Aug 29 2011 8:08am

Must See TV: What Movie Makes You Stop to Watch?

We’ve all got at least one, right? (One of mine is Moonstruck, clip above). That movie that when we’re channel-surfing and we stumble upon it, we have to stay and watch it until the end, even though it’s likely we own the DVD/have it on Netflix streaming/have seen it a gazillion times?

I’d guess that for many of us, it’s Dirty Dancing, Footloose, or any John Hughes film, which is why remakes of the first two listed have so many of us frothing at the mouth.

So—what movie is your must-see TV?

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1. ChelseaMueller
There are a handful. First, I always get sucked into fantasy marathons -- Harry Potter weekend (which my husband has an abject hatred for), LOTR (mostly the latter two, because I like me some Viggo) and Star Wars. I'm that person ABC Family and TNT pander to. I am sorry. When it comes to single movies, though, it's always Footloose, A Walk to Remember, Overboard and --am I really admitting this publicly? - Bring It On. Yep.
2. ksb36
Jaws and Coal Miner's Daughter. Doesn't TBS run those continuously, anyway?
3. Jen G.
When Harry Met Sally. Every time.
4. Grace S
Is there a walk of viewer shame? If there is, I am on it. I cannot flip past Speed. No where at what point I come across it, I am there until the end. Who'd have thought a movie which 90% of takes place on one bus could be so compelling? Any of the X-Men franchise movies because hello, Hugh Jackman in a wifebeater or skin toght black leather? DUH! Like Chelsea, I get sucked into all those Potter-thons too despite owning all of them already.
5. pjschnyder
Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick...Serenity. Okay, and for some odd reason, Holes. I've never seen Holes in its entirety but I've stopped so often as I channel surf I think I've seen it all piece by piece.
6. BrooklynShoeBabe
@ksb36 The same with my husband and I on Coal Miner's Daughter. Doesn't matter if we catch it from the beginning or not. It is one of our favorite movies. My husband says that the movie catches perfectly the ups and downs of a marriage and a couple who works hard to stay together.

My automatic stops when I'm flipping channels are A Walk Home (although I have it on DVD); The Godfather (also own); and A Bronx Tale. For awhile, it would be the Meg Ryan/Hugh Jackman movie which isn't even a favorite HJ movie of mine, but it has been a few years since I've flipped past it on TV. Also, any episode of House or Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
7. ChelseaMueller
I always stop on Fight Club, then husband throws a fit because, "It's just not right to watch Fight Club on cable."
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
I stop for "The Blues Brothers" and John Maclain in any of his adventures. I also love "Commando" for some reason. I laugh my way thorugh it everytime I come accross it, especialy the oh-so-gay fight at the end of it.
9. ms bookjunkie
Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. Yeah. Can't help myself.
10. Barb in Maryland
I can't believe I'm the first to mention The Princess Bride!
There are so many movies that will make me stop and watch, but the biggies have already been mentioned (Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR).
And yes, I own them all--but that doesn't stop me from watching them whenever i encounter them on TV.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
So many! Pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon. America's Sweethearts. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Definitely The Princess Bride. I could go on...
Alie V
12. ophelial
For some reason it's always Twister, A Walk To Remember and those cheesy Harlequin TV movies.
13. Lucky4
Pretty Woman! and Grease... My hubby will groan out loud if we come across them. Twister is def. a favorite of his. And of course, the John Hughes movies catch us everytime.
Lisa Cox
14. brontëgirl
Bend It Like Beckham . . . there's just something about England . . . . And Runaway Bride for Ike's description of what sort of guy Maggie needs--a guy who'll lead her blindfolded along the beach so she can really feel what the sand is like, a guy who wakes her up at dawn 'cause he can't wait to hear what she has to say . . . And My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Ian tells Toula "I didn't see Frump Girl--I saw you" and when he tells her that she's beautiful. And The Age of Innocence ( and I always remember the pop culture presentation I gave on it when it was still running in the cinemas and the only clip I had was one I taped off the Golden Globe Awards).
Sandi Logsted
15. sandlog
Mine are The Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing & Bull Durham (favorite scene- Costner tells Sarandon what he believes in and walks out the door. The "Oh my" and the look on her face are priceless - for the first time she's realizing she wants a grown man not a six foot boy.)
The Hub's are First Blood (really?) , Dances With Wolves (yeah, I know Costner, but like, important Costner, what happened?) Wyatt Earp (Costner, again!)& Cast Away (talking to a ball, watching a guy go slowly nuts)
Can you tell we're in our late 40's?
kathlyn smith
16. castiel
My films I can't help seeing to the end are: Princess Bride (of course, cos it's great); Ladyhawke (doesn't matter how dated the effects and music are - it's still brilliant); Bulletproof Monk (makes me laugh) and 10 Things I Hate About You (makes me cry at the end when she reads the poem...awwwwww!)

and yes, of course I own most of them too!

I'm kinda strange about films. One Christmas, both Ghost and Beauty and the Beast (the Disney one) were on. I laughed at the first and bawled at the second...odd what sets us off isn't it?
Tara B
17. box5angel
I think I have a few. lol

Where the Heart Is
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Honey - it's not even a real favorite, but everytime it's one either E! or TBS I stop and watch it. lol
Any of The Mummy (with Brendan Fraser) movies.
Any Drew Barrymore movie

I know there are more but this is all I can think of at the moment.
Elizabeth Halliday
18. Ibbitts
Practical Magic, Casablanca, Labyrinth, Bladerunner, Boys On the Side... There are many more for me too...
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