Aug 24 2011 9:19am

Rock You Like a Hurricane: Natural Disasters in Love

So as you know, the East Coast suffered an earthquake yesterday afternoon. And that led us to thinking about natural disasters, and how they can be used to fling an otherwise reluctant hero and heroine together so they can (of course!) fall in love.

For example, a quick search of “romance hurricane” reveals Roxanne St. Claire’s Like A Hurricane, where a resort owner and a speculator encounter each other post-hurricane. There’s Mary Balogh’s The Notorious Rake, where the heroine’s fear of thunderstorms causes her to crawl into the hero’s lap, and more, in the first chapter. Perhaps not a true natural disaster, but she certainly thought so. Kristin Hannah’s When Lightning Strikes is a time-travel romance where the heroine is flung back in time from a lightning bolt. And Josie Litton’s Fountain of Secrets has its hero and heroine meet when a once-dormant volcano is becoming active again.

Maybe there’s a romance playing out now in real life between an insurance adjuster and a small business owner whose shop suffered damage. Can you think of more natural disaster romance novels?

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Anna Bowling
1. AnnaBowling
Old school romances are really good sources of these. I frequently reread the storm scene from Valerie Sherwood's Windsong and her Lisbon has a rather important earthquake that impacts the titular city. Come to think of it, Valerie's books often had the elements playing a part in the story.
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