family and it would be by Amtrak - so I always take books or magazines. Not sure what I would be reading then but more than likely an urban fantasy/paranormal romance or historical romance. :)

As for my favorite vacation settings in romances, it would have to be in the winter in an log cabin or an bed and breakfast in any other season. The heroine (who is the owner and single) and the hero (who is a tortured soul who needs rest) and maybe another guest or two, but basically it's just them two.
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