Aug 3 2011 3:04pm

Pass the Swedish Meatballs: Alexander Skarsgard in the Nude?

I’ve often joked about moving to Sweden if all the guys looked like the Skarsgard men. And if (my favorite Swede) Alexander Skarsgard is to be trusted, I may have some serious motivation.

This morning he hit Regis and Kelly while making the TV rounds for True Blood’s season 4. During the segment, ASkars injects plenty of swagger and innuendo, but really, it’s the segment on nudity that caught my attention. (Shocker, I know.)

When asked about if it’s uncomfortable with all the nudity and intimacy on set (starts about 8:25 in the clip below), his response was “I’m from Sweden.” – insert knowing look – shortly followed by “We don’t wear clothes in Sweden.”

If this can be confirmed, I may be coaxing the husband into an overseas move. Naked Swedish hotties roaming the Alps? I could back that.

Now, for the bigger question, are there any overseas hotties—literary or otherwise—that have made you contemplate a little vay-cay? Ireland and Jericho Z. Barrons are the first to come to mind for me.

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I know actors act, and all, but ASkars seems so nice and sweet here! (And Kelly gets on my last nerve, but whatev).
If all the naked people looked like ASkars, I'd be all for it, but chances are slim; more likely it'd be like the naked version of the people of Walmart.
And I'd be hopping that boat to Ireland with you, Chelsea. Or Hell, to find my own version of Dante Valentine's Japhrimel.
2. ChelseaMueller
Hmm. I vote for a H&H field trip to Ireland. We could all scout for bookish hotties.
Grace S
3. Grace S
I just do not understand the appeal of this guy. Then again, I don't get Brad Pitt, either, so what do I know? Can we time travel on this trip? If so, put me down for some Scotland and little Jamie Fraser. :)
4. ChelseaMueller
@Grace S - Time travel is totally allowed.

Also, I can't explain my love for ASkars. I don't usually go for blonds...but there's something about him that makes me want to climb on him. (I have no shame.)
Charli Mac
5. CharliMac
Spain. If all the men looked and sounded like Antonio Banderas or Javier Bardem I'd be like Hola, Ha Cha Cha!
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
I don't usually go for blonds, either (says the woman married to one), but I do go for height and Alpha Maleness, so I guess the combo of that trumps my normal no-blond policy. Why I married my husband, I guess! He's tall and Alpha, too.
I want to go to Ireland.
Grace S
8. Grace S
Can we go to Australia where they must pump hot man stuff into the water? Hugh Jackman (my personal god), Eric Bana, Keith Urban, Simon Baker, Sam Worthington, Curtis Stone, Alex O'Laughlin. It's hunk central down under!
Aliza Mann
9. AlizaMann
I'm tripping on Kelly becoming so... goofy. Granted, I may have done the same thing but... jeez! Anyway, he is pretty effing hot. He could just sit on my bed and look at me and I would be happy... for a while (insert develish grin).
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