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No Hair, But Lots of Hubba-Hubba: Bald-Headed Heroes

Jason Statham in the Transporter seriesWhen I was asked to start blogging for Heroes and Heartbreakers, the first topic suggested to me was to name my top five hairiest heroes.

Is my love for hairy men that well known?

Okay, fine; I’m obsessed. I love a good scruffy face and a nice hairy chest. My grandfather always told me, eating the crust of bread puts hair on your chest. So I like men who eat a lot of crust.

But I’ve talked a lot about hairy men in my blogging days. What about those who lack that hair on top? There are some fierce bald-headed heroes out there who make me melt.

Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon The first one that comes to mind is Sutton West, from Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon.

He was well over six feet and wore black pants over black hiking boots paired with a muscle shirt that revealed muscular arms. His bald head, vigilant blue eyes, and the gold eagle earring in his left ear elevated him from sexy to almost untouchable.

It doesn’t hurt that he is a computer genius and totally alpha. One glare from Sutton West, and the toughest of the tough pay attention.

Next up, and one of my favorite fictional boyfriends, William Chase from Victoria Dahl’s Lead Me On:

Lead Me On by Victoria DahlHer eyes flew to his tattooed skull. Jane licked her lips.

“You’re going to miss your chance, darlin’.”

He knew. He knew she wanted to nibble her way all the way up, wanted to lick him, wanted to look down and see that tattooed head between her thighs…God, he was so arrogant.

First, he has a shaved head with a skull tattoo. Ladies, have we fainted from the smexy yet? Even better, he is an explosions expert, and gets horny after big things go boom. One of my favorites by Victoria Dahl.

Don’t Call Her Angel by Cara McKennaFor one of the more intense heroes I’ve ever read about, let’s talk about Rasul, the hero in Don’t Call Her Angel by Cara McKenna.

Back in the Middle East, he’d served in his homeland’s army all through his twenties, and though he was five-eleven, something in his posture or expression made him look about seven-foot-three. Black eyes and brows and permanent five o’clock shadow, shaved head, a body that made a delicate Georgia flower such as Emily fan herself to fight off a swoon.

Rasul is just downright possessive. In control at all times, so when he lets another man into the bedroom as a gift to his wife, this dark romance becomes H.O.T.

Those were the only three I could think of. So I turned to Twitter because I knew there had to be more. The two most popular?

The Unsung Hero by Suzanne BrockmannTom Paoletti in Suzanne Brockmann’s The Unsung Hero:

God, he was even more good-looking than he’d been in his leather bomber jacket, astride his Harley, hair down past his shoulders.

These days he wore his hair very short, as if he didn’t give a damn about the fact that his hairline was receding. And it was thinning pretty drastically on top. But that was okay. Short hair looked good on him.
There was no doubt about it: in a few years, Tom Paoletti – the boy who’d worn a ponytail all through high school - was going to be the best-looking bald man in the world.

My, my, my Tom Paoletti. Why have I never read this book? It has been sitting in my To Be Read pile for years. Years I tell you!! I know this is a favorite of many and I hope to get to it soon.

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine HarrisAnd finally, Quinn, the were-tiger from Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series (Quinn first appears in Dead as a Doornail):

Quinn has a smooth, shaved head, an olive complexion, a bold nose, and a smile that makes these little dimples on the side of his mouth. His eyes are purple, like a spring pansy. He is as big as a pro wrestler, and just as scary.

A shaved head and purple eyes? I’m in love. I feel a little bit of a tiger growl coming out of just reading his description.

So what is it about these bald headed heroes, that make us swoon? Do they act uber-alpha, to make up for the lack of hair? Or is it their “I don’t give a damn” attitude that draws us in? Who are some of your favorites?


Mandi Schreiner from Smexy Books.

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1. Darlynne
Dave Barry insists bald white guys look like thumbs, whereas bald men of color look hot (my word, not his). Does a skull trim count as bald, because if it does, I'm all over Zsadist from Lover Awakened. And, of course, Jean Luc Picard, but the books came after the TV series so that one might be a stretch. I am definitely intrigued by those you mentioned and will have to investigate further.
Laura K. Curtis
2. LauraKCurtis
I don't really think about how characters look in books. I realize that's a bizarre statement, but it's true. I can't remember which heroes are blond, brunette, bald...

On the other hand, I definitely think some of my favorite actors are hot bald:

- Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds (really, I could just leave it there because he's smokin')
- Jason Statham - there's no question the man is drool-worthy
- Bruce Willis got hotter after he went bald.
3. Janga
The only one I can think of is Henry Tewskbury-Hampton, Fifth Marquis of Grayson, hero of Carla Kelly's Miss Billings Treads the Boards, who is going bald. Does that count? He's not my favorite Kelly hero, but he's a charmer nonetheless.
4. Grace S
Simon from Lori Foster's SBC series. I kind of picture Vin Diesel when she describes him. :)
Penny Watson
5. PennyRomance
Don't forget Preacher from Shelter Mountain. He's my favorite bald-headed gentle giant!
6. marina
AERON from the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. Bald, huge and tattoed!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
I believe Stanley Wolchonok is self-conscious about his (lack of) hair in Suzanne Brockmann's Over the Edge too, and I adored him.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
I'm going to cheat and name my real life hero, my DH (awwww.) Chrome dome works on him.

In the fictional realm, though, I would be interested in seeing more bald heroes. Historically, it wasn't uncommon in periods when men wore wigs, to be smooth of dome beneath.
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