Aug 4 2011 9:17am

Prejudiced Against Southern-Fried Firth? Colin Firth in Main Street

So back in March, we told you that Colin Firth might be playing a vampire in Park Chan-Wook’s Stoker. Fine, you thought. Bring it on, you said—it’s Colin Firth—while some of you declined because you just couldn’t deal with vampires, no matter whose mouth the fangs were in.

Well, never mind that now.

Apparently, Firth decided he hadn’t stretched the limits of your credulity enough, because he turned that role down, but is appearing as a Southerner in Main Street, along with Brit Orlando Bloom (also sporting a Southern accent), Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson and Andrew McCarthy. He may or may not do a decent accent—it’s hard for Northeasterners to tell—but it’s difficult to get over freaking out in your head, thinking, ’that’s Colin Firth! He’s British!’

Main Street is in limited release in early September. Are you going to see it?

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Anna Bowling
1. AnnaBowling
Looks good to me; I'm in. Taking on a different persona is part of acting, so I'm interested to see how Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom play southern.
2. Nots55
Main Street was actually shot in 2009, and, as far as I know, before the King's Speech or "A Single Man". Anyway, it was pre- all kinds of awards. Stoker, on the other hand, was turned down after the Oscar win. Main Street had a complicated story behind it, including loss of financing, new unexperienced producers, all of which led to terrible editing. The movie was only released in a few countries in Europe, so the very belated US release now is attempting to cash in on the success of Single man and the King's Speech. As a Firth fan (and not picky about accents!) I found the movie worth watching (saw it a year ago), if not for anything else than for the very different character Firth plays in it: less sophisticated and more "manly" in the traditional sense of the word. A practical-minded Texan. But many other aspects of the movie are far less than perfect. Yet definitely hugely better than, e.g., The Accidental Husband, so if you are interested in a Firth movie, my advice is opt for Main Street rather than that miserable "romcom".
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@Nots55: Thanks for the backstory! Didn't realize it was an older title, makes sense now.
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